The Lowdown on “Pay For Post”


Rumor has it (garnered through ‘confidential sources’) that Ted Murphy, the founder of the website “” is on the payroll of The New York Times. Murphy is, in fact, the former college roommate of Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr, the Times Publisher.

So what’s that have to do with anything? Comeon! Think about it! Who want’s the blogosphere’s virtual head on a plate? The “mainstream media”! And what better way to discredit the blogosphere? Pay some bloggers to post positive reviews of businesses and products on their blogs.

This Murphy/Sulzberger/ACLU triad (Oh yes! You can be sure that the ACLU is in on it.) is clever enough to realize that once the world knows that some bloggers are ‘selling their posts’ to big business, every blogger will be suspect — and there goes the credibility of the entire blogosphere.

Makes sense to me!

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