Democratic Socialism: The Grinch that’s stealing our spirit


“We as a nation, as a people, are suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome. It’s when you’re a hostage, when you’ve been kidnapped, and when your kidnappers show you a little bit of mercy, you’re grateful for it.”

Those are the words of Wisconson Sen. Ron Johnson at the recent Young America’s Foundation (YAF) Freedom Conference in Milwaukee. The Stockholm Syndrome he describes, however, is just a symptom of the plague that has been spreading across America under Democratic as well as Republican administrations since FDR’s ‘fix’ for the great depression was put into place.

That plague is the Democratic Socialism that has been growing since the 1930s and is now, under a president who’s constantly stated goal is to “level the playing field”, attempting to destroy America’s essence.

The core concept of Socialism is the abhorrence of private property (“property,” in this sense, refers not only to land and structures, it also refers to accumulated wealth); while pure Socialism advocates revolution as a means of “returning” property to the state or the community, Democratic Socialism advocates the same end but attempts to arrive at that end through the “evolution” possible in a democratic system rather than through the force and violence of revolution.

We have, for the last 3-1/2 years had a front-row seat as the Democratic administration and the administration’s drones in Congress (including many Republican drones) have attempted and, to some extent succeeded in taking giant steps toward the Socialist goal, i.e., the elimination of private property.

What is most bothersome is that far too many Americans are to ‘nearsighted’ to be able to comprehend that they are gradually losing their basic freedoms to a government that seeks to ‘enslave’ them.

Freedom to choose their own health insurance or to choose to ‘self-insure’, for example, may seem like minor inconveniences to some who either don’t want to bother or are unable to see that the government has taken a big step into an area of our lives where they don’t belong. According to our president, however, it’s all for the “greater good” it just “levels the playing field.”

America was built on rugged individualism, on the backs of entrepreneurs who were willing to risk their time and money in the hopes of building a business and reaping the rewards if that risk succeeded. According to our president (and his drones) that’s just not fair! Whatever profit that entrepreneur makes is, in their estimation, obscene and should be subject to confiscation and “redistribution.” If this kind of ‘for profit behavior’ is allowed to persist the president’s ‘playing field’ will be never be level. Some people will be successful and others will be unsuccessful and have less money — the Socialist mindset cannot comprehend that and will not tolerate it.

If all of this seems to you to be a grand exaggeration — a scare tactic — then I feel just a little sorry for you — but I feel very sorry for the United States of America if your’s happens to be the deciding vote in November.


Socialism at

What is Democratic Socialism?

Americans ‘Suffering From Stockholm Syndrome’ As Hostages Of Big Gov’t, Senator Says At YAF Freedom Conference:

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