Trump’s Inner Child


In this photo taken Dec. 2, 2015, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during an interview with the Associated Press at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va. In television news, a telephone interview is usually frowned upon. Yet Donald Trump's fondness for them is changing habits and causing consternation in newsrooms, while altering traditions of political access. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

We (meaning non-Left-Wingers and Non-Socialists) have a presidential front runner who is forceful, not politically correct, successful, strong and personable — who behaves like a spoiled 12-year old. Frustrating!

On top of that frustration, he is allowing the news outlets to portray him as a right-to-lifer, which he is not. The pretext of the abortion questions that he was asked this past weekend was: if abortion was illegal”. Why he fell for that ploy and then unthinkingly implied, when asked who should be punished for the illegal procedure,  that the woman should be punished, I don’t know. He’s not stupid, but sometimes he appears to be very ‘slow.’

This childishness in Trump’s responses and in his demeanor will eventually sink his presidential bid. His advisors are apparently either not giving him good advice or, most likely, he is just ignoring the advice of everyone except that inner 12 year old child.

Jumping back on the Cruz bandwagon will not be too terribly hard but equally as frustrating because one of my most important political positions is secularism and Cruz is the opposite of a secularist. In spite of that, it is a no-brainer; we, as a nation, cannot afford another 4 or 8 years of a left-wing, or Marksist or a socialist administration. I will, I must vote for the Republican nominee be he an adult who sometimes behaves like a juvenile or a person who seems to prefer his religious beliefs to the  equality promised by the Constitution.

4 thoughts on “Trump’s Inner Child

  1. I agree with you that Trump is a petulant 12 year old with much of what he says. It boggles my mind how many people are swooning over him. It truly stumps me why so many far right wing evangelical Christians are supporting him instead of Ted Cruz. Trump scares me…but Hillary scares me too. I tend to think that a Trump presidency will devastate the conservative right for a generation whereas a 4-8 year term of Hillary, while it will be painful, is at least survivable for conservatism in America. The prospect of either of them in the White House is horrifying.

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