Wikileaks: A Destructive Force


It’s hard to know what to say about an organization like Wikileaks. On one hand, publishing classified information must certainly be illegal, but on the other hand, exposing illegal activity certainly shouldn’t be illegal; except, of course, when it puts people (the “good guys”) in danger.

Right now, Wikileaks, in the name of journalism, focuses on nothing; it is throwing everything out there into the public domain, everything from classified government documents to private messages sent between private parties.

Is this really “journalism”?

Perhaps in today’s wired world it can be considered at least “new journalism” but it must also be recognized as “dirty journalism,” journalism devoid of ethics or standards.

When it publishes, as it has, security procedures used at the United Nations and elsewhere, it potentially puts many people in danger in today’s terrorist infested world. When it publishes the tens of thousands of pager messages sent between friends and family on September 11, 2001, without permission from the parties involved, as it has, it steps way beyond any conceivable ethical journalistic standards.

Perhaps “junk journalism” would be the best descriptor.

Another consideration, and the one that concerns me the most, is the future of the Internet! The U.S. government is very upset! You can bet your 401K that the end result of Wikilinks will be new controls on the Internet, more government involvement in Internet operations and perhaps even laws that can punish bloggers (most of whom, who seem to consider themselves journalists) for what they publish in their blogs.

I’m talking about censorship (or whatever they’ll choose to call it); we’ve witnessed it recently: a determined administration will do whatever the hell it wants without regard to public opinion.

No, Wikileaks is certainly not a positive presence in either the world of journalism or the World Wide Web.

Certainly, just my opinion!

Behind the Mosque Rebellion


An article in the July 20th Christian Science Monitor discusses the open (and growing) hostility against Islamic mosques being built in New York, California and Tennessee and states that this “raises questions about the state of religious tolerance in post-9/11 America.”


Religious tolerance is not the issue here — this is plainly and simply a rebellion against Islam.

To the average American, until September 11th in 2001, Islam was considered just another strange religion and really not that strange, just different. Islamic mosques were just other kinds of churches and the attitude was: if it’s a church it can’t be all that bad.

Then 9-11 rolled around and everyone began getting educated about Islam; they learned that by American standards Islam is a brutal and uncivilized religion — something antithetical to the American way of life. Then the American people saw what was going on in Iraq and realized that these people thought nothing about killing large groups of people — their own people no less — all in the name of their religion.

Now, to the average American (hard-working, mostly religious people who only knew what they read in the daily paper and what they saw on TV news) these mosques that dotted the American landscape became more than churches, they became monuments to the evil they witnessed every day on TV and even suspected meeting places for these brutal mass murderers to plan another attack on America — perhaps right there in their own towns.

Then plans were announced for a mosque right next to the site we called “Ground Zero” and that slap on the face of the American people, and especially the people who lost loved ones and friends in the World Trade Center, began the rebellion in earnest.

No this mosque rebellion is not about our sudden lack of religious tolerance; its about our sudden lack of tolerance for this one religion — this strange, brutal, anti-American-values religion called Islam.

Border Security — Half the Battle


stopping the land grab

It took the brave, rebellious attitudes of one State governor and her state legislators to stare down the Washington Establishment and finally get them to stop dragging their feet on border security.

According to an Associated Press article on MSNBC’s website: on On August 1st, 1200 National Guard troops will be deployed to the US/Mexico border along with additional air support and new technologies. 524 Guardsmen will be deployed to patrol the Arizona border, 250 will go to Texas, 224 to California and the New Mexico border will get 72 guardsmen. Additionally 130 troops will be assigned to a “national liaison office” that we can assume will support any trouble spots by providing temporary additional troops.

The new air support will consist of six new aircraft and additionally, the Border Patrol will set up a facility in Tucson with 300 border patrol agents who have access to special vehicles and equipment that will assist the effort.

Too little, too late? Perhaps; but it’s something more than we have now.

And what of the other part of the illegal immigration problem; the 8 million illegal immigrants who are now employed in the United States while more than that number of legal citizens are unemployed? Is that an issue that the Obama administration is likely to address next?

Don’t hold your breath!

Racism in the Tea Party Movement?


The Cap Allegations of racism at the heart of the Tea Party Movement have been in the news lately: On Thursday of this week, the Kansas City Star posted a front-page article titled: Tea party rejects racist label, but concerns remain”. On the following day an opinion piece appeared in the New York Times asking the questions: “Are Tea Parties Racist? Is Al Qaeda?” These are just two of over 2000 hits you can find on a search of Google News.

On the surface, the rationale behind this speculation of Tea Party racism seems to be the fact (and it IS a fact) that some overtly racist people keep attending Tea Party rallys and they carry signs and wear t-shirts that are blatantly racist. The fact of the matter is, you will find that in the midst (or at least at the fringes) of ANY lawful assembly of hundreds of people there will be racists as well as other radicals and almost any other classification of individuals you might think of. Does that mean that the overriding purpose of the gathering is tainted or less than worthy? Of course not! It just means that we are a free society, social dynamics are at work amd the strength and purpose of the movement is greater than any one issue.

It’s also been suggested by some numbskulls that, since the tea party movement is almost automatically opposed to everything President Obama says or does and since the president is black, the Tea Party must be opposing him BECAUSE he’s black. That is, of course, even more ridiculous. Any American president, regardless of his race, who is as overtly Socialist as President Obama would be in for the same ridicule from the Tea Party Movement.

President Obama is so Liberal, so far out of the American mainstream, he is easily opposed by patriotic Americans who believe in the Constitution and in the principal of a “government BY the people.” The Tea Party Movement represents those people who believe that unless something is done to take away his power, Barack Obama will have done irreparable damage to the United States by 2012. The fact that some of those people are admittedly racist does nothing to change that overriding motivation or that scenario.

That Helpless Feeling


I used to enjoy reading about and writing about politics but the last year and a half has put my enthusiasm into a downward spiral.

I have developed a helpless feeling — a feeling that this country is going in the wrong direction and there isn’t a thing that can be done about it. It seems that whatever the president wants the president gets and when we’re talking about our current president — that scares the crap out of me. What he wants is change! Not change directed toward a better America — change directed at a different America — one that looks more like a European nation. If you think that is just Liberal Bashing you’re not paying attention.

I liked the America we had before our current president became our current president — that nation, under the inept leadership of George W. Bush, was certainly going downhill but at least you had a feeling that it wasn’t out of control and that the Constitution was still in place. I don’t have that feeling any more. The government has gotten enormous and has it’s “fingers” (and teeth) in every “American Pie”. The problems our current president “inherited” from his predecessor were absolutely miniscule compared to the problems he’s created for the American people.

In Plain English: The Liberal mentality that is driving our economy from Washington will only weaken and eventually destroy the American economy; our impotent foreign policy is every bit as bad as it was under every president since Ronald Regan, and our country has become a haven for “illegal inhabitants” from every country in the world but especially from our Southern neighbors.

Our government is gutless — it’s major thrust is to not get other countries mad at us; when we should be building our defenses, building our economy and reminding the world that we are a strong, sovereign nation; we are independent; and the worst thing any foreign power or any bunch or uncivilized terrorists can do is mess with us.

Do you have the guts to vote for Traditional Americans in November and vote out the quasi-Europeans who now hold power in Washington?