An American Insurrection


The colors of late fall
seem brighter this year
as a failed president departs
and American values reappear

The “hopes” and “changes” of 2009,
the lies and misdirection,
encouraged a changing of the guard,
and birthed an American Insurrection

(hg, 2016)

After President Obama’s re-election in 2008 my first thought was: ‘How can they do that?’ How can Americans re-elect a man whose entire presidency has been devoted to weakening America financially and internationally? Are they not listening to Obama himself? His often repeated mantra, even before his first term was ‘level the playing field’. That’s the rhetoric of a Socialist State; this is a Democratic Republic and Democracies don’t work like that.

And it didn’t work!

Congratulations to Donald Trump and his team on their significant defeat of rampant Liberalism in 2016.

Transgender rights, wrongs and realities



I have long publicaly supported and intellectually accepted gays and lesbians, but the current sympathetic trend toward transgender people has me baffled. Believing that you are a female in a male body, or vice versa, must certainly be as challenging as discovering that you are sexually attracted to a person of the same gender; but trying  to make that fantasy into a reality by making superficial changes to your appearance, sounds to me more like a mental disorder than a sexual preference.

Being gay or lesbian in 2016 and beyond has few social implications outside of your circle of friends or your family, but choosing to disguise yourself as a person of the opposite sex (implicitly lying to everyone you meet or pass on the street) strips you of your individuality as well as your perceived honesty.

That brings us to kids like “Jane Doe“, an 11 year-old student in the Highland Local School District in Ohio. Jane Doe is a child with male genitalia who truly believes he is a girl in a boy’s body. “Jane” and his family are on a campaign to allow “Jane” to use the girls bathroom at school. Well that was going over as smoothly as a lead balloon until Federal Judge Algenon Marbley agreed with him (based on President Obama’s edicts and on a Title IX interpretation)  and granted him his wish. The ensuing outcry by parents of girls who this ‘pretend’ girl would be sharing a bathroom with is still reverberating. The school district is still not allowing “Jane” to visit with  real girls in their school bathroom and lawsuits are still flying.

The saddest part of this story is: Jane Doe and John Doe are, almost without a doubt, homosexual males and females who, in this enlightened age will be fairly easily accepted in society as they are. They are handicapping themselves and encouraging rejection by the use of disguises, self-deception and public dishonesty.

NOTE: I know this is a highly volatile subject right now but I am as much a believer in intellectual honesty as I am in personal freedom. When I imply that transgenderism is social dishonesty  that does not justify the implicit lie (the public use of “disguises”), that is how I see it.

As for young “Jane Doe” in Ohio, with lots of drugs, years of counseling and many surgical procedures Jane Doe may eventually resemble his imaginary princess and I truly hope that it works out well for him.


Post-Election Angst on the Left


Some level of sadness and even depression are expected when a person who has hoped for and worked for an objective for an extended period and, in the end, is unable to attain that objective. The last week taught us that this is especially true if the ‘objective’ in question is either political or social in nature.

I believe that people who are not heavily invested in Liberal or Progressive thought are gawking with amazement, as I am, at the extremes those on the Left have gone to, to corrupt the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution into a justification for illegal assembly, lies,vandalism, social unrest and criminal assault.








Make no mistake about it! Our children need to be taught from an early age that it’s OK to loose if you have given your best toward a win.

Resource: Huffington Post: “When everyone gets a trophy –      no one wins.”

Tomorrow (August 8, 2016) is a day of Reality Politics



Tomorrow the votes can finally be counted and, in spite of the spin the shameful news media has been giving this election, we will be able to proclaim a new United States President. My gut tells me that the election results will not be nearly as close as we are being told now.

Aside from my gut feeling there is this:

The Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP Tracking poll today, widely acclaimed as the most accurate presidential poll in the country over the last several years, shows that Donald Trump has a 2 point lead over Clinton. That’s nice to know — at least it is for those of us who have nightmares over the possibility of a Hillary Clinton win tomorrow.

Even without polling it is obvious that Donald Trump is hosting massive (20,000 to 30,000 attendees) crowds at his rallies while Hillary Clinton, by comparison, is drawing 2,000 to 3,000 attendees at her rallies (see the You Tube report here).

If you haven’t voted yet, tomorrow is your last chance. DON’T stay at home. Remember that the American public was gullible enough to give President Obama two terms to try and destroy our Republic — not voting will give Liberals, Democrats and Hillary Clinton supporters a chance to finish the job!

photo credit: Gage Skidmore <a href=”″>Donald Trump sign</a> via <a href=””&gt;photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>