No free choice in South Dakota (without government consent)


According to Politics Daily, South Dakota’s Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard has signed a bill that requires women who want an abortion in the state of South Dakota to wait three days — three days, that is, after being forced to receive “counseling” from a doctor (probably a government appointed doctor) and from an anti-abortion counselor. If the woman cannot be successfully brain-washed in three days, she is then apparently free to receive an abortion.

Governor Daugaard, after signing the bill, made this statement:

“I think everyone agrees with the goal of reducing abortion by encouraging consideration of other alternatives. I hope that women who are considering an abortion will use this three-day period to make good choices.”

“Good choices?” Since when is the government responsible for directing or judging our choices when no law is being broken? Doesn’t that sound a little too Orwellian?

Regardless of what Governor Daugaard and the other religious conservatives in the South Dakota capital “think,” the fact, according to Sarah Stoesz, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood in South Dakota. is: the majority of the people in South Dakota don’t agree!

“The voters of South Dakota, by resounding margins at the ballot box, TWICE have told their legislators that the decision to have an abortion is between a woman, her family and her doctor and that government should not intrude on that decision,” Ms. Stoesz said.

I couldn’t agree more! Neither the government nor the church should have any control whatsoever over the decision of a free individual to carry a baby to term or to terminate the pregnancy.

The bottom line is: anti-abortion sentiment is fueled by the Christian Religious Right and over the past two decades the Religious Right’s hold on our governments, and therefore on our lives, has continually grown stronger.

On a personal level, religious beliefs are wonderful but when those beliefs are forced on people by government fiat you may soon find yourself immersed in a burgeoning Theocracy.

I’m sure that the governor of South Dakota “thinks” that he is doing the right thing by circumventing the stated will of the people, but then so has every tyrant, dictator and religious fanatic in history.

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