Several Points About Syria


Syria warSecretary Kerry is insisting that firing who knows how many missiles at Syria with the objective of punishing the president of that sovereign country and tipping the balance of power in a country that is in the middle of a civil war, is NOT an act of war and that turning that country over to some form of radical Muslim Brotherhood is not a likely outcome.

Common sense tells us that that is a bold-faced lie!

Attacking a sovereign country with missiles, for any reason other than eradicating a ‘clear and present danger’ to your country IS an inexcusable act of war in anyone’s play book and handing Assad’s regime over to one of the many Muslim factions opposing Assad (in the end it will be the one faction that is the most vicious and most well armed by Iraq) under those circumstances, is an act of insanity!

We’re about to see, next week, if our Congress can escape the notion that they are the world’s elected ‘moral warriors’ and if they are able to open their collective mind up to concepts that are the products of rational judgment, i.e., an ‘America First’ ethos and the now almost obsolete idea that the Congress is only sanctioned to vote the will of the people they represent.

One can’t really blame Kerry for his lies since he is now a virtual puppet with Obama’s hand up the back of his shirt, moving his mouth. Secretary of State Kerry’s unfortunate lack of character and honesty aside, we have never have been able to believe the majority of what has been touted as fact from Barack Obama or his minions; he has never has been totally honest and open with the American public and there is no reason to believe he will ever change. He has, in act after act during his administration, shown that he does not believe in the very principles that once made this country the richest and greatest bastion of freedom in the world. He has also, not unexpectedly, proved to be an overt Muslim sympathizer; he was, after all born and raised as a Muslim.

If the use of Chemical Weapons is an International crime and if the International community refuses to do anything about it, why is it supposedly the United States’ mission to punish the ‘wicked’ all by ourselves? That’s stupid and dangerous. Enforcing the chemical weapons ban ( which, incidentally, Syria never signed onto) is a job for the United Nations not any one individual nation. Right now there should be several battalions of ‘blue helmeted’ U.N. troops engaging Assad, as well as Hezbolah and Al Queda, dismantling Syrian Chemical Weapons storage facilities. That, however, has not happened and will never happen because the United Nations, as it is now, is as ineffectual as a day care Center.

Obama’s and Kerry’s assurances aside, there is a very large possibility that an American attack will ignite a larger conflict (involving the United States). This is not according to me, this is according to the Russian, Chinese and Syrian governments. Syria has, in fact, promised that it will fight back even if it leads to WW III.

It’s obvious to me and many others that Obama has an ulterior motive in Syria — he wants radicalized Muslims in control. Ever since Obama has been in office he has been kissing the rear ends of Muslims. That’s where his real sympathy lies. That’s one key reason that he is willing to commit America’s military might to the objective of destabilizing the Assad regime.

We really must stop playing “policeman to the world” right NOW! If some atrocity occurs in some uncivilized corner of the world and it is NOT a “Clear and Present Danger” to America or Americans, we just have to chalk it up to the fact that different people believe and act in different ways, believe in different gods and act according to THEIR beliefs (not OURS).

On the other hand, if an action by ANY government DOES present a clear and present danger to the U.S., we must act boldly, rapidly and without seeking the consent of any other country or body to eliminate that danger. That is the only action that rogue/uncivilized countries will respect.

As I’ve said before, the United States must be feared by it’s enemies if it is to survive.

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