A note to those who claim God as their personal Savior:


If I remember correctly from my Bible Stories, Jesus (the leader of your tribe) preached love, understanding and tolerance; I see very little of that from some of you who claim to be Christians.

I’m reading that the most vocal Christians feel that the government, by legalizing the marriage of a man to a man or a woman to a woman, has “taken away your religious freedoms.” That’s also how bigots, racists and homophobes feel (yes, that’s the company you Christians are at least virtually keeping by not following your ‘Savior’s’ examples of love,¬†understanding and tolerance). If being narrow-minded, being fearful of those who do not physically threaten you and being intolerant of those who do not follow your beliefs are considered “religious freedoms” you had better examine your religion. You might have a destructive devil in your heart rather than a savior.

Do a quick self-examination; you will probably find that in spite of the promises you made when being baptized or confirmed in your religion you have not lived up to your religious commitment (i.e., you have not been “saved.”)

On some level, you must know that Christians have not ‘lost anything to legalized gay marriage except an excuse to hate someone or a reason to feel superior to others who feel (and truly believe) differently from you. Both of which are truly unchristian feelings.

I would guess that those who fear different lifestyles are most likely insecure in the belief that the lifestyle they are living is as good as it could be.

Those of you who are intolerant or hate-filled are doing the work of the Devil by leading those who love and respect you in a bad direction.

Then, on a more practical/worldly level:

Those of you who are in business for profit and want to turn away customers because they don’t share your religious beliefs are just plain stupid! ¬†

Stupidity and bad business practices should NOT be punished under law, however, they have their own inherent punishments.