Clutching Their Pearls


A bunch of cowards in the government and the media are shrieking “Oh My, what are we going to do now. President Trump has made the Iranians mad.”

They seem to have forgotten a couple things; first, the Iranians have been threatening us with death for years and secondly, the United States is not the cowardly whimpering nation that former (thankfully) President Obama did his best to create.

When he was running for election, President Trump promised over and over again that America will be “great again” and strong again under his presidency and that’s yet another of the many promises that President Trump turned into accomplishments.

Clutch your pearls Liberals (Thank you Mike Gallagher for dragging that vision out of Hollywood’s history) and go hide, you will never stand up for or believe in America anyway.

America was created by brave men and women who stood up to our enemies and fought for this country; not by sniveling cowards who mourn the death of a murdering terrorist.

What They Want You To Believe


Its painfully obvious that the Far Left in America has a very solid hold on 80% of the news media and that’s tragic. It means that the news you see and hear every day is not just news, its innuendo, rumor and politics. Truthfully that applies to news from the Right as well as the Left; both sides twist facts and shape them until they resemble what they want you to believe.

“What They Want You To Believe” is never complete truth, it’s ‘slant’ and good wordsmiths may be able to make many people, perhaps even the majority of their readers, ‘buy what they are selling’ without strenuously questioning it.

When hearing a speech or reading an opinion piece remember that the reason the speaker or writer is doing what they are doing is to influence you, to change your opinion, if you have one, or plant the seed of an opinion in your head if you had no preconceptions.

This, of course, applies to the world outside of politics as well. We’ll be lucky if, when our lives are over, we have even one original thought clanking around in our brains before the lights go out.

Racist B.S.


The Leftist Media and the Leftist (I didn’t say Liberal) politicians really need to stop showing their mindless ignorance, an act they commit every time they call Donald Trump “racist”. A racist is identified by his or her words or actions that discriminate or exhibit prejudice against people of other races. Donald Trump has been falsely accused of being a racist through the pure dishonesty of the political rhetoric of radicalized, Leftist politicians. To these people of the radical Left, people who twist reality to match their own world view, the title of Racist is now bestowed on anyone who chooses to treat all people as equals regardless of skin color rather that showing a preference for people of color.

This may sound like an angry rant against some of the newest members of the U.S. House of Representatives but slow down and think about the rhetoric they spout, especially on the subject of racism. Donald Trump who has helped the economy of mino rity communities more than any U.S. President in memory is now being called a ‘Racist”? Does that make any sense to people who are using common sense and value the meaning of words. So what “racist” crimes has President Trump been accused of? Back when he was campaigning for the presidency, he stated that we (as a country) should not allow un-vetted Muslims from radical Muslim countries to be admitted to the United States because radical Islam has all but declared war on the United States and all it stands for. That’s not racism, that’s common sense.

More recently, President Trump is also being called a racist because he does not want anyone of any race, from any country coming into the United States illegally. Most of these people who want to steal their way across our border are brown-skinned, so the ignorant Leftists call enforcing law an act of racism.

Most importantly, let’s remember that these accusations against President Trump are not because anyone really believes he’s a racist, they are because he beat out Hillary Clinton in the last election.  This made Hillary supporters loose their minds and all of this is a result of these deranged political enemies of President Trump.



The Associated Press this morning asks: “With ‘America First’ where do human rights rank?”

The article points out (among other things) Donald Trump’s refusal to put public pressure on Saudi Arabia “over the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.”

The article goes on to point out that “past presidents in both parties used their office to promote U.S. values and ideals . . . Trump has rarely seized the chance.”

Lets face reality, “traditional” U.S. values and ideals are completely ‘foreign’ concepts (no pun intended) to the rest of the world. Donald Trump has the sense to realize this and he understands that American military might, the strong American economy, American pride and America’s generosity to its friends and enemies alike is a far better message to the world than  moralizing and shaming based on a religion and on concepts that most of the world does not share, understand or even desire.

My opinion: Donald Trump is changing the face of America for the better, is realistically facing the challenges of foreign relations and actually focusing on his pledge to “Make America Great.”



I often tell myself that President Trump should stop picking meaningless fights, like his feud with the Democratic party’s new ‘Indian Princess’, and focus on bigger issues . . . but that self-dialogue is always abruptly halted by my deeply-held belief that Donald Trump always knows what he’s doing. His rants against his political foes, while they may seem petty and unimportant to me, are plays to attract votes from the voters who prefer political confrontation to polite dialogue. Trump appreciates those people because he is one of them and they are the majority of Americans who keep this country real and keep it free from ‘overgovernment.’

Help Keep America Great


Now the title of this blog entry may, at first, appear to be a political pitch, but it’s not. This post is not about our great country’s economic strength or our military strength or our victories against terrorists and those who would be happy to see the United States of America burn; this post is about what may happen if the House of Representatives goes Democratic after the rapidly upcoming mid-term elections.

You saw for yourself this past week, the lunacy of the far left. You saw them ready to shred basic legal principles such as ‘innocent until proven guilty’, and the responsibility of an accuser to actually face the accused and prove his or her accusations are true. Anyone who is paying attention should be able to see that the Far Left was using Dr. Ford, not to bring to light any crimes committed against her but to defeat the Supreme Court nomination of a jurist who has, in case after case, proven to be a potentially great Supreme Court Justice. The Far Left does not want a fair and thoughtful judge on the Supreme Court, they want justices who throw away logic in favor of emotions.

The far left, and at this point this includes many of the Democrats who used to be liberal but have been enticed and then captured by the far left,  is in many ways far more dangerous than our foreign enemies. They are trying to change the very fabric of America by corrupting our laws our constitutional rights and our social norms one by one.

Not ‘If’ but ‘When’ you vote in the mid-term election, (and it is imperative that we all vote in this mid-term election) please keep in mind that the Democratic Party is determined to and strong enough to take over the House of Representatives if Conservative, Independent and right-leaning voters see this as just another boring mid-term election and then stay at home on election day. This will all but end the incredible era of prosperity and progress that President Trump started and is determined to continue. That would be a National tragedy.

Fight Against Liberal Zombies!


Did President Trump’s statements/pleas at NATO blow the American Liberal conspiracy/Russia collusion nuts out of the water? Hell no! One has to believe that the American far-Left is too brain-dead to pay any attention to reality; too Hell-bent on revenge against Trump for making the American people realize that for 8 years Barack Obama has been slowly and systematically destroying America and that Hillary was anxiously waiting her turn to finish the job.

What the Hell is wrong with anti-Americans like far-Left protesters and their military wing, ANTIFA. The American system allowed them to get an education, gave them the freedom to organize, speak and publish their beliefs; the American Constitution, the American military, and Federal and local law enforcement protected all of us, patriots and dissenters alike, as much as possible, from harm initiated by foreign countries as well as from lawless forces here in the United States.

How does their recognition of all of this then warrant destroying American flags, physically attacking people who disagree with their opinions and causing untold amounts of damage to businesses that happen to be in their path? It doesn’t of course.

These are people who have no respect for America, the Constitution or our flag and rather than getting out of this “terrible” country they want to destroy it, just like Obama tried to do and like Hillary was anxious to do. One can only guess at their motivations.


It’s far past time for Americans who love being Americans to get rid of the scourge from the far Left. No, not by violent means but by loudly rejecting their arguments and philosophies. Vote against them when you have the chance. Speak up to oppose them in public and private forums. Publish! It’s so easy to do in this age of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and hundreds of social-media outlets that most of us are probably unaware of. Far Past Time for freedom-loving, non-violent Americans to steal the media spotlight away from the Fascists who pretend to be Anti-fascists and from the others on the far-Left. We won’t always be successful because there is much truth in the title of Michael Savage’s best seller titled “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” Hopefully it can be cured.