The Sean Bergin Initiative


I can’t help but think that Jersey news reporter Sean Bergin would have been deeply disappointed had News12 overlooked his editorializing on a news story and he had just received a proverbial “slap on the wrist.”

I can’t help but believe that Sean Bergin (Like virtually every blogger is) has been dissatisfied for a long time, just dealing with facts without being able to interject his own opinion and has been looking, for a long time (as he almost suggested today when interviewed on the Mike Gallagher radio show this morning) for his own Conservative radio show or, better yet, an on-air spot on Fox News .

Can’t blame the guy but can’t blame News12 either, his job was reporting, not editorializing and, considering the quick, harsh reaction of the station to his editorial, he very likely MAY have been considered a ‘loose cannon’ at News12 for a long time now and finally (and no doubt intentionally) supplied the straw that broke the ‘camel’s back’. Or, the other possibility is he is the victim of either a Liberal politician’s influence or a National organization’s (NAACP, CORE, etc.) influence on News 12’s management.

The bad news for Sean Bergin is that the management at any radio station or TV Network will, no doubt, have (as it should) the same policy in place’. Even on FOX News, you don’t see the guys assigned to the White House directly criticizing the White House; they ask tough questions during press briefings and try to get under the skin of the speaker of the moment but an on-site reporter sticks to the facts .  Editorializing during his or her report ?. So infrequent that the word “never” still applies!

Good luck Sean, sincerely. I respect your Conservative principles and the initiative you are taking to further your career.

An Editorial Thought!

I just hope you are a Secular Conservative and you don’t let your religion muddy up the facts and weaken your Conservatism, like so many Conservative ‘talkers’ do.

Damn! I did it again. I guess I’ll never be news reporter material.