Clutching Their Pearls


A bunch of cowards in the government and the media are shrieking “Oh My, what are we going to do now. President Trump has made the Iranians mad.”

They seem to have forgotten a couple things; first, the Iranians have been threatening us with death for years and secondly, the United States is not the cowardly whimpering nation that former (thankfully) President Obama did his best to create.

When he was running for election, President Trump promised over and over again that America will be “great again” and strong again under his presidency and that’s yet another of the many promises that President Trump turned into accomplishments.

Clutch your pearls Liberals (Thank you Mike Gallagher for dragging that vision out of Hollywood’s history) and go hide, you will never stand up for or believe in America anyway.

America was created by brave men and women who stood up to our enemies and fought for this country; not by sniveling cowards who mourn the death of a murdering terrorist.