Racist B.S.


The Leftist Media and the Leftist (I didn’t say Liberal) politicians really need to stop showing their mindless ignorance, an act they commit every time they call Donald Trump “racist”. A racist is identified by his or her words or actions that discriminate or exhibit prejudice against people of other races. Donald Trump has been falsely accused of being a racist through the pure dishonesty of the political rhetoric of radicalized, Leftist politicians. To these people of the radical Left, people who twist reality to match their own world view, the title of Racist is now bestowed on anyone who chooses to treat all people as equals regardless of skin color rather that showing a preference for people of color.

This may sound like an angry rant against some of the newest members of the U.S. House of Representatives but slow down and think about the rhetoric they spout, especially on the subject of racism. Donald Trump who has helped the economy of mino rity communities more than any U.S. President in memory is now being called a ‘Racist”? Does that make any sense to people who are using common sense and value the meaning of words. So what “racist” crimes has President Trump been accused of? Back when he was campaigning for the presidency, he stated that we (as a country) should not allow un-vetted Muslims from radical Muslim countries¬†to be admitted to the United States because radical Islam has all but declared war on the United States and all it stands for. That’s not racism, that’s common sense.

More recently, President Trump is also being called a racist because he does not want anyone of any race, from any country coming into the United States illegally. Most of these people who want to steal their way across our border are brown-skinned, so the ignorant Leftists call enforcing law an act of racism.

Most importantly, let’s remember that these accusations against President Trump are not because anyone really believes he’s a racist, they are because he beat out Hillary Clinton in the last election.¬† This made Hillary supporters loose their minds and all of this is a result of these deranged political enemies of President Trump.