The Advent of Obamaism


It’s January of 2009: the National Debt as a percentage of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is at record levels, the economy is crumbling, the unemployment roles are burgeoning and a new president is in office. He’s charismatic, charming, well spoken and he is in every sense ‘America’s Great Hope’ for survival. The national problems are not his fault but he was elected on the assumption (as we would assume of any president) that he would do his best to correct these problems.

So, does he do his best to get spending and borrowing under control? Does he do his best to get the economy running at ‘full steam?’ Does he understand and accept that there is an immutable link between a healthy economy and low unemployment? The answer is NO on all counts.

So what does America’s Great Hope do? He plays politics and continues the mindset of his former civilian role as an Alinsky-trained Community Organizer. He dropped lots of hints when he was running for the office but no one chose to see past their hard feelings for the Bush administration. What the gullible public did not understand when they elected him is that he detests America as it is, has no respect for the Constitution and wants government to control of every important aspect of American’s lives.

Granted, that’s a hefty accusation but look at his actions and judge for yourselves:

In the face of near economic disaster, this new president’s initial focus is on revamping the best medical care system the world has ever seen, a system that refuses medical care to no one; revamping it until it is so complex that not even doctors fully understand what they can and can’t do without running afoul of the over 50 thousand pages of new rules that were put in place to control them and the medical insurance companies. It’s a plan to cripple the system and it is working. It’s a plan to increase government spending and control, not reduce it; it’s done that as well!

Then, rather than trying to help business, this new president attempts to put new taxes on business in the form of a carbon tax — something that not even the visionary Ayn Rand had considered as a ploy for her fictional, failing American government.

He then raises income taxes specifically on the “rich” as if he doesn’t understand even the most basic principles of the American economy. Perhaps he doesn’t, or more likely, he doesn’t want to. His approach to the economy is not only eerily similar to Marx’s, it is identical: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!”

The president KNOWS his history, he knows that Marxism, Communism and Socialism are all failed systems of government and that is why he is following Marx’s path to failure, with an evil twist: he wants our free market system to fail so the government (not the common worker) can, eventually, gain control of the “means of production.” That is obviously a long-range plan but if he starts the ‘ball rolling’ and sets the right precedents, future liberals can grab that ball and start running with it making him the founder of a new system of government: “Obamaism.”

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