The Thought Police: Hate Crime Legislation and “Protected Classes”

One of the VERY few things I agree with the Family Research Council (FRC) on is that “hate crime legislation” is in reality “thought crime legislation.’

In Kansas this past weekend a white supremiicist/Nazi wannabe (Frazier Glenn Cross) shot and killed three people at two seperate Jewish-affiliated Centers; a teenage boy and his grandfather at a Jewish community center near Kansas City and then a woman at a nearby Jewish assisted living facility. This man is obviously a sociopath who needs to be removed from society. Whether or not he “hated” jewish people is completely irrelevant. Nonetheless, he will be charged with three hate crimes.

(Not to make light of the situation but it was revealed today that none of Cross’ three victims were Jewish. Is that is the perfect  definition of an incompetent Nazi sociopath?)

In my view: the time and money it takes to research Hate Crimes Legislation or do the paperwork required to bring the Federal Government into the investigation (hate crimes are Federal crimes and must be tried in a Federal court) are a complete waste. Beyond that, a crime like unjustifed cold-blooded murder, whatever the motivation, especially when it is committed by a person with this man’s reputation and criminal record, after conviction, should be punished by death, without concern for what was going through his sick mind.

In my view, a bullet in his brain, in a public venue, administered by a relative of either family who volunteers for the task, is the perfect punishment and a far greater deterant to others who contemplate murder, than the normal execution in prison would be. Nothing wrong with that, anyone opposed doesn’t have to watch. (The Supreme Court would, of course, never allow an ‘inhumane’ execution like that but what do they know — they let Obamacare’s  public mandate off the hook as just another tax.)

Hate crime legislation in general is an Orwellian idea that does nothing but de-emphasize the crime. If you intentionally, unjustifiably kill someone — you should loose your life and if the execution is carried out humainly in a prison it has no impact; it does virtually nothing to prevent another murder by another criminal.

Yes even a piece of trash like Frazier Glenn Cross deserves a trial by a jury of citizens, but if found guilty of unjustifiable murder there should be no recourse; the “trash” must be taken out. Taken out in a controlled public setting and executed in the same or a similar manner as his victims were executed.

Hate crimes legislation only applies when the victim of the incident is a member of a “protected class.” These protected classes include race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, disability and sexual orientation (added last in June of 2013). Under Federal Law there are increased penalties for crimes against people who are members of these classes if it can be proved that the crime was committed specifically because of the victims status under one of these classes.

The message apparently is: ‘if you just have to kill someone tonight, it’s better to kill a young, straight white guy’! His life is far less valuable than a minority life! Is that really  a message we want to send?

It has been proven time and time again, the threat of increased penelties has no effect on someone who is predisposed to committing a crime. I believe that taking the punishment phase of the crime of murder out of the shadows, out of the basement of a Federal Prison, broadcasting it live on PBS and broadcasting it on closed circuit television to every prison cell in the country, would have a much greater effect on the murder rate.

This would not, by the way, make us an uncivilized country, it would just emphasize the fact that we are a nation that  does not accept cold-blooded murder, without ample justification, as a staple of everyday life.

Four Wishes at the Top of My Wish List

Wishing is a futile attempt to change what is, was or will be . . . futile as it may be, sometimes it’s all we have! The
following four wishes have long resided at the top of my wish list.

1) Every medical professional knows the phrase: “Primum non nocere“; it’s a Latin phrase that means “first, do no harm“. The
application of this phrase to medicine is clarified in Wikipedia: “given an existing problem, it may be better NOT to do
something, or even to do nothing, than to risk causing more harm than good.” It reminds the health care provider that they
must consider the possible harm that any intervention might do.”

I WISH: the American legal system worked more like that! For the legal system the Latin phrase for the definition of a ‘crime’
might be: “ad nullum nocumentum proximo patriae” which loosely means: “do no harm to your country or to your fellow man.” If
you condense all of the law books in all of the law libraries this maxim is all that ‘should be’ left. That and
sensible definitions of “harm” is all that is needed! That phrase virtually defines all crime and, in fact, represents the antithesis of
crime. The perfect modern day example of a case where the application of this maxim, before the fact, would have spared hundreds of
lives is Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department’s “Mexican gun running scandal.”

2) I WISH: Barack Hussain Obama had never been even considered as a candidate for the office of President of the United
States. My wish has nothing to do with race (I can think of many minority men and women who are well qualified to sit in the
Oval Office) or even because he is a closet socialist (even though that is a BIG strike against him) but because the personality,
wit and oratory skills that got him elected in the first place have fallen way short of making him competent to do the job of
president. No one of any race or gender who was as inexperienced as Obama should have even been allowed (by the Democratic
Party in this case) to even campaign for the presidency much less, to the discredit of the American public, wind up winning and
doing virtually anything HE wishes to American citizens, to the government and to the Constitution.

3) I WISH: “Conservative” politicians, judges and media ‘stars’ would stop preaching to us and understand that the rights
given to us by the Constitution are NOT subject to dilution by “Conservative” preferences or religious beliefs. Every American
citizen should be allowed to control his or her personal life without any level of government (or church) interference as long
as they are acting within the law (i.e., they are doing no harm to the country or to their fellow citizens) and paying
their FAIR share of taxes. Government intrusion into any citizen’s life on any other basis is simply an intolerable government

4) I WISH religious and social ‘thugs’: i.e., homophobes, bullies, racists and blowhard lecturers, along with some preachers,
would stop trying to divide our society into ‘competitive teams’: the ‘gays vs. the straights,’ the whites vs. the non-whites,
the religionists vs. the non-believer, etc., etc.  America is not the place for that kind of separatism! Worst of all, the
fundamentalists of religion and race continue to indoctrinate their children with their twisted views and obsessive fears.
That will never make our world a better place.

We are, and always will be, individuals who look different, act different, think different and react different from each other.
That is the essence of human nature! All the hate, disrespect and intolerance in the world will not change human nature, it
will only create gorges where there should be bridges. That, and it will waste our precious, limited time on this earth; time that
could be used to build and reinforce those conceptual bridges.

What will, however, make the world a better place is the simple “maxim” that was illustrated through, logical action
long before it was put into words by ancient philosophers: it is the “Golden Rule” (ref: “Golden Rule Chronology” at The Golden Rule has, through the many centuries, been acted on and stated in
different ways and it is often misrepresented as a Chistian pronciple but it’s concept as well as it’s practice predates Christianity
by approximately one million years.

A word to the devoutly religious: It may seem that I am, in some ways, insulting religion and religious people; that is not my
intention. People have every right to believe whatever they wish and apply those beliefs to their own lives as they wish — my
point is that America is a Republic based on democratic principles; it is not the Theocracy that Conservatives seem to wish for.
America is a place where EQUALITY is the very basis of public life. America is a place where a citizen can have any personal,
political or religious beliefs they choose; but it is also, by it’s very design, a place where a citizen or group or government
official CAN NOT reinterpret the Constitution to suit their personal beliefs. Believe what you choose but only DO what is
right, e.g., “ad nullum nocumentum proximo patriae”.

The Politics of America’s Destruction

According to a Christian Science Monitor article published today, the Supreme Court, rather than acting on an important issue,
is once again refusing to hear or rule on it. In this case, two lower court cases dealing with illegal immigration were put
before the court this past week and the court is, to use an appropriate football term, “punting” rather than addressing the

In these cases: one city (Farmers Branch, TX) had an ordinance that forced apartment complex owners/managers to refuse to rent
apartments to applicants who cannot prove they are here legally; that law was struck down by a lower court. In the city of
Hazelton, PA, a law forced employers to require all prospective employees to prove that they were legally able to work in the
U.S., a different lower court struck that law down.

In both cases, the arguments against these laws were based on theory that “federal immigration statutes and national policies
set by the Obama administration, preempted these laws.” It is apparent that in the “wise” eyes of the Supreme Court current
administration policies also “preempt” the Constitution.

To me, in plain English, the Supreme Court is clearly asserting that foreigners who are here illegally have the same rights under the
U.S. Constitution as those who born U.S. Citizens or who have been naturalized. This is wrong on so many levels! Not only
logically and morally but Constitutionally wrong — that is, if we had a Supreme Court that REALLY cared about the
Constitution or the people it was drafted to protect.

We’ve all seen it and we allowed it: Nationalism: “The feeling that people have of being loyal to and proud of their country
often with the belief that it is better and more important than other countries,” (Merriam Webster) is now looked on with
disdain by most politicians, many of societies “elites” and, obviously, the majority of Supreme Court Justices. It seem that
many of us no longer WANT to be the richest and most powerful nation on earth because they have been taught that being rich and
powerful and using those riches and that power (even if they are used to do good) is somehow shameful!

Back to topic: One would think that Supreme Court Justices should be able to understand the word illegal (as in illegal
immigrants) but no! Our spineless Supreme Court justices prefer to “punt the ball down-field” rather than making the hard
decisions; as if it’s hard to understand that illegal immigrants have NO LEGAL RIGHTS under our Constitution, no right to even
be in this country, much less any right to take American jobs and housing away from Americans or to avail themselves of things
like food stamps or other form of welfare that American citizens have to stand in line for.

I guess I’m just too ignorant to understand our country’s position on illegal immigration — at least as it is now.

I’m not a heartless person! I have compassion in my heart for many things such as American veterans who have to fight tooth
and nail for benefits that should not even be questioned; such as American children who go to bed hungry at night or who are
being raised in crime-ridden neighborhoods, some without the benefit of a father or even a decent role model, or those who
have been orphaned by the rampant crime in poorer neighborhoods. I have compassion in my heart for American families who are
borderline homeless and existing on food stamps because of the Federal Government’s incompetence, indecision and over-
regulation of American business. And yes, I also have compassion in my heart for people who have to live in countries where
government corruption makes it nearly impossible to survive with dignity and where American foreign aid goes into the pockets
of cheats and tyrants; but I simply cannot find compassion for those who sneak into the United States illegally to ‘steal’ our jobs and
our tax money and demand one of the most precious commodities in the world, American citizenship, at a time when millions of
American citizens are either unemployed, under-employed or jobless because they have given up looking for work.

Somehow this cycle of madness and cowardice, this era of “America Last” has to stop and it CAN stop with the next Presidential

True, most of the insane policies of Obama may begin to die in January of 2017 but unless ‘WE the People’ elect a president who is
proud to be a strong, freedom loving American, who wants to free the citizens from government dependency and who understands
that soft Liberal politics are the politics of National Destruction, we may have many years of misery ahead of us.

Arizona’s “Religious Freedom Bill”

When you strip away all the B.S., Arizona’s proposed (and since vetoed) “Religious Freedom Bill” would have done nothing
but legalize the already over-abundant homophobic stupidity that has overtaken that state and this nation. In my opinion: Religious Freedom
was not the issue in Arizona and is not the issue in any other state (including Texas where they the State Legislature is now
being forced to rethink how it’s traditional, myopic, religious bigotry interferes with the Constitutional rights of it’s

Let us, as Americans, go back to the First Amendment to the Constitution and understand it as it should be as it should be
understood by all Americans.

First understand that the First Amendment to the United States Constitution is NOT a passage from the Christian Bible! That
may seem like a ridiculous thing to say . . . but maybe not, considering the Constitutional illiteracy of the average American!

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution is a legal document based on and promoting the concept that EVERY
American has rights under the Constitution of the United States Government (and, according to the Supreme Court, the same rights under every
State Constitution); rights that cannot be denied or reversed by laws passed in those jurisdictions.

Specifically, the First Amendment states that: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of
religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the
people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

In spite of this Amendment being part of a legal document (the U.S. Constitution) it reads pretty clearly: ‘Congress
(including the Congress of a state) cannot make a law that prohibits a religious organization from performing it’s religious
rituals and observations as dictated by it’s charter as a religion.’ However, even under the unsupervised chaos that is the
Obama Administration and his Attorney General’s office, this language, cannot be construed to allow a religion or members of a
religion, in that religions name, to perform actions that are contrary to law or actions that abridge the Constitutional Rights
of any other American citizen(s).

Put all that together and flavor it with common sense, common decency and respect for others and you should have a well
functioning society.

Interestingly, it is the political persuasion of “Religious Conservatism;” (the one that always talks about liberty and
freedom from government) that has diluted common sense, common decency and respect for others to the point where we are today;
the point where the clear and compelling words of the First Amendment are being attacked and altered by “Religious Conservative” politicians who
‘prefer’ the ancient words and thoughts of Biblical prophets — prophets who clearly did not understand human nature and never
considered that humans’ understanding would grow beyond mysticism. Beyond that, these Religious Conservatives have tried (and
will continue to try) to replace the words of our Founders with ideas of ancient scholars who were only just beginning to
understand the dynamic nature of humanity.

(Personally, I would greatly prefer a gay couple who are following their hearts and instincts living next door to me or
sitting at the next table, over a couple of squinty-eyed Religious Conservatives who insist that they KNOW how others should
live their lives.) And how do they “know?

Have you ever played the party game where one person whispers a statement to another and the second person whispers it to a
third and that is continued until the last person must repeat the statement as they received it. Probably 98% of the time the
statement whispered to the last person is entirely different from the original statement. Place that in a biblical context
where words that may have been uttered by original followers of Jesus have been repeated by word-of-mouth and then through
translators perhaps thousands of times; who knows what was originally uttered or what the intent of those utterances was. THAT
is the basis of human religious knowledge and, to a man, religious believers feel free to propagate that “knowledge” as truth. The reality is,  “THE WORD” may
not be anywhere close to the ORIGINAL word after being filtered through thousands of people who had their own “truths” and motives.

Conservatives who cower at the thought of same-sex couples actually being able to take advantage of the benefits that legal
status would bring to their unions are actually trying to sell a form of “New-Math” to the American public. They are pushing
the concept that +1 = -1; i.e., every legal same sex marriage means that there will be one less “traditional” marriage. They,
of course, never present that in plain English, as it’s presented here, for if they did it would be too easy to understand
that the game they are playing is not a logical game, it’s an attempt to color every gay union as a direct threat to
heterosexual unions rather than as a result of a real affinity between two people. An affinity that was not even understood as
a possibility those thousands of years ago and still not admitted as a possibility by some people today.

“And what about the children,” these same Religious Conservatives whine! “What will become of them when they realize it is possible for two men or two females  to fall in love and dedicate their lives to each other’s needs and happiness.” Well the answer is, knowledge does not change any person’s innate sexual preference.  What knowledge CAN do is help the children understand that we humans are all different and that genuine human differences need to be understood and respected.

Hopefully, that same knowledge will help children understand that those other children and adults who refuse to respect individual differences and who attempt to vilify those who act or think different from them are not only wrong but are bad examples for them to follow.


National Catholic Register:  Was Arizona’s Religious-Freedom Bill ‘Anti-Gay’?

The Reality of Racism in America

MLKAs we, once again, approach MLK Day here in the U.S. you expect to see headlines like this January 17th Tweet Header from the PEWResearch Center in Washington DC: “On MLK Day, racial equality found wanting.” Yet, in 2014, there is less racism  in the U.S. than there ever was. You’d never realize that from reading the “main stream media” but I believe every American knows, in their heart, this is true!

Following is some common sense from Ben Kinchlow, published in World News Daily in an article titled: “Is there real racism in America?” Ben Kinchlow is a self described former “black revolutionary devotee of Malcolm X” who  feels, in his words: “eminently qualified to throw some facts on the table, facts demonstrated by real life:”

FACT: Leftist media and race baiters rhetoric to the contrary, all whites are not racists and all blacks are not victims.

FACT: Generally speaking, all Americans are too busy earning a living, negotiating government red tape, avoiding being taxed into poverty, or rooting for their favorite (totally integrated) sports team to spend hours absorbed in racial drama.

FACT: Most whites are tired of being blamed for slavery and most blacks are not spending every waking hour looking for some white person to blame.”

That said, there are and always will be some Americans who ARE racist and who DO “spend hours absorbed in racial drama” and there are and always will be some blacks who feel that white people ARE to blame for everything wrong in their lives.

Another fact is: We, blacks and whites alike, live in a free country  where we are free to think anything we want, even if it is total illusion. There are, of course, legal limits to actions based on our illusions.

In the beginning, Martin Luther King’s “Dream” was just wishful thinking and if he were aware of the United States in 2014 he would certainly be joyful about the progress we have made as a society and as individuals toward making his dream a reality.

Every day in modern America whites and blacks coexist peacefully, work side by side, share rides to and from work, sit down together for dinner and drinks after work, date and even fall in love and marry without worrying about the VERY FEW racists who will attempt to make their lives a living hell for offending their illusionary sensibilities.

Don’t forget that racial tensions sell newspapers and earn race baiters speakers fees. In those same years where we have made progress in racial harmony and equality, vestiges of racial inequality have gone from being a sad reality to becoming an industry. Those who profit from that industry by lying and/or exaggerating should not be believed but should be recognized as enemies of American society.

The Mark Davis I Didn’t Know I Knew

I’ve for years enjoyed listening to Mark Davis radio talk show (in spite of his occasional ‘moral’ rants). He’s for the most part intelligent and reasonable and he always seems to come up with his own unique perspective on the topic of the moment. This morning was no different until he said something just after 10:30 am that ‘shifted my brain gears’ and actually caused me to wince at what he appeared to admit to his large radio audience.

Before the previous ‘break’ in his show he had a long and interesting conversation with journalist Mark Lewis. One of the last topics in this conversation was Evolution vs. Creationism. Mr. Lewis brought an interesting perspective to the conversation by introducing a famous quote that suggested that evolution was a part of the process of “God’s Plan;” sort of a tool used to facilitate the evolution of man. I was actually surprised when Mark Davis, usually a logical thoughtful man, rejected outright the thought that evolution had anything to do with the creation of man — wouldn’t even consider it a remote possibility.

It’s a much debated subject of course and many people have hard and fast opinions on the topic and today we learned where Mark Davis stands. If he only just “stood” there.

After the commercial break where, in the world of talk radio, the talk radio hosts are degraded and forced to sell ‘stuff’, Mark did some musing on the previous subject and, I admit my mind wandered a bit until I heard him bring up a quotation that was derived from Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872) who wrote in “Essence of Christianity: “God the Image of Man..” The version of that quote that you have probably heard is: “Man created God in HIS own image.” Mark followed that with a personal recollection that he was only 14 at the time he first heard that and not mature enough to be “insulted.”


As I think back on his other personal asides I realized that Mark Davis is, as I said previously, intelligent and reasonable . . . about almost EVERY OTHER topic but religion. It’s like when it comes to God, Jesus, the Bible, Creationism and a proper moral perspective to all of life’s quandaries, HE KNOWS the answers. You may never even get an “In my view” from him on these subjects (as you always get from the title of this blog); just his opinions stated as absolute, unimpeachable fact.

That is, at least, the way it is presented.

I’m a life-long atheist but I never claim that I KNOW the true facts, (I just suggest that those who disagree with me are being illogical or irrational . . .). I never, however, feel insulted.

Be that as it is, he is still the best talk show host on the radio when it comes to non-religious topics and when he suggested that the thought that “man created God in His own image” INSULTED him it just moderated my respect for him. I could understand and respect most other word choices that would suggest that he disagreed or even violently disagreed with a statement but there is something amiss when a difference of opinion effects you to the point where you are “insulted.”

The bottom line is, I love the guy (in an appropriate sense) and I’m giving Mark Davis the benefit of the doubt by assuming he just made an inappropriate word choice.

The Mark Davis Show

Big Government and the end of Freedom of Choice

big govtFor months now the media has focused on the expense and performance of the Obamacare website; it’s almost like the media and, by extension, the American public, has accepted as a fact the fiction that it’s appropriate for the Federal government to subsume the entire American health care/health insurance industry instead of working on specific, targeted legislation that would fix specific problems and any real inequities that exist.

Yes the health care industry had some problems but the Affordable Healthcare Act did nothing but push healthcare professionals aside and put amateurs in charge; and it was all done for a political, not a humanitarian reason. The Federal Government, under President Obama and the ever growing Progressive movement, has cast aside it’s traditional role as protector of traditional American freedoms and has decided that it is much more beneficial to the cause of an ever growing Federal Government to become the ‘controller’ of American society. The “Affordable Healthcare Act” is, unless we ‘defang the serpent,’ is obviously just the beginning.

The expense and performance of the Obama Healthcare website is NOT the problem that we need to discuss and worry over on a daily basis. The seldom mentioned REAL problems are the twisted mentality that:  1) allowed an entire sector of the free market to be taken over by the United States government when it was entirely unnecessary and 2) Caused an  anti-American values agenda to invaded the government in the form of a quasi-socialist president with a tongue as sharp and lies as smoothly delivered as the mythical Lucifer.

[In fact, following the carnage that has befallen modern America and that is threatening many future generations, first at the hands of Liberals during the last two "Bush years" in the name of "too big to fail" and then in the following years under the leadership of Barack Obama under the guise of "transforming America". (The only transformation that has taken place during the Obama years has been transforming America into a place where success is punished more harshly than failure.) I'm beginning to doubt that Lucifer is a myth. My view now is that Lucifer is real and that he is actually a 21st Century Liberal. ]

The Affordable Healthcare Act is not the kind of thing that should have EVER happened in this country — this country that was built on free markets, on rugged individualism, on the principles: that the most ingenious successes will to rise to the top of the socio-economic ladder; that people have the right to choose their own destiny and that those who honestly need help will be given that help from those who are more successful or, as a very last resort, from out tax dollars.

Things are obviously quite different now and it’s not all Barack Obama’s fault (although he has made a tremendous contribution) but the result of those forerunners of the modern day Progressives who convinced the American citizen that he/she cannot make it on their own and then reconfigured the government to make sure that their prediction came true for succeeding generations. Staying in power became more important than empowering the citizenry.

It’s hard to determine if President Obama is actively working to destroy traditional American values or if he is just some inept do-gooder with a silver tongue and ideas that belong in the Communist world.

If President Obama and his puppets in the Congress were not obsessed with the false notion that the Federal Government’s role is  to be ‘savior of society’, they might understand that the Federal Government’s actions are limited by the Constitution specifically because the founders had the foresight to fear what is happening right now: government overreach and unreasonable restrictions to the freedom of American citizens.

Another, actually even larger, problem is a Supreme Court that has defaulted on it’s duty to protect the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of the American people by not declaring the obviously unconstitutional “mandatory” aspect of this legislation unconstitutional when it had the opportunity.

The Case of the Homophobic Baker

ImageThe Wall Street Journal headline reads: “Judge Rules Colorado Bakery Discriminated Against Gay Couple”. They refused to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple.

Homophobia? Yes! But much more is going on here.

If you own a business that provides a product or service to the public, especially a “brick and mortar” establishment that has doors and that is open to the public during business hours, you’ve no legal right to discriminate against whoever walks through those doors if they are there for a legal purpose. Period! If you don’t understand that, you don’t belong in business.

As for morals, you can believe anything you like but if it conflicts with the law, you loose. That legal precedent was established years ago through anti-discrimination laws and aside from the laws, it is dictated by common decency. To refuse service to a customer is telling them that they are in some way inferior.. The person who does that should not be allowed to own a business or work anywhere where they encounter customers.

The gay rights movement, of course, jumped on this judge’s decision and declared it a victory for gay rights. Wrong! There are (or at least there should not be) no gay rights or black or brown rights or any other minority rights that are not shared with every other citizen. Judge Spencer in Denver was standing up for human rights and decency, not just for Gay Rights. In his decision Judge Spencer stated: “Conceptually, refusal to serve a same-sex couple due to religious objection to same-sex weddings is no different from refusing to serve a biracial couple because of a religious objection to biracial marriage.” The judge got it right and the baker should loose his business license.

That, at least, is My view!

US Supreme Court v. the First Amendment

Religious Freedom

From Wikipedia:

“The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights.”

Give it second reading, it’s not at all confusing!

From CNN: Two local women brought suit against Greece, New York, officials, objecting that the monthly public sessions on government open with invocations they say have been overwhelmingly Christian in nature over the years.

With this amendment in mind, the rationale for the Supreme Court’s decision to hear the case brought by extremist Atheists against the small town of Greece, New York is far from clear. In fact it’s obviously frivolous nonsense; the court should have seen that and turned down the case for just that reason.

Read the damn amendment again if you must! If anyone is interfering with the free choice of religion it is the Atheists interfering with the religious choices of the town officials and those in the town who have no problems with prayer. Incidentally they are also attempting to interfere with the rights of the citizens of Greece to “peaceably assemble.”

So why did the Supreme Court, or any court in the country, choose to hear this First Amendment case and render an opinion on the obvious non-Constitutional issue of a government body allowing prayer to begin their meeting? The only rationale I can think of for accepting this case is that the Justices have their own closely held prejudices and opinions and have  covert urges to MAKE law rather than interpreting existing law.

Seriously, is there anyone in Washington suited to do their job??

For sure there are many areas of the Constitution that are “grey areas” and need to be interpreted but the First Amendment is not one of them.

I’m a life long atheist but I’m not one of THOSE atheists who assumes they have all the rights and those who hold different views have none.

Beneath the Surface of Obamacare

ObamacareIf you feel, as I do,  that we are rapidly  loosing our country to the whims and wishes of a man who seems to be  able to get away with doing pretty much anything he wishes while ignoring/bypassing the Constitution, the public will and traditional  American freedoms, you must feel pretty bad about the United States’ system of government right now.

In CNN’s top “Politics” article today titled: Obamacare: It’s about government’s role, future elections , CNN calls Obamacare: “the new reality they are bringing to the health insurance market.”

How very true! And what a sad reality!

The idea behind Obamacare CNN states is: “a system (that) would provoke competition between insurers for lucrative markets, meaning lower premiums and a minimum standard of benefits to provide security against financial ruin over a major illness or bad accident.”

That certainly, at least on the surface, sounds noble but, aside from the fact that it is a lie, the fact that it could not, by design, have ever been intended to provoke competition and the obvious fact that it’s not working like that, we should dig a little deeper and think about the ramifications of such a system.

As broke as the implementation of Obamacare seems to be, Obamacare is not the real enemy! It’s the mindset behind Obamacare that’s the enemy. It’s the mindset of a big government socialist; the mindset that says it’s OK for the central government of a country to take an entire industry captive (in this case the health insurance industry) and eventually do away with it altogether. What industry will be next?

This is not Cuba, this is not England and this is not Canada (countries where such a concept would be de rigueur) and  hopefully, after the sad realities of Obamacare sink into the consciousness of Americans, we won’t want the United States to emulate any of those countries.

Free enterprise built this country and just 8 years of unfettered Obama can easily do a world of damage to what free enterprise took centuries to create. President Obama is a socialist at heart and he’s been very open about his socialist tendencies. Even while running for Senate in Illinois he was making public statements about “leveling the playing field” and he stated that “the Constitution does not go far enough”. President Obama and his ilk would just love it if the government ran everything it wanted to run and ran everything else into the ground. It’s a sickness based on power and an extreme lack of foresight. WE (those of us who believe in free enterprise, free markets, honesty and a good work ethic) MUST defeat this socialist mindset.

What to do?

Limit the damage! Take the U.S. Senate back and reinforce the U.S. House of Representatives in 2014.

Use every avenue available to you to respectfully inform others how you feel;  use social media, letters to the editor, phone calls and emails to your representatives, add your support to the many organizations that have sprung up opposing the president’s socialist agenda, use lunchtime and water cooler conversations and especially use your ‘voice’ in the voting booth in November of 2014.

Remember that, if we all work hard at it and elect the right people in 2014 (just a year from now) we can render our ‘socialist dictator’ and his minions in Washington nearly impotent for his last two years in office.

In spite of Liberal/Progressive rhetoric, the sad reality is that the focus of the Obama administration has NOT been to make poor people better off, it has been to make them more and more dependent on government.

The very nature of dependency works to rot away self-determination, ambition, self-respect, independent thought and free will.

As  Thomas Sowell is quoted as saying:

“Helping those who have been struck by unforeseeable misfortunes is fundamentally different from making dependency a way of life.”