Equality and Freedom: Daily Challenges

Reading this article at
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just reinforces my distaste for the current Republican Majority. The catch is, I used to consider myself more Republican than Democrat; now I cling to the title Independent.

What GOP leaders, according to this article, are calling their “American values agenda,” is very scary stuff.

What’s so scary about marriage being between a man and a woman? Nothing at all! What IS scary is the fact that the Bush Administration has elevated the question of who can and can’t be legally married into a National Agenda leading toward a proposed Constitutional Amendment. From my perspective that’s something to be VERY worried about (even if, as some say, this is just election year rhetoric).

I have nothing personally invested in the issue of who can or can’t get married but I have a whole lot invested in the two primary concepts that make this country so very different from dictatorships and theocracies: equality and freedom.

I view this “American Values Agenda” as a large step away from equality and freedom and a large step toward a theocracy. Go ahead and call me a reactionary if you will but take a step back and ask yourself where this is all going.

Yes, Christians are, or so the media tells us, the majority in America but Christiam dogma and Christian morality, as beneficial as they are in church and in the ‘community,’ really have no place in the Constitution. Beyond that, I firmly believe that the government, at any level, has no business regulating marriage or personal relationships of any kind.

Take equality and freedom away from any group and you’ve changed the basic structure of America — no one says that is what they want to do but yet every day it seems that is exactly what’s happening; every day we seem to loose a little more freedom and equality to extremeists (extremists on the Right AND on the Left).

No answers here . . . just questions and concerns.

Irrationality deserves no respect!

3 thoughts on “115315467394117335

  1. irationality deserves less than that. If one is worried about “the moral” climet no ammount of laws will change it, although it could drive it underground. However a better example and a strong leadership by example can have an effect.

    “leaders” searching for quick fixes in laws and bylaws only serve to make law less usefull and lawers richer (the only winner).

    The shocker is that the Bible (holy book of the christians) teaches that “the law is the power of sin” and the result thereof is death (“the wages of sin is death”).

    Making rules to control people is indmic (I’m sure I spelled that wrong) of what I call “cultish christianity”

    The man Christianity is all about – Jesus the Christ – claimed he had come to bring us life in all it’s fullness but I see no fullness in never ending piles of laws and egulations that those that follow Jesus should “know” causes death.

    This sot of thing get’s me kinda het up.

  2. Matt,

    We seem to think alike. It could be because we’re both Libra’s.

    No, no strike that. I’m being irrational again.

    Anyway thanks for writing.

    I’ve visited your blog(s) a couple times and keep getting lost. You have too much going on there for simple readers like myself.

    Also, I tried to subscribe but your RSS is apparently BRO-ke.

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