America’s Irrational Reverse Stockholm Syndrome


Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) made it very clear to the nation yesterday that she has not attained and she is very likely incapable of attaining the wisdom that should guide the chairperson of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee. She also made it very clear that she is incapable of understanding our Islamic enemies and beyond that demonstrated that her sympathies lie more with the tortured detainees than they do with their victims. She has, yesterday, as in the past, helped turn the committee’s name into an oxymoron and seems intent to do as much damage to our nation as she can before the Senate is turned over to Republican control in January, 2015.

I’ve said it before and will continue to say it, Islamic murderers do not deserve our sympathy, our respect or our mercy!

Even the Radical Islamist terrorists themselves do not understand how their American enemies can be so naive as to offer sympathy to the people who want them dead by the most horrific methods available. Indeed the entire radical Islamic world must feel emboldened by American apologies and the weak-mindedness that created this ‘Irrational American Reverse Stockholm Syndrome.’

Our enemies and potential enemies understand one emotion above allothers: fear; and our mission as a nation that desires to keep it’s people safe should be to deliver that fear right to the doorsteps of their mosques, gathering places and even their caves;  not to deliver apologies.

This situation can not be corrected as long as we have the preachers of poorly defined and misapplied “American Values” leading our country, or as long as we thoughtlessly endow our enemies with the rights that are only due to American citizens.

The CIA is now being vilified (by Democrat Legislators, various bleeding-hearts and let’s not forget CNN) but the fact, at least as I see it, is: the CIA interrogators were the ones who acted wisely and in the best interest of our nation and it’s citizens by ignoring the “Convention Against Torture”. and by terrifying the terrorist detainees. Don’t believe the rhetoric that claims that their “advanced interrogation techniques” did not work; radical Muslims may behave like animals and act like they are not human but they are human and are subject to terror and the same mental and emotional stress that that anyone else would feel when subjected to ‘no-holds-barred’ interrogation techniques.

We must also consider that the interrogated terrorists are very lucky to have dealt with American interrogators, had they been in the hands of interrogators from many other countries they would likely not have lived to tell their post-detention stories to sympathetic ears.


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