The Annual Christmas Brawl


An article published Wednesday titled: Bill O’Reilly tells David Silverman: Christianity is not a religion is kind of a centerpiece for the annual Christian/Atheist media cage match.

As usual, there are atheists screaming that by making Christmas a National Holiday the government is “establishing” Christianity as our National Religion. The First Amendment to our Constitution expressly prohibits “the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion” but there is a great and continuing debate over the exact meaning of that particular phrase.

If it means, as the atheists claim, that the United States is prohibited from adopting an existing religion as a de facto national religion, the atheists are right. Hasn’t Christianity become our, at least unofficial, National Religion?

If, however, that phrase in the First Amendment is taken literally, i.e., the United States Congress cannot draft and pass a law that makes Christianity (or any other religion) the official religion of the United States, the atheists are wrong. There has been is no such law passed by Congress.

According to the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, 78.4% of all adults in the United States claim Christianity as their basic faith. I’d say that’s a majority and in a Democracy, the majority rules. No, that’s not just a trite phrase, in the United States that phrase means something — it is the basis of our entire election system. So if the Pew Forum results are accurate, one would have to assume that a national election on the question “If we adopt a National Religion which religion should be our National Religion”; it’s pretty certain that Christianity would win. Something like that is, of course, what the atheists may ultimately fear but it’s safe to say it will never happen.

That said, the atheists should not worry about national holidays and start concerning themselves with the influence of religion on the United States Congress. There are continuing pressures by Congress to ban abortion and gay marriage. These pressures are not brought about by Constitutional issues, they are clearly initiated by Senators and Representatives who are misusing their powers by allowing their own religious beliefs to interfere with their sworn oaths to “support the Constitution of the United States.” The Constitution does not suggest discrimination against same-gender marriages nor does allow the government to interfere with a doctor/patient decision to abort. Those are both religious prohibitions, so while the majority may not be protesting against the Christmas Holiday it certainly should be protesting Congressional Misfeasance; and the American Atheists, or a similar group, should be leading that charge.

Back to Bill O’Reilly

During his latest debate with David Silverman, the president of American Atheists, Bill O’Reilly made the incredible statement (incredible for a person who flaunts his Christian faith and believes in the power of words) that “Christianity is not a religion but merely a philosophy.” The ‘word-meister’ O’Reilly apparently made a misstatement and he will either admit that and correct it on his TV show or he will discredit himself further by arguing that he was right.

Every dictionary definition of Christianity, including the the Catholic Encyclopedia, defines Christianity as a religion, i.e., “a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies.”

Sick of the Conservative B.S.


In the November 12th edition of The American Thinker Magazine, a hard-line Conservative publication, the very first line in the article titled It Is Not Too Early for Conservatives… reads:

“The Republican Party lost the 2012 election while conservatives watched from the sidelines.”

Essentially, that is a clear admission that Conservatives in the Republican party made the choice to give the country four more years of the socialist-leaning Liberal, Barack Obama, rather than vote for a candidate that they felt was not “Conservative enough”. Like spoiled grade schoolers, they took their “ball” and went home rather than allow their team to win.

Although Conservatives are now suggesting that the Republican Party is not really “their team” they should perhaps take their heads out of the sand and get a firm grip on the fact that a moderate Republican President would have been a whole lot better for America than the Liberal Democratic President is — or will be for the next four years. Now, however, it may be too late for Conservatives to start thinking about America’s future, rather than their own.

That’s it!

That’s all there is to say: You should blame the hard-line Conservatives, and especially the “Social Conservatives” (which is just a politically correct way of saying “Christian Conservatives”) for what is about to happen to you and all of us in 2013 and beyond! With a moderate Republican in the presidency it would still have been a “hard knock life” for sure but there would still have been a ray of hope for a bright future.

Pessimism on the National and International Fronts


The national and world “News” during this past two weeks can be summed up in a couple compound sentences:

The Republicans lost and are trying to justify it while the Obama administration sees their win as a mandate to complete the economic devastation they began during their first four years.

The Israelis are defending themselves against an Arab world that continues to deny their right to defend themselves (or even their right to exist) and Iran continues to develop nuclear weapons while the world is distracted by this Israel/Palestine conflict.

I’m not a prophet but I don’t have to be to see that the United States and the world are in very bad shape today and it will get much worse.

Obama may find a way to ‘bridge’ the “fiscal cliff” for a year or two but it eventually must be dealt with and the most expedient way to do that is to drastically reduce the reach and size of the Federal Government. Can you see that happening during a second Obama administration? I certainly can’t!

On the international front, I’ve implied here that the war Palestine started with Israel is just a planned distraction that is being financed by Iran to take the world’s attention away from their nuclear ambitions. That is admittedly just an assumption but it seems to be working that way. Of course, on a positive note, the Israelis are smart and they still may be keeping a close eye on Iran; the negative aspect however can’t be dismissed by sheer optimism. This ever escalating border conflict is certainly sapping Israeli resources and in the end all they can hope to depend on is aide and support from their ally but . . . since that ally is the ‘United States of Obama’, they might be out of luck.

My parents never taught me the rule about not saying anything if you don’t have anything good to say — I think I learned that from a Salvation Army Major at a bus stop. I do, however, like to be optimistic when there is justification (or at least room for wishful thinking) so let me end with some hopeful optimism on the domestic front.

The Republican party is engaged in a post-election civil war of sorts right now and I hope that by the 2014 midterms they will have arrived at several basic understandings:

1) The truth, when spoken by an unlikable person, might as well not be spoken.

2) The Bible is a religious document and not a set of societal rules in a Democracy. A “Christian” legislator is not only working for other Christians, he/she is working for ALL his/her constituents; which leads to understandings 3 and 4:

3) Republicans appeared (and, in fact were) hypocritical by denouncing Obamacare for allowing the government to get between a person and his/her doctor while advocating interference between a pregnant woman and her doctor.

4) The LGBT community has as many rights under the Constitution as the Catholic Church.

I have been preaching this common sense stuff since 2006 when I began this blog and still, 323 posts later, I haven’t found any reason to significantly change my views.

Perception defeats reality


This post is from a Herman Cain Newsletter and it delivers a unique take on why Obama won the election — the insight is derived from a conversation between Herman Cain and his driver while on vacation in the Bahamas:

Perception defeats reality

By HERMAN CAIN – Ask a Bahamian driver if you don’t believe me.

Perception won on Election Day. We get that.

But I did not realize how effective the Obama and Democrat talking points were until my wife and I were riding to the airport in the Bahamas last Saturday after a much needed week of vacation.

Alfred, our driver, struck up a conversation about the recent presidential election, and recited the Obama talking points almost verbatim as to why he thought Obama won. And he was not even eligible to vote.

Alfred’s observations were the following:

● Obama inherited a bigger economic crisis than most people thought.

● The U.S. economy is recovering, but Obama needs more time.

● Obama cares more for the common man than Romney.

Those are the sound bites that Obama and the Democrats repeated over and over whether they were true are not, and people who can’t even vote believed it.

Alfred did not bring up the Benghazi coverup, the high unemployment rate, the anemic GDP growth rate, much higher gasoline prices, the Fast and Furious debacle or the coming job losses that will be the consequences of Obamacare.

Alfred was another example of how perception beat out reality. Now, the impact of the aforementioned issues will painfully unfold in the eyes of those who did not want to open their eyes to the facts. And yes, the mainstream media was an overt part of this historic presidential perception campaign.

What troubles me most about the Obama re-election is the unnecessary economic suffering and job loss that will happen over the next four years, due to ineffective tax policy and new regulatory burdens on businesses and families.

I did not try to argue Alfred’s perceptions, because I was relaxed from vacation and I wanted to stay that way for at least a few days more. But I did make one important observation that he acknowledged.

He asked if the Republicans would continue to stop Obama from doing what he wants to do. I said that if it is the wrong thing to do they should and they will.

Alfred said that makes sense. So he was not ready to blame accept Obama’s claim that Republican obstructionism is to blame for all of Obama’s failures.

As we arrived at the airport, Alfred commented that he respected me for, so to speak, calling a spade a spade. Alfred is a proud Bahamian Black man, so his comment wasn’t taken as being about skin color. And then we agreed, it is about “green” – economics.

Despite the growing la-la land of perception here in the USA, reality will eventually prevail – very painfully. Watch the facts unfold.

The Best You Can Do for the Country


An article in “CNN Politics”: Obama: Republican criticism of Rice ‘outrageous’ highlights the fact that certain politicians are still, after the race was lost, acting like politicians and not like the ‘statesmen’ they are supposed to be. Republican Senators Graham and McCain are threatening to block the nomination of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice if the president nominates her for Secretary of State in his second term.

It’s easy to understand that they are ‘P.O.ed’ at the president because the Republican’s “easy” victory against Obama and their high hopes of gaining control of the Senate did not pan out but, on the other hand, it’s hard to understand how anyone can seriously blame a U.N. Ambassador for saying what she was obviously told to say. Both Senators McCain and Lindsey are no doubt true patriots but there is nothing noble or patriotic about ignoring reality and continuing to fight a ‘war’ over the president’s lies after he has all but admitted he was wrong and that Ambassador Rice was doing no more than her job . . . spewing the administration’s talking points.

In the above article the president is quoted as saying: “If Senator McCain and Senator Graham and others want to go after someone they should go after me.” He’s absolutely right! President Obama has proved that he was willing to lie about terrorism just to score political points with the electorate; it also turns out he was willing to lie (by omission) about the evolving scandal with General Petraeus for the same reason. Yes Republicans, clear thinking Democrats, independents and all Americans should “go after” President Obama for all of his lies and omissions but we had better keep in mind that this nation has more serious problems and trying to ‘score political points’ by nit-picking things like his cabinet selections, his intentional misstatements and other things that have since ‘washed under the bridge’ is a serious waste of time.

What is NOT a waste of time is blocking every piece of anti-free market and anti-business legislation that anyone (Republican or Democrat) tries to pass — that is Job Number one, and if it takes all four years of his second term to get our economy restarted it will be well worth the time and effort.

The bottom line is: the election is over, Obama won, Republican’s have two choices: either impeach the president (and see if VP Biden is any better) or set politics aside and work with Obama to do the best they can do for the country — not for the party, for the country.

Robin Hood Was a Bad Guy Mr. Obama!


In President Obama’s first news conference since re-election, he made it very clear that he still doesn’t understand that the key to getting our country out of it’s economic ‘ditch’ is JOBSlots of job opportunities! That’s number 1 and it’s imperative. People who are back to work will not only enrich themselves they will enrich the economy through more spending and less need for government services and they will increase government revenue by paying taxes.

Lowering taxes for the typical middle income earner will not create even one job, raising taxes on upper income earners will not create even one job and may, in fact, cause many upper income people to leave the country (and take their job opportunities with them) for a place with fair taxes and a government that understands that Robin Hood was a bad guy, not a hero!

Unless President Obama starts listening to people who understand economics (which he obviously doesn’t) he will take this country down.

Level playing fields are nice to think about but in a situation like the United States now faces (a situation made twice as critical by Obama’s incompetence over his first term in office), there is no room in a president’s domestic policy to worry about anything but unleashing the private sector (lower taxes and no unnecessary regulations) and encouraging it to do what it does best: create more products, more services and more demand and then create more jobs to meet the needs of their growing businesses.

Dear Mr. Obama


This is an open letter to Mr. Obama (the title “President” is intentionally omitted). I did not write this letter, it was written by my brother as a way to vent his frustration with the rejection of America and the disregard for our security that was expressed by the majority of voters in the wake of four years of the Obama administration. I do, however, share the majority of his sentiments.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dear Mr. President,

Well you’ve done it! You are the president for 4 more years of what is, for now anyway, the most powerful nation on earth. I’ll bet you can’t believe it either. You know you were only elected on the basis of your appearance and personal affability. Regardless, insincere congratulations are in order: you have achieved your goal of dividing our nation by race and class.

Blacks, Hispanics and the unemployed are now officially titled the underclass; poverty, food stamps and unemployability are your endowments toward their future.

Obamacare can’t be stopped now so socialized medicine is here — those of us who work will pay for it all, as will as our children and grandchildren.

You get 4 more years of social decline: gay marriage, abortion, legalized drugs, marginalization of religions, bigger and more oppressive government a withered military and the Muslim Brotherhood everywhere.

How does the Muslim Brotherhood see you Mr. Obama? As a sympathizer? As an ally? Certainly not as an adversary.

You had better get busy trying to do something with our second amendment. America will never be spelled with a K.

Steve Grund

American citizen
U.S. Air Force Retired