Go with Your Gut!


There is so much going on ‘behind the scenes’ in Washington politics; so many accusations, so much gossip, so many media outlets (on the Right as well as on the Left) spinning your news so that it fits their editorial point of view — you are probably bewildered! ‘What can I believe?’ is the question of the day — every day!

What I see is two ideologies clashing and each one pushing their own narrative (which is, in the end, a mix of truth, lies, and wishful thinking) that will support their own version of ‘the truth’. I’m determined to ignore all of this “noise” and trying to focus on what ‘I believe in my gut to be the truth and the way through this obfuscation overload.

– I know that I’m a person who loves the concept of America as a strong, independent, sovereign, and wealthy nation.

– I know, in my gut, that President Trump honestly wants what I want: for America to be strong, independent and safe for American citizens of all races, ethnicities, religions, occupations, and viewpoints who support those goals.

– I know that President Trump is attempting to move America in what he sees (and I see) as the right direction and he’s doing it against an incredible amount of pushback by those who have chosen to see him as the enemy; I can’t help but believe that these opponents of a safer, stronger America would be willing to throw America into the ‘trash heap of time’ to further their own personal positions, beliefs, and aspirations.

It’s obvious that President Trump has made some missteps but don’t think for a minute that his message has changed or his determination has wavered.

I sincerely, for the good of our Republic, want President Trump and America to succeed and, as a result, I can’t possibly wish anything but bad things and failure for those who don’t share our vision for a strong, independent, sovereign, and wealthy America. I’m sure that sounds incredibly selfish to some but if you really believe in what you believe you can’t allow the opinions of critics or naysayers to throw you off course.

I know it’s a lot to ask of you to join me in ignoring the daily deluge of negativity from the media and the opposition, but I’m asking. Each of us has to firmly believe in what WE believe to be true, just, and right.

I do, and I’m not deserting President Trump!

3 thoughts on “Go with Your Gut!

  1. Charles Spradlin

    President Trump has but one agenda, America! He is not racist, he is not xenophobic, he is not sexist, he is not homophobic, but he is blunt. I have not seen one (mis)step wherein Donald Trump has not kept his word, his promises to his supporters or sought to strengthen the average citizen on this great country of ours.

    The one “misstep” to which you might be referring is his temporary travel ban from six countries. This was no misstep unless you are saying is was a mistake for him not enforce his ban after, and in spite of, the 9th Circuit Court ruling.

    The left wants to label radical Islamism as nothing more than peaceful religious folk seeking to worship in their own fashion. This, all the while labeling people who value character, integrity and freedom as evil. Make no mistake, we are at war. The six countries Trump identified in his travel ban are countries where a large percentage of the population would torture, rape, maim or murder every single American citizen if they could. Given the chance, they would kill all the puppies. Bottom line, his travel band made sense.

    I found it quite interesting how the left does not accept a rightfully, legally authorized Executive Order but they will accept a decision by a circuit judge sitting on the most overturned Court in our nation. Never mind that the U.S. Constitution grants the President the complete authority over immigration. Never mind that Trump is given the statutory authority specifically by Congress to make immigration decisions. Never mind that the Supreme Court has ruled time and time again that immigration policy is the role of the President. Never mind that President Trump could halt 100% of all travel into this nation and not run afoul of his Constitutional duty.

    Maybe you’re talking about the Flynn appointment. While not being forthright with Vice President Pence regarding a telephone conversation with a Russian diplomat is definitely a misstep, I can’t pin that on President Trump unless you want to call his firing of General Flynn a misstep. He should have stubbed his nose at the Democratic caucus.

    • disse:Olá! Muito legal ver quantos coletivos feministas existem por aí. Sabe, eu tinha vontade de montar algo parecido em minha cidade, mas não tenho nenhuma força política, ou poder de articulação, então fica difícil… Mas tenho muita voAande!tbraços de uma leitora fiel!

  2. Mark Cooper

    I couldn’t have stated it better Charles. With all the obstacles in the way it’s amazing President Trump can even navigate the whitehouse.

    By the way…did anyone else notice Obama’s visit with the German leader last week…and then her verbal attacks on the president 2 days later. Coincidence, I think not. Then the concerted efforts of the media to exaggerate fake surprise at her comments…thought i was watching an orchestra. No can tell me they are not all in this together.

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