Christopher Hitchens on Religion


At the top of most every bestseller list right now is a book written by Christopher Hitchens titled: “ God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything

From the title you may assume that Christopher Hitchens is a atheist but you would not be quite right — Hitchens is a self-proclaimed “non-theist.” The difference, according to Hitchens, during an appearance on “Hannity’s America” is that many atheists take the position that they cannot believe but qualify that disbelief with statements like: “I wish I could believe . . .”. Hitchens, on the other hand does NOT wish he could believe in a God who has allowed his creations (humans) to do so much damage to the earth and to each other.

I heard portions of a debate today on Hugh Hewitt’s radio program that pitted Hitchens against two opponents, Hugh Hewitt himself and Dr. Mark Roberts, theologian, professor, pastor, New Testament scholar and author of many books including the just published Can We Trust The Gospels? On every point, Hitchens’ opponents came out with ‘the short end of the stick.’

You can try looking for a transcript of that debate on Hugh Hewitt’s Blog but I can’t promise that he’ll post it . . . but for a rich assortment of bits of Christopher Hitchen’s many televised appearances, you can go to You Tube and type his name in the search box.

Just to wet your appetite, here is an 8 minute excerpt you can find on You Tube (the final 8 minutes of a 20 minute speech) Hitchens delivered in Canada in November of 2006. The title is Christopher Hitchens — Religion and it provides only a glimpse into this brilliant man’s reasoning for his positions and for writing a book that has a title that will offend and anger so many believers.

The final 8 minutes of a 20 minute speech delivered by Christopher Hitchens, in Canada, in November of 2006.

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