Credit to an Anti-Terrorist Muslim


Umaru Abdul Mutallab, father of the “Christmas Underwear Bomber”, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, needs to be recognized as a very brave man and a true friend of America. Up until now he has only been briefly mentioned for his deed, but an article at Politics Daily by Jeffrey Weiss not only corrects that it asks a very important question: “Why Don’t Moderate Muslims Police Their Own?’

Why is Umaru Mutallab being portrayed as brave? Mr. Weis explains:

So what do we think we know about the father? He’s a Muslim, one sophisticated enough in the technical aspects of Islamic law to run an Islamic bank. And he was willing to put himself, his reputation and the rest of his family at risk by letting American authorities know that his son had been radicalized.

At risk? No doubt. I imagine that crossing al-Qaeda is something like crossing the Mafia. Particularly if you live in a country where sheer numbers — 75 percent of Nigerians are Muslim (I’m finding a range of estimates, but I’ll now defer to several commenters who say the figure is more like 50 percent.) — make it at least somewhat likely that someone sympathetic to al-Qaeda is in the neighborhood.”

By doing everything he could to alert American authorities (short of taking out an ad in the New York Times) that his son had been radicalized and could be a danger to Americans, and by doing it in person, Umaru Mutallab has painted a large target on his back; but I would bet that Umaru Abdul Mutallab is intelligent enough to realize that, and is also very determined to stop the corruption of his religion and the unnecessary evil of terrorism.

That also provides a possible answer to the key question: Why does the mainstream Muslim community allow the terrorist activity that has killed as many Muslims as it has non-Muslims? They, except for a precious few, are afraid of consequences and therefore powerless to act.

Think closer to home: Why did the Italian American community allow the Mafia to hold their neighborhoods hostage and generally stain the image of Italians? Same reason!

It took an organized government effort to devastate the Mafia and it will take an organized effort by Arab governments to do that to terrorist organizations.

Yes, your right, that’s very unlikely to happen in the Middle-East, but I’m told that miracles DO happen!

2009: the Political Year That Was


2009 has been, if nothing else, newsworthy.

It is the year Barack Hussein Obama, became our president; began his destruction of our economy in the name of “leveling the playing field; named a wide variety of unqualified “friends” to important positions in government and the judiciary; broke virtually every campaign promise; repeatedly apologized to the world for U.S. “indiscretions”; signaled to the world that we are now a kinder, gentler nation and not as much of a threat to dictators or terrorists; won the Nobel Peace Prize based on . . . well no one really knows what it was based on . . . and began the government takeover of a large percentage of the free market.

It should therefore be no surprise that this is also the year that: our National Debt rose to historic levels; our unemployment rate rose to a level unseen in decades; bankruptcies rose to obscene levels; Muslim Terrorists felt free to resume their attacks on United States soil and most countries seriously considered basing their currency value on something other than the U.S. dollar.

All this was bad but, at least in my opinion, the most disturbing . . . most despicable and most surprising event of 2009 was the following statement made by General George William Casey Jr., the Chief of Staff of the United States Army, in reference to the terrorist attack at the Fort Hood Army base in Texas by an openly hostile Muslim Army Major, an attack that left 13 dead and 38 wounded:

“We have to be careful because we can’t jump to conclusions now based on little snippets of information that come out. And frankly, I am worried — not worried, but I’m concerned that this increased speculation could cause a backlash against some of our Muslim soldiers. And I’ve asked our Army leaders to be on the lookout for that. It would be a shame — as great a tragedy as this was, it would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well.”

Granted, General Casey didn’t have all the information about the shooter, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, but it’s obvious that his concern, his sympathy is not with the victims — it’s obvious that diversity is far more important.

The fact that this attitude of political correctness, this level of apeasement has infiltrated the highest levels of the military should scare the crap out of you!

A bunch of other things happened this year of course and you can review most of it HERE at The CNN version is, of course, more comprehensive and far less polarizing.

Will the Real President Obama Please Stand Up



There’s no way around this. Democrats in the White House and on Capitol Hill have just perpetrated the most criminal rip-off in the history of this country on the American people. And with its passage now a certainty, the only thing left to do is to start working on getting it repealed.

So writes Dan Calabrese* in an article in the North Star National — and he’s right!

With total disregard for public opinion and with a level of corruption, secrecy and deceit that can only be characterized as blatent and willfull, legislation that seems designed to assure the eventual government takeover of healthcare providers and insurers is all but signed. Fortunately, however, this does not have to be the final chapter in this Orwellian epic.

Mr. Calabrese, in his article, proposes specific actions that he feels will eventually lead to: first, the destruction of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives and the leveling of power in the Senate and then, he writes, the Republicans need to “put unbearable pressure on President Obama (and) create a political environment in which, if he resists popular reforms to his signature act of governance, he sets himself up for an electoral disaster in 2012.”

Calabrese’s proposal suggests that Obama may destroy his own creation just to retain power in 2012! Maybe but more likely not!

President Obama is, in a way, an enigma. The way I see it, Obama may not be just a stereotypical politician who’s primary interest is reelection; there is a very real possibility that he is a true believer in the tenent that lies beneath Statism, i.e., a society functions best and most fairly with economic controls and planning in the hands of a highly centralized government.

The evidence that Obama is a true believer in Statism is clear. Who but a ‘true believer’ would totally ignore: the destruction of his country’s currency on the world market and then continue to raise the debt limit; record high unemployment; the obvious devastating effect of the massive illegal alien population on employment and government services; and sensible fixes that would stabilize the health insurance market . . . and instead concentrate his efforts on: the creation of a larger government bureaucracy; the virtual dismantling of the health insurance industry; the potentially disasterous Cap and Trade regulations that will do nothing to curb the earth’s normal cooling and heating cycles but will reek financial havoc on business, industry and, to a large extent on the entire population; and support of a Card Check policy that will most likely lead to the eventual unionization of all business and industry.

No, I certainly don’t believe that President Obama is your stereotypical politician; I do however believe that he is a visionary . . . but his vision is of a United States that in no way resembles the United States envisioned by the founders, by his predecessors or by the majority of the American people.

I have proposed in e-mails, to anyone who will listen, that legislation like Healthcare, Cap and Trade and Card Check . . . legislation that will effect every American, should be, by law, put up for an up or down vote in a special national election after it is signed and at least 3 months before it is scheduled to take effect. A NO vote by the majority of the American people should be considered a veto . . . a veto that can only be overturned by another national election. Unfortunately it appears that no one is listening!

* Dan Calabrese is the Editor in Chief of The North Star National, the publication of the North Star Writers Group syndicate which has been serving newspapers with high-quality opinion pieces since 1985.

House of Reps Now in Charge of College Football?


From USA Today’s Sports Section:: “House panel takes step to force college football playoff”.

Is there anything in this entire country that the Federal Government doesn’t want to control?

Today (12/9/09) the House Energy and Commerce Committee subcommittee (Energy and Commerce??) took an authoritative step in wrenching control of College Football from the NCAA by passing a measure that would “ban the promotion of a postseason NCAA Division I football game as a national championship unless that title contest is the result of a playoff.”

I’m not a big sports fan so I don’t have any emotional stake in the decision of the House Energy and Commerce Committee subcommittee and, in truth, this is probably the last anyone will hear of the committee’s proposal — it has next to no chance of making it into law — but the sheer audacity of the U.S. Government making a proposal like this really floors me.

The whole thing was, reportedly, the brainchild of a Republican Representative from Texas, Joe Barton. Barton sez: “the BCS system is unfair and won’t change unless prompted by Congress.”

Representative Joe Barton has been a Representative since 1984 and has apparently well please his constituents and he has been a rock-solid Conservative on almost every issue, especially the global warming scam where he has been a ‘champion’ but he apparently has to get his head screwed on right, and continually, until he understands that there are logical as well as legal limits on the power of Congress.

Rep. Barton: We have a National Debt that has reached the outer limits of reality, we have Democrats proposing legislation that will raise taxes and potentially put many small and medium businesses out of business. Please limit your interest in College Football to weekends when you are at the games or watching them with a beer in your hand. Just because you are a U.S Representative you don’t have to bring your personal garbage to Capitol Hill and waste even more of our money on matters that don’t belong there.

Not that you are the first! In 2007 Senator George Mitchell concluded a 21 month investigation into “the Illegal Use of Steroids and Other Performance Enhancing Substances by Players in Major League Baseball” — his report, called simply the Mitchell Report, was a scandalous waste of 21 months of OUR time and money investigating a situation that I can’t, not even through the wildest stretches of my imagination, justify as the business of the U.S. Government.

Senate Majority Leader Reid: A True Statist?


An insult was in order for Harry Reid after reading this lead story in Politics Daily but why stoop to name calling? Harry Reid is what he is and that is someone who either truly believes that the country is better off with a free market that has been subverted by people who do not understand economics or American history OR he is a man who wants to twist truth and reality because he hates America as it is. No one but Harry Reid knows for sure!

Recently, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid went on the floor of the Senate to add some “historical perspective” to what the Democratic majority is proposing as a “reform” to America’s healthcare system.

He began:

“It amazes me that the Minority Leader rejects that what we’re doing is truly historic,” Reid said, referring to Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. “I am confident that history will prove the Republican leader wrong.”

OK! That’s how he feels about the Democratic proposals: they’re “historic” . . . probably few Americans would disagree with that; but then Reid went on to prove his ignorance on the topic by comparing the Republican opposition to the Democratic attack on the free market to the opponents of slavery and suffrage:

“If you think you’ve heard these excuses before, you’re right. When this country belatedly recognized the wrongs of slavery, there were those who dug in their heels and said, “Slow down, it’s too early, things aren’t bad enough.'” Reid added the women’s suffrage movement and the fight for civil rights to the list of fights that overcame even the staunchest opposition. “History is repeating itself before our eyes….If not now when?” Reid asked rhetorically.

Reid’s grasp of history is quite as flawed as his grasp of reality. There is NO legitimate comparison between slavery or suffrage or the civil rights struggle, true evils arising out of greed and/or ignorance, and the economic system that turned this country from a primitive frontier to the economic giant it WAS . . . was, that is, before our government, under both Republican and Democratic leadership, began to destroy it’s economy. Also no valid comparison between slavers, bigots and the cavemen who opposed suffrage, and those who oppose a bloated government.

Now Reid and company want to put the finishing touches on our economic destruction — not just with healthcare but with Cap and Trade and out of control spending.

So either a) I’m a hysterical reactionary who has terribly misjudged a benign effort to bring America back from the brink; OR b) Harry Reid is just a true believer in Statism who innocently believes that government control is the best alternative for America; OR c) Reid, and the rest of the Obama administration, so dislike the concept of American Exceptionalism that they are intentionally out to ‘level the International playing field’ by bringing the U.S. down to the level of the rest of the world?

Yes I know, ‘time will tell’ but if the answer is either b or c, time may be in very short supply.

Sarah and the “Birthers”


Sarah and the “Birthers”

Sarah Palin Sarah Palin stepped in — and then out — of the question of ‘where was Barack Obama born’ during an interview on a Conservative talk show: “The Rusty Humphries Show”. What she said was:

“I think the public, rightfully, is still making it an issue. I think it’s a fair question, just like I think past associations and past voting records — all of that is fair game”

Right away the media and many Bloggers jumped on the issue and accused her of being a birther, forcing her, later that day, to clarify that, ‘while she may have said she supports others questioning the president about his citizenship, she herself has not raised such questions’. As far as I know, that’s true — she has never made an issue out of it — and I hope it never side-tracks her.

It’s pretty clear, in Article II, Section 1, the U.S. Constitution it specifies that:

No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

The problem (granted, at this stage the issue is all but moot) is that many people feel, among other things, that President Obama has not produced the documentation that proves that he was born in the United States; on the othe hand, many people claim that he has proved it conclusively. For anyone who want’s to read a good summary of the claims and counter claims, check out: on this issue.

My personal opinion is that if the birthers claims are true they will not be provable for many years after Obama has been ‘extracated’ from the presidency — if indeed they are ever provable. Then there is the ‘why bother” factor. The Obama White House and the Liberal Mobs headed by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed are in the process of attempting to do terrible damage to the free market in the United States and if the free market dies, the United States is essentially dead. That is a much, much larger and much more immediate issue than trying to prove that the “Capo di tutti capi” of the aforementioned Liberal Mob should not be where he is, doing what he is already doing.

As for Sarah Palin, I can’t see where acknowledging that ‘the public has every right to make Obama’s birth circumstances an issue because it’s a fair question’ will do any damage to her politically as long as she diplomatically handles the next few months of media questions on the issue.

Someday, Sarah Palin will be an excellent President, she’s charismatic, she uses common sense and she is a font of rock-solid Conservative values. I don’t believe 2012 will be her year, but I have to admit I’d love to see it happen; at any rate, you can be sure that between now and 2012 she will be a dominant force in the Republican party.

The Tiger Woods Tease


‘I’ve been a bad boy,’ Tiger Woods readily and pubicly admits . . . ‘but I don’t want to talk about it!’

OK so he made a mistake — he slipped up — he had an affair or whatever the heck he did — that’s one thing, and NO he doesn’t have to discuss it with every hack reporter who feels he or she is “entitled” because Tiger is a famous sports star.

He does need to square things with the wife and with his sponsors but his real fans don’t need an apology they need to see him tee off. Does Tiger really think that many of his loyal fans really care about his private life? Perhaps some do but those are the ones he doesn’t need — they’re not golf fans, they’re looking for a role model. Tiger Woods didn’t get where he is by being an angel or a role model — he got where he is by being one of the best golfers in the world.

Apparently Tiger either has some physical injury from the car crash . . . or he is being really dumb by skipping the “Chevron World Challenge” (aka: “Tiger’s Tournament”).

ESPN reports that:

“Proceeds from the event (Tiger’s Tournament) go to the Tiger Woods Foundation, which has a learning center in nearby Anaheim that has helped thousands of students. That concept has been a longtime dream of Woods and his late father, Earl, conceived nearly the moment Tiger turned pro in 1996.

But the charity is likely to take a hit this week, as Woods is at home in Florida, nursing the injuries — both literal and figurative — suffered in the one-car crash Friday that has made worldwide headlines.

You’ve probably all heard the joke about Mike the avid golfer:

“Mike was teeing up for a very difficult shot. At that moment a funeral procession went by. Mike stopped, stood still with his hat over his heart, and bowed his head. His golfing partner looked at him and said, “Mike, that was kind and decent of you to show such respect for the dead.

Mike replied, “Yes, we would have been married twenty-six years come tomorrow.”

That, to many sports fans, is more of a fantasy than it is a joke.