On This Particular Super Tuesday . . . The Word is Change!


The “Go Along/Get Along” GOP Elite are wetting their pants at the thought of Donald Trump winning the GOP nomination for president.

They are spreading rumors that Trump will lose to Clinton in November but they know that will not happen. What they are really worried about is that 1) a President Trump will change the face of the Republican Party when he wins the presidency and 2) that a President Trump will change the meaning of “Conservative” when he wins the presidency.

Donald Trump represents change and that’s the one thing the “Conservative” Republicans don’t want and it’s the one thing the “Social Conservative” Republicans are loosing sleep over.

More than change, Donald Trump represents rebellion against that “Go Along/Get Along” mindset of the GOP elders.

We the voters need to fight back against that GOP Elite and their dirty tricks and lies.

We the voters need to give Donald Trump a big win in the Super Tuesday states . . . including here in Texas.

Trumps main competition on Super Tuesday, Ted Cruz and Mario Rubio are digging deep, trying to find something. . . anything that will kill off the Trump candidacy and they are resorting to dirty tricks, exaggerations, rumors, and misdirection.

Ask yourself: Are desperate, dirty tricksters Cruz and Rubio the kind of people you want leading this country?