So much static! It’s hard to hear the Republican message.


“President Obama, bless his heart, has tried to substitute government for free people, and it has not worked, and it’ll never work.” Mitt Romney

That’s it! That’s the message that America-loving patriots have been trying to get you to hear since this election cycle began.

In war time when a plane had a “heat seeking” missile locked onto it’s exhaust, the most common countermeasure was to release a decoy (a pyrotechnic device) that created more heat than the plane’s exhaust and then quickly change course. This tactic would confuse the missile — the missile, designed to track the hottest thing in it’s path, would go after the decoy.

That last descriptive paragraph may seem rather obscure but think about it in relation to the current election season: the plane represents President Obama’s record as president; the missile represents the Republican message — the message President Obama is afraid to have the American public understand — the message that, once understood, will “shoot down” his presidency; the decoys are the Obama campaign’s attempts to deflect public awareness of the message.

The message, once again, is: “trying to substitute government for a free people has never worked and will never work.

Here come the decoys!

— Romney needs to release more and more tax returns!
— The Republican party is the enemy of all women!
— Congressman Todd Akin’s views are vile and subscribed to by the entire Republican party!
— The Romney/Ryan Medicare policies will make the Medicare System fail faster and harm current retirees!

Even though these Democratic decoys (and many others) are a combination of nonsense, exaggeration and outright lies they have served their purpose well by distracting the public’s attention — with the invaluable assistance of the main-stream, Obama-supporting media — away from Obama’s failures and away from the public’s awareness that Obama’s publicly stated mission is not to save and strengthen America, it is to “remake America.”

Remake America into what, you may ask? The answer is clear, President Obama wants us to become addicted to European-style Socialism; once we become “junkies”, addicted to government handouts, people will not rule the state, the people will feel (and be) dependent on the generosity of the state.

One caveat: Trying to substitute government for a free people has never worked and will never work, unless we allow it to happen.


Bloomberg: Obama Shifts From Medicare to Focus on Younger Voters

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