An article published in the University of Wisconsin student newspaper “The Badger Herald” is headlined: “Paul Ryan: GOP must stay strong against abortion”.

In response to that, this blog post is simply titled: “WHY?

To begin with, the Badger article illuminates the immature logic of the anti-abortion crowd with statements like Paul Ryan’s statement: “pro-life advocates need to win over pro-choice supporters and key legislators by finding common areas where they can both agree.”

It is absolutely laughable to suggest that there is room for compromise on either side. Pro-choice supporters stand under one banner, the one that reads: “abortion is a choice that must be freely made ONLY by the woman who is carrying the unborn baby.” Pro-Life supporters, on the other hand, stand under the banner that reads: “The choice to give birth should NOT rest in the hands of the woman who is carrying the unborn baby. She has no choice!” The pro-life stance not only does not make sense, it ignores the fact that this is America and not a dictatorship or a theocracy. We have free choice, especially when it comes to our own bodies. Granted we are rapidly loosing that free choice thanks to the current crop of numskulls who daily gamble our futures in Washington D.C., but we must cling to the hope that that will change for the better.

Intelligent people understand that most people were brought up under the influence of a religion, that religions tend to be very dictatorial and religions tend to ‘forbid’ certain things. Some people however grow up and realize that free-choice in America also means freedom from religious dictates. Others refuse to embrace the free choice granted to them by the Constitution and would rather have the church make their difficult life decisions. Neither way is wrong! Everyone needs to make their own choices, but the fact is, ‘one size fits all’ only works in the garment industry and never works for people with free minds who would rather make their own life decisions.

I guess if Paul Ryan were to be totally honest (not that a politician can afford to be totally honest if he or she wants to keep his or her job) his answer to my “WHY?” would be simply ‘because I believe abortion is wrong’. To be totally honest, he would have to admit that his religious upbringing has made it impossible for him to think for himself about this (or possibly about many of life’s other difficult issues).

It would be a gargantuan task to convince people in Federal office that no one voted to put the fate of the human race in THEIR hands, we voted to put the security and sovereignty of the United States in their hands. It would be a gargantuan task but well worth the effort.

If any intelligent person is looking for moral guidance, moral clarity or a moral authority, I truly believe that the LAST place they will look is in the halls of Congress.

Another Shooting That Could Have Been Stopped Before Anyone Got Hurt


USA Today reports another school related shooting today at approx. 2 pm (EST) in Christiansburg, VA.:

“The shooting happened (today, Friday, April 12, 2013) in a community college branch at the New River Valley Mall, not far from Virginia Tech. An 18-year-old community college student was charged with wounding two women with a shotgun at a mall branch of the school in southwestern Virginia Friday afternoon.”

Note that this shooter did not use a semi-automatic weapon, he used a completely legal shotgun.

One particular sentence in the USA Today story caught my attention:

“A man using a public computer in the mall told ‘The Roanoke Times’ that he saw the a man with a gun walk into the college lobby and point his weapon at a woman. He ran and did not see the shooting.”

If this witness, or some other person who saw this kid carry a shotgun into the mall, was trained to carry and use a weapon, he would more than likely not have run and allowed what could have been another mass shooting to continue. The shooting could have been averted.

Therein is the basic message that the NRA and other 2nd Amendment groups are attempting to relay to the media, the government and the public: ‘more guns in the trained hands of normal citizens = fewer innocent lives lost or put in jeopardy.’

In this case no one was killed and the shooter surrendered immediately to the first uniforms on site (Mall security officers) but it could have turned out a lot differently. Hypothetically, if this particular shooter had been confronted in the mall parking lot or in the mall itself by a legally armed and trained citizen, before he got to the college office, he may have laid down his gun and saved two innocent college employees the pain and expense of being shot and hospitalized. Had this unstable young man not laid down his weapon when confronted by a legally armed and trained citizen he may have been justifiably wounded or killed with no innocent lives jeopardized.

Most states (with the sad exception of Illinois (also Washington D.C.)) have some form of licensing procedure that would allow willing and stable adults to carry a concealed weapon but instead of encouraging this and focusing on the innocent lives this could save, the media and the gun grabbers are focusing on regulations that will deter responsible gun ownership. Their misguided theory is that legal gun ownership by people who have proven themselves to be responsible citizens and who are willing to help law enforcement stop criminals, is inherently dangerous and even reckless. All this attitude is doing (and has done) is to make criminals and other unstable people feel safer and to embolden them.

Ironically, Illinois, the one state that allows virtually NO citizens to carry guns, is one of the highest crime states in the country. Wonder why?