Serious About Syria


SyriaI firmly believe, and have long retained this belief, that the United States needs to stop interfering in other country’s internal affairs, including civil wars, and especially in the Middle East. I believe that to keep United States citizens safe we should make the United States as invincible as possible and make sure that we are feared and respected by those countries who refuse to be our allies and by countries, individuals and groups who wish us harm. We should support our allies and encourage others who have similar value systems to become our allies.

That said, I know that the United States is about to “strike” Syria and I think we all know the reason. Our President put his foot in the all of our mouths by promising action if Chemical weapons were used in Syria and now that the “red line” has been crossed it’s put the United States in a position where our ‘reputation’ is on the line.

Reputation (or “face” as it’s called in some parts of the world) is a concept that is only used by the weak and insecure. The United States should never have to worry about how others see us, we are, by every measure, the “elephant in the room.” If any country thinks it can strike a fatal blow against the United States, it’s leaders are deluding themselves and putting their population in a very dangerous place.

According to a USA Today article/ from Tuesday: “The expected U.S. missile strike against Syria will be aimed at forces linked to chemical weapons as well as broader military targets”. If we have to go into Syria, that seems to be the best way to do it. We are apparently not going to attempt to effect a regime change in Syria, to do that would be a dangerous gamble because the next regime could be worse than the current one (like what happened when we forced Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi off the Peacock Throne in 1979). Nor are we planning on putting “boots on the ground” in Syria. Let countries handle their own regime changes and let those local warriors who remain alive, live with any unintended consequences.

U.S. military “assets” are already in place and whatever we do we will do it soon!

Some of the media are making a big deal about President Obama not asking for consent from the Congress before the attack on Syria. According to the Constitution, the U.S. cannot “declare war” without the consent of Congress but this is not a declaration of war, this action is intended as a public “spanking” of Syrian President Assad. Threats have been made of retaliation against Israel if the U.S. attacks Syria. If that happens Israel will quickly retaliate and they won’t be nice about it; Israel will of course expect U.S. support if attacked and the U.S. is committed to defending it’s ally against a military attack from another Middle Eastern country or even from a certain “Bear” in eastern Europe.

It’s America In 2013, Not 1963!


MLKThere’s lots of talk at about this time every year of racism because this is the time every year when every media organization, every black organization (NAACP, Urban League, CORE, the Congressional Black Caucus. etc., etc.) and every Liberal agitator in and out of the public spotlight drags out a copy of Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech.

Martin Luther King was indeed a great leader for black Americans and was a brilliant orator who stated the problem eloquently. The problem is, that is a 50 year old speech that addresses a different problem than the black community has today.

Today, yes there is still racism, but the great percentage of racism is harbored by the black community because the general perception of American white racism is dated and inaccurate and is promoted by race baiters, like those in the black organizations who are supposed to help the black community of Americans “move forward” and improve their situation. Regurgitating an aging speech every year that talks about the trials and tribulations of black Americans in the year 1963 is not only unproductive but it is counter productive and it ignites the fear and hatred that fuels more racism. Listening to your community leaders who speak of those 1963 problems without emphasizing how far America has come from those days will poison your soul and keep you “down”. Is that what many black “public figures” want? Do they want to keep the black community “down” so they can keep themselves in the public spotlight as crusaders against a racism that long ago diminished to the point of ineffectiveness?

Martin Luther King was dreaming of freedom and opportunity and that dream has been realized. If black Americans in 2013 do not feel free it is because they are being encouraged to believe that 2013 is just a carbon copy of 1963 and nothing can be farther from the truth. There are abundant opportunities for every young black American to get a superior education . . . if they prepare themselves for higher education . . . and get a great job . . . if they complete their education. Unfortunately, preparing yourself to succeed when the black leaders you look up to are telling you that you are oppressed is a daunting task.

Young black American needs to stop listening to the depressing pessimism that is promoted by those people who make their living by keeping up the lie of rampant racism. Every young black American needs to realize that the reason black unemployment is twice that of white unemployment is NOT white racism, the reason is lack of education and the reason for that lack of education is, in most cases, a lack of motivation. The more that black leaders promote a feeling of hopelessness in the black community the more school-aged children will pick up on that. Consciously or unconsciously they will ask themselves: “What’s the point of studying hard if I’ll never be given an opportunity to succeed?”

Yes there are and there always will be racists because there will always be stupid, backward looking people who see another person’s color and see stereotypes rather than seeing them as individuals.

The good news:

The laws and the attitudes in 2013 are very far different than they were in 1963.

There are far, far fewer of those ignorant racists in business, politics and industry than there were in 1963.

The high school/college dropout rate for both whites and blacks is lower than it has ever been.

The ultimate proofs that this is no longer a white-racist society are our twice-elected black president and the fact that some of the richest people in America are black.

As MLK himself said: “You have to keep moving forward” if he had envisioned the stumbling blocks placed in the path of black Americans by their leaders, he might have added that ‘you must remain optimistic.’


Free Republic: March on Washington 2013 More Liberal Distortion

‘Loki’ in the White House


LokiWhat the Hell is happening to the Republican Party, the party that formerly supported “fundamental freedoms” like a free market, personal freedom and freedom of the press?

That’s a rhetorical question! We all know what happened. Loki, disguised as a black Chicagoan, stepped out of Norse mythology to “trick” and lie his way into the U.S. presidency in 2008. Republican’s panicked and employed their normal tactics as they would against a normal man, not understanding that Loki is a god, a “trickster god who survives by being “malevolent, cunning, magical, and, above all else, eloquent.”

Then, in 2012, when Loki was again elected into the office of U. S. President by his minions, Republicans lost it all together. Now they are ready to deny the things that made them great to get rid of this evil presence. That’s completely understandable, they understand that you have to fight fire with fire. Let’s give up, for instance, trying to make arguments that convince the American public that Republicans are right by trying to gag the media, who consistently tells the public that Republicans are wrong. Lets boycott the media that supports and lies for President Loki and deny their reporters the chance to question and misrepresent everything Republican say in the future Republican debates. That’s the Ticket! Or is it?

I guess that the Republican’s have given up traveling the honorable path because Loki is continually outsmarting them by planting false ‘Detour’ signs and they assume that the American public is so gullible that they can see neither the true path or the true presence in the White House.

If they study their Norse mythology they will find out that when the mythological Loki overstepped the bounds of decency by causing the death of a truly good man, he was bound to a jagged cliff until world’s end. Once again, Loki’s incarnation is in the process of overstepping his bounds — in too many ways to count.

Republicans should not give up because Loki can be defeated by a good man who is seen by the masses as a fair man, an optimist and a truth teller, one who they believe can rescue our country from it’s downward spiral and once again assign Loki to a place where he will not be a bother; someplace like a presidential estate in the middle of a sugar cane field in the Hawaiian Islands.

The only problem with this happy scenario is the fact that right now most Republicans are so mired down in Social Conservatism that only a few of them can see the greatness of the past and the lies of their current path.

A Tennessee Judge Proves Herself to be Incompetent


Legal SystemJaleesa Martin, of Newport, Tenn. named her child Messiah when he was born — it may seem like an odd name for a baby but actually, according to this ABC News Story Messiah is “the fourth fastest rising name for boys over a one-year period; that’s according to the Social Security Administration.”

Ms. Martin recently went to court to have a legal decision on paternity and have the judge change Messiah’s last name to match her own last name.

When Ms. Martin and Messiah appeared in court she had the bad luck to be assigned to the courtroom of Child Support Magistrate Lu Ann Ballew; one of the many judges around the country who will ignore the law in favor of their own personal beliefs. Judge Ballew decided, quite without legal precedent, that Messiah’s FIRST name needed to be changed because, as she put it: “The word Messiah is a title and it’s a title that has only been earned by one person and that one person is Jesus Christ.”

Judges, of course, can make whatever rulings they feel appropriate as long as their decisions are based on laws or legal precedents — Judge Ballew’s decision to change a child’s GIVEN name however was not based law, it was based on her religious beliefs and her personal arrogance.

Judges, like State and Federal legislators have no business inserting their personal or especially their religious beliefs into their decisions, mainly because there is no law and, as long as this remains a relatively “free” country there will never be a law, that makes the American public subservient to any religion or any church and certainly not subservient to a radical judge’s ruling.

The baby Messiah is now legally named ‘Martin DeShawn McCullough’ and, as Judge Ballew arrogantly told the news media, “at this point he has no choice in what his name is.” Hopefully that situation won’t last for long. Ms. Martin is planning on appealing Judge Ballew’s decision and, if there is really any justice left in the State of Tennessee, not only will the ruling be reversed but Judge Ballew will be, and should be, immediately removed from the bench before a Spanish man or woman appears before her with their child named ‘Jesus” and she further embarrasses the State of Tennessee’s Judicial System.