If you can’t Beat Clive Bundy, play the Race Card


Liberal media may be despicable . . . but it’s not dumb!

(Note to the Liberal Media: Most Americans are not dumb either!)

Cliven Bundy is an example what happens in the ultra-Liberal Obama era when you win one round against the government, actually embarrass it in front of the nation and show it in it’s true colors — you get portrayed as something you are not.

You’ve seen the YouTube video put out by CNN and the New York Times but did you know that more than half of that commentary was deleted? Check YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4poA3YcRaY and you’ll see the entire video brought to you by “AsNewsBreaksDotCom.

It was a trap! Clive Bundy offered an honest look at the government and the social welfare system from his perspective. Remember, Bundy is not a politician and not one to “weasel word” what;s on his mind. Therefore, he may have ticked a lot of the news media off (both Liberal and Conservative) (Sean Hannity was the first “Conservative” to turn tail and run) because most big name media figures are too shallow to look beyond the first layer of anything that has to do with race they are scared to death  of the racist label and to top it off, they think the average American is too dumb to understand anything on more than one level. (I admit: judging from the last Presidential election, they may be right!)

The bigger question is: WHY do you think this “news conference” was arranged by Media Matters and the New York Times? I think it was because the media knows that Clive Bundy is an old man who speaks his mind as honestly as he can. They wanted to catch him saying something (anything) controversial so they could use it against him. Then they published the most controversial part of the video and cut out everything else.

Another YouTube video that adds a different perspective to this story is an interview with Clive Bundy’s body guard, Jason Bullock; the man Bundy trusts with his life and his family’s safety is a black man. (I guess Bundy “failed” as a racist.) Jason Bullock states flat out that he respects Clive Bundy and would take a bullet for him. That fact was probably left out of the New York Times!

Be sure to watch the complete interview video  published by AsNewsBreaksDotCom to see what Bundy has to say about the Mexican community!

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