Fight Against Liberal Zombies!


Did President Trump’s statements/pleas at NATO blow the American Liberal conspiracy/Russia collusion nuts out of the water? Hell no! One has to believe that the American far-Left is too brain-dead to pay any attention to reality; too Hell-bent on revenge against Trump for making the American people realize that for 8 years Barack Obama has been slowly and systematically destroying America and that Hillary was anxiously waiting her turn to finish the job.

What the Hell is wrong with anti-Americans like far-Left protesters and their military wing, ANTIFA. The American system allowed them to get an education, gave them the freedom to organize, speak and publish their beliefs; the American Constitution, the American military, and Federal and local law enforcement protected all of us, patriots and dissenters alike, as much as possible, from harm initiated by foreign countries as well as from lawless forces here in the United States.

How does their recognition of all of this then warrant destroying American flags, physically attacking people who disagree with their opinions and causing untold amounts of damage to businesses that happen to be in their path? It doesn’t of course.

These are people who have no respect for America, the Constitution or our flag and rather than getting out of this “terrible” country they want to destroy it, just like Obama tried to do and like Hillary was anxious to do. One can only guess at their motivations.


It’s far past time for Americans who love being Americans to get rid of the scourge from the far Left. No, not by violent means but by loudly rejecting their arguments and philosophies. Vote against them when you have the chance. Speak up to oppose them in public and private forums. Publish! It’s so easy to do in this age of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and hundreds of social-media outlets that most of us are probably unaware of. Far Past Time for freedom-loving, non-violent Americans to steal the media spotlight away from the Fascists who pretend to be Anti-fascists and from the others on the far-Left. We won’t always be successful because there is much truth in the title of Michael Savage’s best seller titled “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” Hopefully it can be cured.

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