Ohio Immigration Raid, Not a Priority


On Tuesday of this week, a force of about 300 federal, state and local officials raided the Koch Chicken Processing Plant in Butler County Ohio and arrested 160 people suspected of being illegal aliens. The men and women arrested are not just Mexican’s, they were from eight countries — not all of these countries have been named. The raid was the result of a 2-1/2 year investigation of Koch by federal and local officials — they were suspected of knowingly hiring illegal aliens which would mean, if the charges can be proven, that Koch can be facing a very large fine, and some of the Koch officials could be looking at jail time. A simultaneous raid was conducted on Koch’s headquarters in Chicago, where records were seized but no arrests were made.

To be honest, my first thought was: yes, these people are here illegally and are costing legal taxpayers one way or the other, but that’s a lot of manpower, hours and money spend just to catch people who really did come here just to work. If I were in charge, these would be the very last of the illegal immigrants I’d worry about.

In 2006, if you remember, the federal government instituted a nationwide initiative called “Return to Sender.” The main focus of that initiative was the illegal immigrants who rob, rape, terrorize and murder — mostly the violent street gang members and those who came here not to work but to steal. Operation Return to Sender lasted only about 20 days and during that time, according to the Homeland Security bulletin issued at the end of the operation: “approximately 2,179 criminal aliens, illegal alien gang members, fugitive aliens, and other immigration status violators” were detained. Again, not just Mexicans — these types of programs are not anti-Mexican, they are anti-illegal immigrant and here’s the proof of that; once again a quote from the Homeland Security bulletin:

Those arrested in the operation came from nations around the globe, including Angola, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cape Verde, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Egypt, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Kenya, Liberia, Libya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Senegal, Thailand, Uganda, United Kingdom and Uzbekistan.

I’m not in favor of anyone being here in the United States illegally but my god, let’s prioritize! Its the criminals and welfare cheaters who are costing us the most in money, in insecurity, and in a basic loss of sovereignty. These are the people we need to find and deport FIRST, before worrying about the ones who are working and doing us little harm. If we do it efficiently and continuously we will win our country back.

Link: 2006 Homeland Security Bulletin (Operation Return to Sender): ICE Apprehends More Than 2,100 Criminal Aliens, Gang Members, Fugitives and Other Immigration Violators in Nationwide Interior Enforcement Operation

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The Pedophile Lynch-Mob Mentality


We’ve all heard by now about the self-described pedophile who has been effectively ‘run out of’ California and who is playing hide-and-seek with bloggers around the country who say they’re trying to track his movements.

His name is Jack McClellan, he maintained a website (now removed from the Internet) called: “Seattle Tacoma Everett Girl Love” he posted pictures on that web site of little girls in public places. He took and posted those pictures because he is, in his own words, “sexually attracted” to little girls. He also said on that site: “I don’t practice sexual touching (of prepubescent) girls, am not a sex offender, and am not prohibited from being around children.” As a preface to that statement of personal behavior he explains the purpose of his web site: “The primary purpose of this site is to promote association, friendship; and legal, non-sexual, consensual touch (hugging, cuddling, etc) between men and prepubescent girls.”

Jack McClellan has obviously deviated from what we all consider “normal” sexual desires, i.e., desires for adult-to-adult relationships, and in that sense he will almost unanimously considered to be a mentally sick man; but what is being overlooked is, he has done nothing illegal! That is, of course, mentioned but not emphasized in the prominent news articles about his fight with the California Court System and his eventual flight to destinations unknown; the news articles, all but one that is, simply focus on what he is, which is, according to McClellan’s own description, a pedophile. i.e., “an adult who is sexually attracted to children.”

That one exception is an article by Leonard Pitts. Leonard Pitts is a Miami Herald columnist who actually had the guts to write an intelligent article which emphasizes the obvious: “People should be imprisoned for what they’ve done, not what they are.” The title of this article (over a large picture of Jack McClellan) is: “This man says he’s a pedophile – what can you do?”

The answer to this rhetorical question is: Nothing . . . nothing legally at any rate! The California court system, with its traditional unconcern for legalities, has placed a restraining order on him, based on witnesses who ‘saw him in the area of . . .’ and also based on the most damning (but still not illegal) evidence provided by his website and by his own statements. (He might have violated some type of law by posting pictures of little girls on his website without getting model releases signed by their parents, but that doesn’t seem to have cropped up as a possibility in media reports.)

Pedophillia is naturally a subject that brings many emotions to the front: disgust, fear and anger are just a few of those and the results are, more often than not, a lynch-mob mentality followed by violence. Emotions, however natural when subjects such as this are in play, are an impediment to rational thinking and blur the boundries between right and wrong.

The unemotional ‘bottom line,’ both as how I see it and how Mr Pitts states it in his article, is:

“Even Jack McClellan enjoys the privileges of the First Amendment. He is free to say he’s a child molester. He’s free to say he’s a Satanist. He’s free to say he’s a racist.

“You think it’s terrible that a man can say such things? I agree. Indeed, the only thing more terrible would be if we lived in a country where he could not.”

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The “Secular-Fundamentalist Death Spiral”


(Title based on a quote by Andrew Sullivan)

On August 31st televangelist Bill Keller will insult his last Muslim (or Mormon) on the CBS affiliate station in Tampa Florida, WTOG-TV. He’s being forced to move on.

Who’s to blame for the termination of this fiery, shock-and awe, God-Smacking preacher’s four year relationship with WTOG and CBS? Most of the news reports are either blaming or giving credit to (depending on their editorial leanings) the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). It was their letter to CBS that got ‘the guillotine oiled’ and Keller’s ‘neck in the chopping block.’

On the other hand, it was CBS who made the decision to ‘release the blade’ and ‘send Keller’s head rolling,’ after a successful four-year relationship, based on nothing more than that complaint from that offended minority group. (What does that tell us about the power of Islam over our media!)

Then again, Bill Keller certainly shares the blame for his own very temporary demise by being an irresponsible spokesman for the Christian religion. I say irresponsible based solely on news accounts, having never seen his show. If, however, what is being reported is true, I’d say irresponsible is a lenient charge.

According to CAIR’s letter to CBS, as reported by several news sources (and verified by Keller himself), Bill Keller made the following remarks on air, on May 2, 2007:

“Islam is a 1,400-year-old lie from the pits of hell. It’s leading a billion peoples [sic] to hell … those who follow this false religion will die and be lost for all eternity. The false religion of Islam is about hate, lies and death.”

Well I guess he told them! He told them either what he thinks and fervently believes or what he thinks he followers want to hear; and it may all be true! He also told everyone who heard those words (and other similar diatribes on many other occasions) that his own brand of religion is based more on hate and fear mongering than it is on faith or on Christian principles.

When you consider that Islam is the religion of many millions of people and that only a very, very few of them would even consider the atrocities that are committed in their God’s name by radical Muslims, you begin to realize that this type of rhetoric coming from a supposed spokesman for the Christian religion does NOTHING but inflame sensitivities. It tends to pit Christianity against Islam without giving recognition to the fact that, like everything else in life, people are the problem — in this case a relatively few Muslims; if there is some good in that I fail to see it!

Don’t feel sorry however for any of the parties involved: CBS and WTOG have lost a show that was not on until 1:00 am and, due to that hour probably had a very low viewership; CAIR has won a short-lived victory over the hate-spewing preacher Keller, and Keller is off to a new morning show on a new TV station after a weekend of venom gathering (perhaps he listens to old re-runs of the Michael Savage radio show).

The Title of This Post Explained:

This affair brought to mind an article I read some time ago authored by Andrew Sullivan — I finally found it in an old (October 9, 2006) issue of Time Magazine. The article, titled “When Not Seeing is Believing” contains a paragraph that discusses the only “way out” of the constant Christian vs. Muslim vs. Jew debacle, that Sullivan can envision. This way out, according to Sullivan:

“. . . will come from the only place it can come from — the minds and souls of people of faith. It will come out of the much derided moderate Muslims, tolerant Jews and humble Christians. The alternative to the secular-fundamentalist death spiral is something called spiritual humility and sincere religious doubt. Fundamentalism is not the only valid form of faith, and to say it is, is the great lie of our times.”

What brought this article and that passage to mind while reading about Preacher Keller is that phrase Sullivan used to describe the constant religious strife in the world the “secular-fundamentalist death spiral. Keller, of course, has the absolute right to spew his hate from any TV station that will have him but I don’t think he has the slightest idea what he is contributing to . . . or perhaps he does and he just doesn’t care.

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Target Identified: Evangelicalism


A fast-paced and witty (at least to some of us) piece of writing by Robert Weitzel appeared in the Atlantic Free Press this month. Weitzel is a freelance writer and outspoken atheist whose writes regularly for The Capital Times in Madison, WI as well as several other papers and journals. The Free Press article is titled “Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris: The Unholy Trinity . . .Thank God” and is, as you might expect, a general ‘put-down’ of religion and those who profess to be religious and a rah-rah piece for the ‘unholy trinity of best-selling authors, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris.

Being a member of what Weitzel calls the POF (the “pis**d-off faithless”) I found myself nodding and agreeing with Weitzel as he made the point that 10% of Americans identify themselves as atheists (which accounts for the phenomenal sales of the books written by the “unholy trinity”) and especially when he made the very significant argument that:

“If the faithful would just keep their religious beliefs in their own pocket and out of public school classrooms and bedrooms and women’s wombs, I doubt much would ever be heard from the unholy trinity or the POF. What would be the point?”

I’ve often had that very same thought and have more than once expressed it in several blog posts over the years. I realize, as I’m sure Weitzel does, that wishing for that is like asking for a cocktail at a Mormon picnic — its impractical when you consider that many religious people consider it their duty to go out and ‘heal’ us heathens; but it does frame the basic problem very well.

So as I’m reading along, enjoying the fact that the author has set so much of what I perceive in writing I am suddenly jarred to a stop!

This is the paragraph that stopped me:

“It goes without saying that multitudes of the faithful live quiet lives comfortable in the skin of their beliefs, and that good people are dedicating their lives to the betterment of humanity (locally and globally) under the banner of one religion or another. But if religion disappeared tomorrow, those same good people would still be out there doing what they can because of who they are not because of where they worship. (emphasis added)”

Suddenly a bell went off and I realized that Weitzel is attempting to completely devalue religion and I believe that that is a bridge too far.

Religion itself is not the enemy! Religion is, for many people, the only thing that they have to help them get through life. Many people would figuratively ‘disintegrate’ if religion “disappeared tomorrow.” Religion and religious values that stem from religion are not the enemy of the atheist, agnostic or secularist or of the American people in general — the enemy is that overwhelming urge that so many religious people have to ‘convert’ those who do not believe. That perceived necessity of so many religious people to “save the souls of us heathens.” I don’t want (and I do not believe any right-thinking non-believer wants) to steal anyone’s religion or destroy anyone’s religion or convince anyone that our way is the right way. All I want is what Weitzel expressed so well earlier in his article: I want religious people to “keep their religious beliefs in their own pocket and out of public school classrooms and bedrooms and women’s wombs.” Any religion that will not allow its adherents to do that is a religion that is not perpetuating itself but is destroying itself.

In plain English: evangelicalism is the enemy! Evangelicalism is, in fact, at least as I see it, the very antithesis of what America is all about!

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The Deportation of Elvira Arellano


Elvira Arellano entered the United States illegally in 1997, she made it all the way to Washington State where she was caught and deported.

Not the end of the story!

Elvira Arellano once again entered the United States in 2000, this time she was pregnant and very aware that a law was in place that allowed her baby to be declared a citizen if it was born here. She went to Illinois, had her baby, a boy she named Saul. She purchased a social security number from one of the many criminals who provide that service to Illegals and went to work at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, cleaning planes. She was arrested at O’Hare Airport in 2002 and was eventually convicted of working with a false Social Security Number.

This is where the story gets unbelievable! She was not deported right away (as she was back in 1997) and, because of her “anchor baby,” was free to fight the deportation order. Fight it she did for four years. Finally after four years of appeals and diversions, Ms. Arellano was ordered to report for deportation in August of 2006. Of course she didn’t! Instead, she found refuge with her son in a Chicago church. One year later, for some still unknown reason, she decided to leave her sanctuary and “fight for a change in immigration laws.” It was a short fight! She was arrested outside of Our Lady Queen of Angels church in Los Angeles church after an immigration rally and within 24-hours she was processed and deposited in Tijuana, Mexico.

No that’s still not the end of the story!

Ms. Arellano had the opportunity to bring her son with her when she was deported — she refused, opting instead to leave him with the Minister of the church that gave her refuge — he will eventually live with his godmother in Chicago and will eventually be used: they are talking about taking Saul on a tour of the United States to promote their cause.

Elvira Arellano, her supporters are saying, is a symbol of a government immigration policy that rips families apart.

* * * * * * * *

It isn’t the government immigration policy that ripped her family apart — she did that all by herself.

I’m not so cold-hearted that I don’t understand that most of the people who are here illegally just came here looking for a better life — most don’t intend to hurt anyone but a country can’t exist without laws and borders. We are a sovereign nation — we have laws and we have borders — anyone who does not respect our laws and our borders simply does not belong here.

I can even feel a modicum of sympathy for Elvira Arellano but the facts are: she came here illegally (twice), she broke our laws, she used her son to avoid deportation, she became a criminal fugitive, she abandoned her son and now she is back where she belongs. I hope she understands, however, that she willingly left her son in the hands of people who will use him, any way they can, to promote their lie.

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The People’s Choice vs. The Party’s Choice


From the “Electionline” column in Friday’s (8/17/07) USA Today we find that there is a proposed ballot initiative in California that would change the way the state’s electoral votes are divided up during a presidential election.

The current method, a method used in all but two states (Maine and Nebraska), is the “winner-take-all” method, where the candidate with the most votes walks away with all of the state’s electoral votes. The proposed method would award two electoral votes to the winner of the overall popular vote and allocate the other electoral votes to the candidates according to the results in each of the state’s congressional districts.

In general, California Democrats are opposed to changing the allocation of electoral votes from the present system while the Republicans are in favor of the change. Each faction has taken their position based on the fact that there are 20 Congressional districts in the state that normally vote Republican; knowing that, the rational behind the dispute is obvious — electoral votes from 20 congressional districts could swing an election.

This ballot initiative is the brain child of Thomas Hiltachk, a lawyer for the California Republican Party — while he is organizing his forces to collect the 434,000 valid signatures needed to put his initiative before the voters in June of 2008, the Democratic opposition is organizing to raise millions of dollars to put together an advertising campaign that will convince voters that they are better off sticking with the old system. But are they really better off with the current system?

An interesting fact brought to light by a Bloomberg report on this subject (linked below) is that the Democrats, however much they rant and rave about those opportunistic Republicans, have themselves attempted to change the system in other states. In 2006, the Democratic party attempted (unsuccessfully) to do the exact same thing in Colorado (where they saw the opportunity to gain electoral votes) and they are reportedly considering a future attempt in North Carolina where 15 electoral votes are up for grabs. So it appears that both sides in this issue (as in all political issues) are doing their best to manipulate the system to their own advantage — that is expected. But while the parties are maneuvering for position they seem to be forgetting that the object of a presidential election is to, as accurately as possible, determine who “the people” want as their next president. As I see it, the proposed system, a system that would determine the distribution of electoral votes based on Congressional districts, would actually be a truer reflection of the people’s choice.

The Electoral College system was created by our founding Fathers so that small states would have a more equal voice in selecting a president; this proposed California ballot initiative, it would seem to me, reflects that wisdom by giving allowing each small voting block (each Congressional district) a more equal voice in the final outcome of the states presidential choice. Every state should, in fact, be looking at this or at other ways to more accurately reflect their citizen’s real choices in Presidential elections; and if it means butting heads with one or the other political party, then so be it.

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Huckabee Supporter: Smiting His Enemies Through Prayer


Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas and a former Southern Baptist minister, is considered by many to be the Christian’s leading choice for president. One would expect, however, that Huckabee is thinking some very unchristian thoughts today about one of his most vocal supporters, the Rev. Wiley Drake of the First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, Calif.

Recently Rev. Drake sent out a letter offering his personal endorsement of Huckabee for President. Just endorsing Huckabee as an individual would not have gotten him in trouble but he made the technical error of sending out this endorsement on church stationery. That puts him in the position of a church leader endorsing a political candidate and, under Internal Revenue Service rules, that jeopardizes his church’s tax exempt status.

The IRS probably would not have even known about Rev. Drake’s folly had it not been for a group called Americans United for Separation of Church and State. They found out about the de facto Huckabee endorsement by a church and reported it to the IRS.

So while other ministers are praying for peace or praying for blessings from God, and encouraging their followers to do the same, Rev. Drake is asking his parishioners to pray for revenge; he is calling for an imprecatory prayer for the punishment and/or deaths of officials of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Today’s International Herald Tribune reports the following:

“On his Internet show, in a news release on ChristianNewsWire and in an e-mail to Americans United, Drake called on others to pray that the Americans United officials be punished. He gave as examples of imprecatory prayer:

“Persecute them. … Let them be put to shame and perish.”

“Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.”

“Let his children be continually vagabonds, and beg.”

Rev. Drake claims that this is what God wants — he says (correctly by the way), that the Bible calls for imprecatory prayer when someone “attacks the church.”

Reverend Drake is clearly a man who would make a great Muslim Imam — he has the same values as the ones who call for the deaths of all those who do not submit themselves to Allah. The Rev. Drake, however, should not hold a position in any Christian church. I would hope that, as I write this, there are two statements being drafted for release A.S.A.P.:

One from the national leadership of the Southern Baptist Church, chastising Rev. Drake and, more importantly, removing him from his position as a Southern Baptist minister.

The second statement that should be in the works, even at this late hour, is a statement for Mike Huckabee, denouncing Rev. Drake in no uncertain terms and rejecting his support.

If Huckabee does any less than that, we may have to question his sanity as well.

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When Did Insults Become Illegal?


Patrick Syring, a Virginia resident and outspoken Arab hater, is being charged with sending threatening e-mail messages and leaving threatening phone messages at the offices of the Arab American Institute last summer.

Apparently free speech in the United States has hit another new low, at least as it applies to speech directed toward minorities — in this case, Arab-Americans.

According to news accounts, Syring has been indicted by the Federal Government (the office of the Attorney General of the United States) for “threatening” and for “violating civil rights laws.” Those charges are, in this case, sheer nonsense. Syring reportedly said and wrote things like “The only good Arab is a dead Arab” and wrote in an email: “You wicked evil Hezbollah-supporting Arabs should burn in the fires of hell for eternity and beyond, the United States would be safer without you.” The backdrop of these phone and email messages was the period of time when Israel was bombing Lebanon. One thing to note is that Syring reportedly identified himself by name in one phone message and sent all the emails from his personal email account — he obviously wasn’t ashamed of what he was saying and didn’t believe he could possibly be in trouble with the law for saying it.

Unless there is an enormous amount of incriminating evidence that is not being reported, Patrick Syring should indeed not be in trouble for saying what he said or doing what he did. There are no threats stated or implied in the statements that were released by the federal prosecutor, Assistant Attorney General Wan J. Kim. All Mr. Syring did was express his personal opinion. If insulting opinions have become illegal (as they apparently have), no matter who the insulted party is, there is trouble in this land.

What we are apparently dealing with here is a “hate crime” which, IMO, is one of the stupidest pieces of legislation ever to have been considered by our Congress. Hate crime are those things that bend and contort the law (as well as common sense) making it a worse crime, for example, to physically harm a gay person if you knew he was gay and it can be proven you dislike gays. That type of logic has never made any sense to me — if you physically harm someone you should be punished for it — it should make no difference WHY you harmed that person unless you were acting in self defense. Otherwise, what you are doing is punishing thoughts and not just actions; which is exactly what is happening in the Patrick Syring case. He, for whatever reason, hates Arabs and Arab-Americans are a “protected minority;” but Syring did nothing to harm any Arab-Americans, he simply told them what he thinks of them and for that he faces fines and Federal prison time if convicted.

Yes, Patrick Syring is a mental midget and is in no way an attribute to our society but even that is not yet illegal.

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Imus May Have Deserved What He Got, But . . .


When the pathetic old man of talk radio, Don Imus, insulted the ladies on the Rutgers Woman’s Basketball Team, in April of this year, by calling them “nappy-headed hos” he was ‘called on the carpet’ by his radio station and their bosses, and rightly so. Yes, he always does stuff like that and yes, that bit of slander against the basketball players was very mild compared to some of the other verbal attacks he’s mounted, but being a professional curmudgeon is no excuse for that particular stupidity. Imus was, as everyone knows, suspended and then fired by CBS and MSNBC and is only now settling up with his former employers and getting his radio career back on track.

Throughout this mess, the ladies of the Rutgers Basketball Team acted like the high-class ladies they are and stayed as far out of the fray as they could — until now that is. Now one of the players, Kia Vaughn the teams “star” center, is suing Don Imus, MSNBC, NBC Universal, CBS Radio, CBS Corp., Viacom Inc., Westwood One Radio and Imus’ producer Bernard McGuirk for “libel, slander and defamation.”

Its pretty obvious that Kia Vaughn is not after anything except money. What Imus muttered (he ‘mutters’ everything) last April made no mention of the name Kia Vaughn and you can be certain, just based on that one fact, that Kia and her lawyer (Richard Ancowitz) have a baseless case that would see a loss if taken to court — but you can also be certain that Kia and her lawyer have no desire to go to court; what they want is a nice, fat out-of-court cash settlement, with another apology thrown in just for show. They’ll probably get it too, it’s doubtful, however, it’ll be as big and ‘juicy’ as Kia no doubt dreamed it would be when she settled her head on her pillow last night. Kia’s opponents have legal departments that face-down this kind of inconvenience every day; they’ll soon debase Kia of any notion of a win in court or a multi-million dollar settlement.

It would be nice if the rest of the Rutgers team stayed away from this lawsuit — nice but unlikely. There will probably be one or two others with dollar signs in their eyes who will be happy to trade their principles for a lucrative day ‘out-of-court.’

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Mattel Bites the Outsourcing Bullet


One would think that a company that makes children’s toys, considering the high-risk nature of their products and considering the thousands of safety standards in place for toys, would be very, very careful about the toys they put on the market. One would, perhaps, think that! Well Mattel has certainly proved otherwise. Mattel is recalling more — many more — toys that they had produced using Chinese manufacturing companies.

Just last week it was Elmo and Big Bird who suffered the indignities of being pulled right out of the little hands of the children who have learned to love those Sesame Street characters — there were other recalls last week but those were the high-profile ones. Now some of these same children are losing Sarge cars, Doggie Daycare toys, Polly Pocket toys, Batman toys, Barbie and Tanner play sets and over 18 million magnetic toys with magnets that are likely to be (and have been) swallowed by young children. Most of the toys are being recalled because the Chinese manufacturer (Hong Li Da) used paint that contains an excessive amount of lead; in the case of the magnetic toys, there have been three reported cases of children who have swallowed more than one magnet and, as a result, required surgery so that the magnets wouldn’t come together and cause damage to or a blockage in to the stomach.

The toy business is an unbelievably competitive business, that’s a given; and Mattel apparently felt that they needed the edge that very inexpensive Chinese labor would give them. They are entitled to a competitive edge but they cannot be, and I’m sure will not be, given a pass when they prove themselves irresponsible. The law suits will start soon and Mattel will pay a price.

It bothers me a great deal when any company feels the need to have their product manufactured in China, Taiwan, Mexico or elsewhere because the cost of manufacturing it here in the U.S. is prohibitive, but its a fact of life that as our standard of living increases and as the minimum wage increases and until many more lawmakers in many more states get out of the pockets of labor unions and pass “right to work” legislation, the cost of labor will continue to increase. Mattel apparently felt all those pressure when they contracted with Hong Li Da but then they got greedy. Instead of having thorough (and somewhat costly) quality checks performed on the products they contracted for, they just threw them on the market. For a company the size of Mattel, that shows an unbelievable lack of foresight. They perhaps assumed that Chinese manufacturers with their large pool of cheap labor would follow the rules and perform their own quality control, but Chinese manufacturers are out to save a buck also and Hong Li Da is apparently no exception. They saved a buck (or a few yuan) by purchasing paint that had a more-than-allowed level of lead and by failing to implement an in-house quality control program that would have made sure magnets were attached properly.

Hopefully all of the other U.S. companies who outsource will take the lesson offered at Mattel’s expense and, if they must outsource, at least do it responsibly.

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