The Lessons of the Cheney Family


Former Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife Lynne are unquestionably politically and economically Conservative but they obviously have not drunk the poison that is known as Social Conservatism. Evidence of this is their attitude toward their daughter Mary Cheney. Mary is gay, she was, to quote a rather well known pop song, “born that way.” Since then, she was never forced to hide ‘in a closet’, she attended, along with her life-partner Heather Poe, White House functions (as pictured in the below referenced news article) and has always been supported by loving parents.

On Friday, Dick and Lynne Cheney proudly supported the Washington-D.C. marriage of their daughter Mary to her long-time partner Heather Poe. Mary and Heather have been in a committed relationship for many years; during that relationship, Mary has given birth to two children, a now 5-year old son and a now 3-year old daughter.

Mary and Heather have never used their relationship as a political statement and have no intention of doing that now but the fact of their marriage and the fact that they are both Conservative women should send a message to all the Conservatives out there who wrongly feel that being Conservative is an all or nothing proposition.

That they have not bought into that ‘all or nothing’ philosophy is what makes the Cheneys different from the majority of those who identify themselves with a political label.

The “traditional” Social-Conservative positions on gay rights and woman’s abortion rights rely on biblical inhibitions and traditions that are thousands of years old and should rightly be enshrined in cobwebs rather than in public policy.

Tradition, like a fist, is fine until it threatens the integrity of an innocent party.

The lesson taught by the Cheneys is simply this: Being a Conservative or a Liberal should not equate to mind control; your decisions and actions — your very humanity — depends on your free mind and your free will not on a convenient label. Thorny issues such as gay rights and a woman’s right to absolute control of her reproductive system have not been decided for you unless you are satisfied with surrendering your free mind to an institution.


CNS News: Former VP Cheney’s daughter marries partner

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