What They Want You To Believe


Its painfully obvious that the Far Left in America has a very solid hold on 80% of the news media and that’s tragic. It means that the news you see and hear every day is not just news, its innuendo, rumor and politics. Truthfully that applies to news from the Right as well as the Left; both sides twist facts and shape them until they resemble what they want you to believe.

“What They Want You To Believe” is never complete truth, it’s ‘slant’ and good wordsmiths may be able to make many people, perhaps even the majority of their readers, ‘buy what they are selling’ without strenuously questioning it.

When hearing a speech or reading an opinion piece remember that the reason the speaker or writer is doing what they are doing is to influence you, to change your opinion, if you have one, or plant the seed of an opinion in your head if you had no preconceptions.

This, of course, applies to the world outside of politics as well. We’ll be lucky if, when our lives are over, we have even one original thought clanking around in our brains before the lights go out.

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