Too Many Came


They came
asking only for a chance,
a chance at freedom from poverty,
freedom from corruption,
freedom from their state-owned lives

They came
any way they could
On foot or packed in vans
in the dead of night
in the hell-like desert heat

They came
to be productive
and send ‘dollars’ home
to provide food and few luxuries
to those who could not come

But too many came
language became a barrier
resources became drained
laws were broken and ignored
Those who came, became fugitives

What was to be
the ‘land of opportunity’
became a land of fear
Not because they came,
— because too many came

3 thoughts on “Too Many Came

  1. katara,

    You have an excellent point — we do have our share of corruption here but, from what I understand, corruption is rampant at every level of life in Mexico.

    Thanks for you comment and complement.

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