Robin Hood Was a Bad Guy Mr. Obama!


In President Obama’s first news conference since re-election, he made it very clear that he still doesn’t understand that the key to getting our country out of it’s economic ‘ditch’ is JOBSlots of job opportunities! That’s number 1 and it’s imperative. People who are back to work will not only enrich themselves they will enrich the economy through more spending and less need for government services and they will increase government revenue by paying taxes.

Lowering taxes for the typical middle income earner will not create even one job, raising taxes on upper income earners will not create even one job and may, in fact, cause many upper income people to leave the country (and take their job opportunities with them) for a place with fair taxes and a government that understands that Robin Hood was a bad guy, not a hero!

Unless President Obama starts listening to people who understand economics (which he obviously doesn’t) he will take this country down.

Level playing fields are nice to think about but in a situation like the United States now faces (a situation made twice as critical by Obama’s incompetence over his first term in office), there is no room in a president’s domestic policy to worry about anything but unleashing the private sector (lower taxes and no unnecessary regulations) and encouraging it to do what it does best: create more products, more services and more demand and then create more jobs to meet the needs of their growing businesses.

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