Does freedom of religion mean freedom to discriminate? That’s the wrong question!


That was, however, the question asked by CBS News  and by other Liberal news organizations.

The Unholy Furor (excuse the pun) surrounding the Indiana Religious-Freedom Law is as inappropriate as the law itself.

The underlying implication of this law (and almost every other law involving “discrimination” issues) is: A business owner does not really own his/her business. The business owner has limited power over who he/she hires or what customer(s) that business serves. If I was a business owner who invested my own “sweat capital” and either my own financial capital or an investor’s capital in my business, I would expect to decide these issues for myself. Actually I would demand these rights but demanding would do no good (unless I had at least one Legislator “in my pocket.”)

Today, creating a business in the “Land of the Free” and actually running that business is a pipe dream — we are living in the ‘Land of Limited Freedom,’ limited by government overreach and by the self-centered morality of the religious lobby.

The Religious-Freedom law does not just protect religious freedom for the religious, it takes away personal freedom from all citizens, religious and non-religious.

The ORIGINAL Religious Freedom legislation, signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1993, was only created to allow Native Americans to use Peyote (classified as an illegal drug) in their religious observances. That was a good use of the law, it actually confirmed the First Amendment freedom of religion. Later our legislators (apparently blind to what they were doing) applied this law to every incident involving religion; they effectively  broadened the law to include all religious thought and belief. From that point the simple words of the First Amendment (prohibiting the “making of any law respecting an establishment of religion (or) impeding the free exercise of religion”) went ‘out the window.’ At that point our Legislators stopped PROTECTING religion and began IMPOSING religious thought and belief on every American.


Huffington on Obama


Arianna Huffington Arianna Huffington, the Ann Coulter of the far-Left, expresses an enormous amount of dissatisfaction with the way her far-Left wing president does his job in her article this week on her website: “The Huffington Post”.

Huffington’s article, titled: “Barack Obama Is Doing My Job; Why America Needs Him to Do His,” openly wonders why the president is acting so unpresidential when it comes to Wall Street and the banking system, i.e.; he has the authority and power to make things happen but he seems to be satisfied with “urging, advocating, recommending, strongly suggesting, and cajoling.”

She continues:

“During his weekly radio address, which focused on the need to get America’s banks lending to small businesses again (wasn’t that the reason we bailed out the banks in the first place?), the president declared that “it’s time for those banks to fulfill their responsibility to help ensure a wider recovery, a more secure system, and more broadly shared prosperity.” But “it’s time for” is the kind of thing we pundits say: “It’s time for the banks to do this and that… It’s time for Congress to do this and that… It’s time for the president to do this and that.

“Then the president laid out his plan of action: “We’re going to take every appropriate step to encourage them to meet those responsibilities.

“Encourage them? How about make them? Columnists and bloggers encourage. Presidents execute. It’s in the job description. Hence: the executive branch.”

I have to give Ms. Huffington credit — she has her principles and they will not be corrupted by party loyalty.

So what does she want the president to do?

“For starters, the president controls who runs the Fed. Instead of just giving Ben Bernanke the green light for a second term, he could have made it contingent on forcing Bernanke to open up the Fed to full transparency. In fact, there is a proposal for an audit of the Fed in the House now. It is, not surprisingly, being fought by the Fed. And the White House is silent on the subject.

“The president also has the power to make other key appointments, including the head of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (who supervises the nation’s commercial banks); the head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; the head of the Office of Thrift Supervision (the primary regulator of savings and loans); the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission; and the head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (which oversees derivatives).

Huffington then sharpens her virtual tongue for another attack:

“He also controls who runs the Treasury Department — which, believe it or not, is not legally mandated to be overseen and staffed by former Goldman Sachs executives and their friends. And there is nothing in the Constitution that says the Treasury Secretary has to be in near-constant contact with the heads of Goldman, Citigroup, and JP Morgan, often taking their calls late at night.”

Its fun to read a far-left Lib dissing another far-Left Lib for not being far left enough but hopefully President Obama pays no attention to either Arianna or her “Post.”

Obama does, as Huffington suggests, need to get all the crooks and other rubbish out of the White House and out of his cabinet and needs far more transparency — he hasn’t even begun to keep his campaign promises in those regards –but he does NOT need to exercise more control over any aspect of the private sector.

My suggestions for President Obama are far simpler than Arianna Huffington’s: 1) Do everything you can to get the government out of the way of the free market; 2) Provide whatever incentives you can for growth (not mandates but incentives), and 3) Stand back and watch the economy return to health.

You’d think it’s October 2008


ALT TITLE The title is a line from an article by Steve Huntley in the Oct. 20th Chicago Sun Times titled: “Excuses wearing thin for Obama, media pals”. Here’s the full quote:

“You’d think it’s October 2008, the final month in the Obama presidential candidacy, rather than October 2009, nine months into the Obama presidency. Yet the Obama White House is in full campaign mode — maybe because it needs to mask the shortcomings of the Obama presidency.”

How True! How True!

Huntly goes on to jibe the Obama administration and the “Obama acolytes” at MSNBC and CNN and others who continually prostrate themselves at the feet of their spiritual leader in the White House and continually attack anyone who speaks out against Obama. The cries of racist are continually echoed from the speakers and pages of Obama’s media organizations along with excuses for Obama’s failure to meet his promises.

Not only is the Obama administration still in campaign mode after nine months and not only are they continually pointing fingers of blame at others they are not even focused on the major problem in the United States an economy that is suffering and causing massive unemployment.

How can they ignore that? Or the better question is: Why are they ignoring that while working like they are possessed toward legislation that will further devistate the general economy, create more unemployment, increase home foreclosures, increase bankruptcies and, eventually, grind our economy to a halt?

The answer is frightening but its the only answer I can concieve of: Obama doesn’t care about the economy; all he cares about is government control and he knows that he cannot control a free market so he is determined to destroy the free market.

But what about or country’s economy as it competes in the International marketplace? Our dollar will soon be worthless anywhere except at home and, I’d bet every dollar I own that in Obama’s heart he doesn’t mind that a bit. He’s getting even!

That’s right, the President of the United States is getting even with this country that he regards as greedy and oppressive; and to get even he is going to intentionally and willfully try to destroy the United States by taking away its wealth and power.

OK! I know that sounds completely paranoid but how else can his actions be justified?

Put yourself in the Oval Office. You’ve inherited a screwed up economy. What do you do? Do you focus on things like healthcare and the environment or do you take actions to get businesses back in business and growing again so they have a need for more workers?

The answer should be obvious and if Obama had really intended to fulfill his campaign promises, now, nine months later, our economy would be growing (or at least not shrinking) and the government would be shrinking — not the other way around.

What should he have done? Here’s my list: lowered corporate taxes (or even eliminated them for a period of time); provided other incentives to business to hire more employees; ensured that only American citizens or those here legally are on employment roles; given some money directly to consumers so they themselves can buy products and services to help get businesses back on track; divested the Federal government from any and all but the most essential (for National Security) ventures; cut foreign aid to any country that does not support us and work with us in the United Nations (as a practical matter you don’t enrich your enemies); insisted on a line-item veto and lined out all tag-on legislation that cannot pass on its own; and put healthcare legislation and environmental legislation on the “back burner” until we are in a stable economy and it can be addressed intelligently.

Hardly an all-inclusive list but you get the picture I’m trying to paint; Obama had sone NONE of that and will probably never do any of that until he understands that the American People are fed up with his anti-business, anti-American attitude == and maybe not even then! He is a man possessed!

Michael Moore: New Movie, Nothing New


Capitalism I doubt if many people take Michael Moore as seriously as he takes himself — if, indeed, he is serious in his many attacks on big business. Moore is, after all, an entertainer and entertainers give the people what they think the people want — not necessarily honest facts. Controversy and allegations sell many more books and movies than does straight fact.

In Moore’s latest assault on our intelligence however, his new movie “Capitalism: A Love Story”, now debuting at the Venice Film Festival, he makes some valid observations but he draws them to a deeply flawed conclusion. In his movie, according to this Bloomberg story, Moore points to causes for and effects of our major economic problems: e.g., Lehman Brothers failure; massive bailouts in general and specifically the “U.S. taxpayers’ $700 billion rescue of the financial system;” the Bush administration’s general economic incompetence; dishonesty in government and dishonesty and poor management in business and industry . . . but the irony is, he points to these things as examples of problems created by “Capitalism.”

Michael Moore’s conclusion (in his own words, from the movie):

“Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil; you have to eliminate it and replace it with something that’s good for all people, and that something is called democracy.”

If you follow his twisted logic you will have to conclude that Capitalism needs to be replaced by pure Socialism (he names it “Democracy” but he must knows that a true Democracy cannot thrive outside of a Capitalist society).

The U.S. free-market economic model is one of Moore’s prime targets because that is the basis of one of the only true capitalist societies in existence and Moore is on record, here and elsewhere, as detesting Capitalism. Add to this, the fact that the US free-market has been corrupted by dishonesty and greed in business, in industry and in the government and it not only strengthens his argument that Capitalism is evil, it provides a convincing debating point for people who do not want to see the fallacy in his charges. The things that Michael Moore points out as problems really are problems, but he either doesn’t understand or, most likely refuses to admit that these abominations are as disgusting to free-market advocates as they are to the critics of the free-market.

While Moore’s charges may reflect reality, Moore’s named villain: Capitalism, is misidentified; and misidentified intentionally. Capitalism is not the villain — it is the victim! Moore may WANT Capitalism to appear to be the villain but the real villains are the greed and dishonesty that have been left unchecked and have driven our economy into a tail spin. Greed and dishonesty are, and always have been, the villains.

Here, as I see it, is the basic problem:

Take any economic theory, at any point in history and examine it! You’ll see that it’s projected success is based on an impractical assumption; the assumption that all the “players” respect the theory and will ‘play’ honestly.

Sloppy accounting, outright lies, misuse of our tax dollars, government intervention into the market place, dishonest politicians, dishonest businessmen, government loans to failing businesses and the many other things that are going on now in the Obama administration, as they went on during the Bush Administration and as they went on in
previous administrations are NOT examples of the effects of Capitalism — they are examples of the abuse of the free-market system by people who have place themselves above the rules. This abuse has been going on so long it is considered business as usual and it has finally reached a crisis point.

One of three things are likely to happen at this point:

Possibility 1: The Obama administration will, in effect, grant Michael Moore’s wish by putting legislation in place that will, eventually guarantee that business and industry is so mired in regulation and so weighed down by restrictions that they will all require “government assistance” to stay in business and that assistance will come with such a steep price that the free-market will eventually become no more than another government program.

Possibility 2: The 2010 elections will sweep so many big-government Liberals out of office that possibility 1 cannot happen. At that point the government should stimulate business with a massive tax restructuring, apply intelligent controls on business that will keep everyone honest without strangling them in regulation and end all government involvement in the free-market. (Note: This option is my “pie in the sky” option; the best but also the most unlikely.)

Possibility 3: Because of Obama’s shrinking popularity, the government will be able to do nothing. On the surface, that may appear to be a satisfactory option — at least it will save us from over regulation and the price inflation that always follows, but the status quo will do
nothing to resolve the core problems, the dishonesty and greed in business and politics that got us into the current financial crisis.

How Low Can the Bar Go?


US Economy Fixed I can’t claim that I ever understood the world of high-finance or what drives the stock market — and now I’m more confused than ever but I have a theory:

Since President Obama moved into the oval office the national debt has skyrocketed; unemployment is at a record high in many places; there is legislation pending that, by all indications, will eventually bankrupt the government (technically it already qualifies for bankruptcy) as well as the free-market; a judicial activist has just been appointed to the Supreme Court; the government is in the process of spending $3 billion to buy old cars and then, this morning, a story lead in the Washington Post informs me that: “Dow and S&P Close at New ’09 Highs.”

Obviously, the current administration’s recession, compounded by its irresponsible behavior, has set the bar so low that bad news, that is not as bad as expected, becomes good news.

Here’s a paragraph from the article:

“Investors have been clinging to signs that the economic downturn is easing, and their hopes were stoked Friday by a Labor Department report showing that non-farm payrolls fell by 247,000 in July, compared with a drop of 443,000 in June. The unemployment rate dipped to 9.4 percent from 9.5 percent the previous month. Both figures were far better than many analysts were expecting.

Hey wow! Let’s celebrate! Unemployment has momentarily slipped by 0.1% and only 247,000 people joined the ranks of the unemployed. Well hold on to your noisemakers and bags of confetti for a while, Obama is promising us that unemployment will “top 10 percent” before it gets better; personally I believe the first part, that unemployment will go beyond 10% but I have serious doubts that it will get better, IF the current administration and the current Democratic majority have their way.

A perfect example of the reason for my skepticism is this August 7th article from the New York Times that tells how two Senate committees are still busily at work on cap and trade legislation that will, if passed, completely devastate the free-market and cause millions of more job losses. Oh don’t believe me; take it from Joel Kotkin at Forbes in this article or from Daniel Whitten’s article at Bloomberg both of whom predict very bad things for the economy — and for all of us — if this push for the “Green United States of America” continues.

But for now (a perfect example of how people will bet on ANYTHING) the stock market is rallying! But how low can the bar go before reality overwhelms even those high rollers?


Washington Post: Dow and S&P Close at New ’09 Highs

New York Times: Boxer, Baucus Headed for Turf War Over Cap-And-Trade Bill

Forbes: Green Jobs Can’t Save The Economy

Bloomberg: Climate Bill to Raise Power Costs 20%, EIA Says

A Tax, By Any Other Name, Still Stinks



When candidate Obama promised, over and over again, not to raise taxes on the “middle class” it was a clear warning sign to business and industry; a sign that was totally ignored by millions, that he was about to wage a personal war against the free enterprise system. At the same time as Obama was preparing for this war he displaying his total ignorance of how the government and the economy work.

Every new tax and every new regulation that is imposed on business represents a cost that will eventually be paid for by the taxpayers (including the ‘middle class’) through the increased costs of goods and services.

Every dollar that goes to some senator’s or congressman’s pet project (and there have been trillions spent in that way) is a cost to the government that will be paid for by taxpayers — ALL the taxpayers.

Every day, some number of companies in every industry, reach the point where they are about to close their doors due to mismanagement, inadequate response to changes in the marketplace or government over regulation in the name of a “greener tomorrow”. Every company that is ‘bailed out’ of this eminent collapse is a huge cost to government and, since the government has no money except ours, it is a huge cost to taxpayers — yes, including those in the “middle class.” Yes! Attack the crooks, the frauds and phonies who steal peoples money to line their own pockets but leave the rest of business and industry alone. Just as in the jungle, in business the strongest will survive, the weakest will surrender and die. That’s one ‘natural selection’ process that can’t even be debated.

The Obama administration inherited a weak economy and a huge deficit, no argument there! George Bush’s administration was strong on National Defense but failed terribly on economic matters. Be that as it may, it is a total mystery to me (and many others), why the government decided to attack this problem by massively increasing that deficit or by making it harder for business and industry — the very engines of our economy — to do what they do best.

Perhaps I shouldn’t imply that it is a “total mystery” to me why this is happening. President Obama is a firm and strong believer in large government and total control. It is imperitive that everyone understand what Obama believes and where that belief system will lead the United States.

A Bit Of Good News

Obama’s plan for healthcare Reform is also a plan that will cost middle class Americans, although it has not been framed like that by the Obama administration but here’s some good news: A Charles Krauthammer article, reprinted in the Kansas City Star (linked below) predicts that Obama’s plans for a massive overhaul (upheavel) in the healthcare system may be all but dead; here’s an excerpt from the article:

By year’s end, President Barack Obama will emerge with something he can call health care reform. The Democrats in Congress will pass it because they must. Otherwise, they’ll have slain their own savior in his first year in office.

But that bill will look nothing like the massive reform Obama originally intended. The beginning of the retreat was signaled by Obama’s reference — made five times — to “health-insurance reform” in his July 22 news conference.

Reforming the health care system is dead. Cause of death? Blunt trauma administered by the green eyeshades at the Congressional Budget Office.

Links: Obama’s tax promise: Too tall an order

OneNewsNow: Obama’s tax increase hammers middle-income Americans

Kansas City Star: Obamacare developing into insurance changes

Obama’s Alternate Reality



It’s apparent from President Obama’s weekly radio address (taped this week in Italy) that he does not see the same things as the majority of American’s see.

We see unemployment at a near record high and those who believed in Obama (according to every poll) losing their confidence. He sees a recovery act that is taking the country “in the right direction.”

His most astounding statement however was this:

“I realize that when we passed this Recovery Act, there were those who felt that doing nothing was somehow an answer. Today, some of those same critics are already judging the effort a failure although they have yet to offer a plausible alternative.”

Two more Obama lies — blatant lies — in a two sentence quote. NO ONE with any credibility whatsoever has ever said that “doing nothing” was an answer to the economic problems and the most obvious approach to resolving the crisis HAS been suggested hundreds of times; i.e., give businesses incentives to grow and hire by cutting corporate taxes and easing some of the regulation.

But what does Obama do? He starts a new WPA (Works Progress Administration); sure he’s created a bunch of new jobs, but they’re all government jobs being paid for by our much overworked and now practically worthless tax dollars. That’s not boosting the economy — that’s growing the government and in Obama’s reality that’s all that matters and the only thing that works.

Then, as a topper, in Obama’s ‘Alternate Reality’ he grabs hold of the thoroughly disenfranchised “global warming” theory (see John Stossel’s article: “The Global Warming Myth?”) and pushes forward an ADDITIONAL TAX on the economy — the “Cap and Trade” (or as his critics have correctly named it, the ‘Cap and Tax’) Legislation (see: the Washington Post article, “Cap-and-Trade: All Cost, No Benefit”).

President Obama and his lap dogs in the Congress are putting the U.S. Economy into a hopeless downward spiral; creating new legislation that will obviously make it worse; guaranteeing, through ‘cap and trade,’ that the United States will loose millions more jobs when employers have no choice but to move their operations to countries that are more friendly to business; and then he asks for “more time to allow it all to work.”

Perhaps “Alternate Reality” is not the right name for it — perhaps Obama missed the “sign post” that warned him he was entering the “Twilight Zone.”