Lamentations on the American Character


The first time (a couple months ago) I heard a highly respected Conservative radio host speculate on the ‘inevitability’ of Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States. I thought I had misunderstood or heard wrong, this was not only a Conservative but the most ubiquitous kind of Conservative, a Religious Conservative. Several weeks later I heard that vile sentiment repeated by another respected Religious Conservative talking head and then a few others.

(Just as a remotely related side note, there are very few Conservatives in public forums who will admit to being non-believers. They really believe that without the “religious” you cannot be a “Conservative”. In other words, there are a LOT of misguided Patriots out there.)

What are they doing, I asked myself? Are they giving up without a fight? Well now, religiosity aside, I understand! That was just a clever bait and Hillary has swallowed the lie and is running with it.

Conservatives want her to run because they are under the illusion that the American public will see her flaws and her inability to lead, I am afraid however that they underestimate the gullibility of the American voter.

To my mind, and probably to the minds of millions of others who love and believe in the United States ‘as it used to be,’ it is almost inconceivable that Democratic voters would even allow a worn-out nag like Hillary to get to the post-primary starting gate of the 2016 election race, much less elect her president. But, in retrospect, it was also inconceivable to me that Obama would win a second term after doing so much damage to America during his first term.

I certainly have a knack for over-estimating the intelligence and patriotism of the American voter.

On the other side of the equation, who do the Conservatives have who might beat Hillary?

(note that I do not use the word “Republicans” any longer; it is the Republican party in name only now; the official renaming of the party to the “Religious Conservative Party” may not happen any time soon but it is already a reality.)

Rand Paul is, for the moment, the public front-runner (at least according to some media polls). His Libertarian positions make him a strong contender to many thousands who are fed up with the heavily socialist positions of the Obama administration (and a potential Clinton administration). His problem is he is seen by many as a poor judge of the very messy International situation. He is gradually changing but I think, unless he poses some strong and aggressive National Defense positions, he will continue to be seen as an isolationist. To me, the thought of a strong super power, standing virtually alone in this world gone mad is an attractive ‘comic-book possibility’ but I can too easily envision the end result: America as a fortress of Democracy surrounded by, and eventually overwhelmed by a huge Islam o-Nazi Caliphate.

Not a pretty picture or a happy ending. Who want’s to live in a fortress anyway!

The United States needs a leader who will actually commit all of our power to defeating radical Islam. Do it with sanctions, do it with missiles, do it any way that works but do it NOW before those barbarians get any stronger. Obama will not do it, Clinton will not do it and it is unlikely that many of the Conservative pretenders to the presidency have the guts to do it.

I believe that that leader is out there!

It seems to me that the one person who could do it is Lt Col Alan West, he has however, decided not to run for the presidency, at least not yet. I’m hoping someone can change his mind and hoping against hope that a man like him, a man who understands the Islam o-Nazi mind set and it’s threat to a civilized world, can actually win the presidency.

I fear, however, that is a pipe-dream. I fear that I am once again over-estimating the intelligence and patriotism of the American voter.

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