President Obama is squealing like a stuck pig


Our president is making it painfully obvious that all he wants is a large government that can run roughshod over the people. The sequester means a reduced government, reduced in size and reduced in power (but only microscopically in relation to our budget deficit) and he can’t handle even that.

President Obama is doing everything in his power to extort tax hikes out of the Republican controlled Congress: he’s spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to use the media to over-dramatize the effects of the sequester and, as his latest tactic, he has directed his Homeland Security Director, the ‘least honorable’ Janet Napolitano, to release thousands of criminal aliens out of jails and into the public; a clear illustration of how little the president cares about public safety and how little Napolitano really cares about homeland security.

President Obama has the power to MANAGE budget cuts in the sense that every department with a reduced budget had the ability to prioritize and control what is cut and every department ultimately answers to the president. Our president, however, has apparently chosen to make every budget cut as obscene and painful as possible — that’s the kind of person you elected as president. A person who cares nothing about the debt that will choke us down the line, a person who cares so little about National Defense that he will cut our military and then never even consider reducing foreign aid ($250 million went to Egypt today) even to our sworn enemies.

As sad as it is to think of people getting their pay cut or losing their jobs altogether, the saddest thing is perhaps the fact that a prioritized reduction in the scope of activities of every government department, a reduction in pay for every Federal department head and his or her top two or three assistants, a 50% reduction in foreign aid across the board, a sell-off of government lands (there will be plenty of buyers) and there are certainly thousands other economy measures the government can take that would, in the end, be far less painful and save many jobs.

This will never happen, of course, because we have a president who want’s the power that an inflated government has given him for the past 5 years — President Obama will fight ‘tooth and nail’ against a reduction in the size of his “Kingdom.”

To understand how inflated and out of control our government has become since President Obama took office, American Media is a waste of time, if you want an objective look at our ‘forest of shame’ from outside that forest, suggested reading would be the news media from outside the U.S.; in particular, today’s edition of the “Canada Free Press” where you will find an explosive expose of the state and size of our government. The article is titled: Post-Constitutional America: The Trap is Closing. Before reading the article sit and think about that title: “Post-Constitutional America” and be afraid, be VERY afraid.

It’s not mere rhetoric!

Obama’s ‘Sequestaria’


President Obama has assembled his troops to whip up a hysteria over the upcoming budget sequester. If you can manage to translate all the ‘financialese’ surrounding this issue you will understand why President Obama, who is the actual ‘father’ of this sequester, is now so against it.

The sequester, if the Republican Congress does not ‘wuss out,’ will accomplish “some” of what politicians with economic savvy have been trying to accomplish since President Obama took office: it will somewhat reduce the size of government and to some extent reduce spending. In spite of what you have been hearing from the “Obama Media,” the military will not be crippled (perhaps handicapped but not crippled) and the country will not go into a full recession.

The following points were made in an article in Human Events, written by financial guru Lawrence Kudlow:

The $85 billion so-called spending cut is actually a cut in budget authority, not budget outlays. “According to the CBO, budget outlays will come down by $44 billion.” [The main point is the amount of money the government is ‘allowed’ to spend (their budget authority) is being reduced.] There is a reduction in the budget outlay (the amount is is currently being spent) but “that $44 billion outlay reduction is only 1.25 percent of the $3.6 trillion government budget.

“And please remember [Kudlow points out] that these so-called cuts come off a rising budget baseline in most cases. So the sequester would slow the growth of spending. They’re not real cuts in the level of spending. (Not that a level reduction is a bad idea.)”

“Looking at the sequester in this light,” Kudlow continues, “its clear that it won’t result in economic Armageddon. In fact, I’ll make the case that any spending relief is actually pro-growth. Thats right. When the government spending share of GDP declines, so does the true tax burden on the economy. As a result, more resources are left in the free-market private sector, which will promote real growth.”

We’ve been through four plus years of reckless spending by an administration that either has no clue about how the economy works or does not care; and a budget (Constitutionally mandated) has not passed the Democratic-controlled Senate in those four years. The country has been driven in the direction one man wanted to drive it and that one man apparently has no real regard for the nations econonomic health — his only often-stated concern is fairness; and his attempts at fairness have never been really fair to all Americans, only to the poorest. That may sound noble but it’s a sure way to destroy a country’s economic foundation; it is also self-serving; think about it: as the unemployment rate rises, more and more people are forced into that “poor” category and the president has a better argument for a larger and ever growing government.

The sequester probably (hopefully) will go into effect on March 1st. No doubt, it will bring lots of pain but it will be a healing and needed pain.

Make no mistake, however, even a harsh cutback will not set the country back on the correct course; in the end, the only thing that will set the country back on that course is getting someone with economic sense, a clear vision and a true respect for America in the Oval Office to replace President Barack Obama who displays none of those qualities.

The Magic of the Season


A very short article in the Star Phoenix Newspaper of Saskatoon (Saskatoon is a city in central Saskatchewan, Canada) by Starphoenix writer Conrad Romuld, protests the city’s “blessing” of Christianity by not removing “Merry Christmas” signs from the city buses.

Perhaps Mr. Romuld, as well as maybe millions of other ‘protesters’ have not taken the time to analyze “Christmas” and to understand that what was a solely Christian holy day has evolved (some would say devolved) into much more than a simple Christian holy day.

When a shopkeeper or retail clerk, a friend passing on the street or a sign on a city bus wishes you a “Merry Christmas,” it is highly unlikely the greeting has anything to do with the birth of the “son of God.” The greeting or wish “Merry Christmas,” in far more instances than not, is simply a recognition of the traditions that have grown around this Christian holiday. The traditions are giving gifts, having parties, spreading good cheer, exchanging “Christmas” cards, helping those in need, singing Christmas carols, decorating homes and businesses (and buses) with symbols of the season like Christmas bells, holly, Christmas trees, manger scenes, and Santa Clauses . . . and one tradition that was once a recognition of the actual Christian Holy Day but is now more of a ‘family’ tradition: attending a Christmas Eve service. Even if you don’t believe in the actual “reason for the season,” the music is sure to fill you with the “magic of the season.”

Christian protesters had better “pray” that Christmas and it’s associated traditions never go away, our economy depends on holidays like this one; they keep stores open and profitable, keep people employed and do a lot for those who have little but for the charity that goes along with the season; in other words: Christmas helps many, many people and harms virtually no one. It’s a perfect holiday!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day . . . even all of my fellow atheists and agnostics.

Robin Hood Was a Bad Guy Mr. Obama!


In President Obama’s first news conference since re-election, he made it very clear that he still doesn’t understand that the key to getting our country out of it’s economic ‘ditch’ is JOBSlots of job opportunities! That’s number 1 and it’s imperative. People who are back to work will not only enrich themselves they will enrich the economy through more spending and less need for government services and they will increase government revenue by paying taxes.

Lowering taxes for the typical middle income earner will not create even one job, raising taxes on upper income earners will not create even one job and may, in fact, cause many upper income people to leave the country (and take their job opportunities with them) for a place with fair taxes and a government that understands that Robin Hood was a bad guy, not a hero!

Unless President Obama starts listening to people who understand economics (which he obviously doesn’t) he will take this country down.

Level playing fields are nice to think about but in a situation like the United States now faces (a situation made twice as critical by Obama’s incompetence over his first term in office), there is no room in a president’s domestic policy to worry about anything but unleashing the private sector (lower taxes and no unnecessary regulations) and encouraging it to do what it does best: create more products, more services and more demand and then create more jobs to meet the needs of their growing businesses.

Trumping the culture of dependency


We, as a country, have descended so far into a “nanny state” that I have my doubts that even the most Conservative president could resolve our dependency problem without all of us feeling a lot of pain — but with that pain, if it comes, will come personal growth and an increased sense of control over our own lives. To me those ‘rewards’ sound like they are worth the price (the pain) but I seriously doubt the stoicism of the masses.

There will be a lot of whining when the trough is no longer full; whining from those who have been taught over many years that they are helpless without the government in control of their lives and fortunes. These same ‘helpless’ citizens have also been taught by Liberal teachers and politicians that they have a “right” to many of the government paid benefits they enjoy; it will be hard for many when they learn they are wrong.

[NOTE: Social Security and pension payments are NOT benefits, they are repayments of money placed in trust.]

If the government is not dramatically downsized and that “pain” is not felt by all Americans, the United States will eventually loose it’s status as a sovereign nation when those who own our debt come to collect.

No, neither this culture of dependency nor the irresponsible management of government is solely the result of the Obama presidency, although he contributed more than any president since FDR; it has been growing over the decades through the concerted efforts of politicians who lost sight of some basics:

Wealth and well-being are the bi products of creativity and risk; the wealthiest Americans are the ones who pay most taxes, create most jobs and give the most to charities that help the truly helpless;

The profit motive is what made this country as strong and as productive as it is. When private enterprise is over regulated and/or overtaxed, threatening and diminishing profits, that business will move to an environment that allows it to thrive. The more businesses that follow this ‘path of least resistance’ the greater unemployment will grow;

Illegal means illegal! American citizens and those here legally are the ONLY ones who should be entitled to benefit from the taxes we pay to government entities and the only ones who should benefit from employment in the United States;

This may all sound very uncharitable but we all have to understand that the government has been overspending and over controlling for many decades as it grew to it’s currently outrageous size and we have to admit that the same rules MUST apply to a government budget as they do to a household budget: you only go into a debt situation if you have a reasonable expectation of being able to pay that debt.

It looks very much like Donald Trump may decide to run for president in 2012 and, at least in my opinion, a President Trump may be exactly what this country needs after four traumatic years of an unabashed socialist agenda feeding a now morbidly obese Federal Government. Trump is a man who sees a job and gets it done. If given a cooperative and equally dedicated congress he will get the job done. Right now, at this time in our country’s history, he appears to me to be our best bet.

NPR funding cut passed in House


The Republicans in the House of Representatives have finally started to respond to the voter mandate to cut Federal spending that put them in office. Voting to cut funding for NPR is a very weak response but at least it’s something.

When the House bill dies in the Senate it will also bring home the fact that the House’s position as keeper of the budget is pretty much a myth!

NPR is a great radio station, no doubt about that but radio stations, tv stations and other forms of entertainment and/or information (as well as any other private sector company or industry) should be able to exist on their own, not on tax dollars. If any company can’t raise enough funds to operate, it shouldn’t be in business.

In the “big picture”, funding for NPR is a mere pittance but it’s a start — or is it the end?

When, if ever, are the Republicans in the House going to start tackling some MEANINGFUL spending such as Obama’s “Affordable (now there is a joke) Care Act” that will soon be one year old? Like everything else, Obamacare has some good points but it is overwhelmed by the bad points, the ‘baddest’ of which is the fact that the Federal Government should not be deeply involved in the medical care industry OR any other private industry.

No, as far as Obamacare is concerned, the Congress should not save the good stuff and get rid of the bad stuff as has been suggested, they should work on repealing the entire monstrosity; not just because of the extraordinary expense but because it’s an outrageous overreach on the part of the Federal government.

That Helpless Feeling


I used to enjoy reading about and writing about politics but the last year and a half has put my enthusiasm into a downward spiral.

I have developed a helpless feeling — a feeling that this country is going in the wrong direction and there isn’t a thing that can be done about it. It seems that whatever the president wants the president gets and when we’re talking about our current president — that scares the crap out of me. What he wants is change! Not change directed toward a better America — change directed at a different America — one that looks more like a European nation. If you think that is just Liberal Bashing you’re not paying attention.

I liked the America we had before our current president became our current president — that nation, under the inept leadership of George W. Bush, was certainly going downhill but at least you had a feeling that it wasn’t out of control and that the Constitution was still in place. I don’t have that feeling any more. The government has gotten enormous and has it’s “fingers” (and teeth) in every “American Pie”. The problems our current president “inherited” from his predecessor were absolutely miniscule compared to the problems he’s created for the American people.

In Plain English: The Liberal mentality that is driving our economy from Washington will only weaken and eventually destroy the American economy; our impotent foreign policy is every bit as bad as it was under every president since Ronald Regan, and our country has become a haven for “illegal inhabitants” from every country in the world but especially from our Southern neighbors.

Our government is gutless — it’s major thrust is to not get other countries mad at us; when we should be building our defenses, building our economy and reminding the world that we are a strong, sovereign nation; we are independent; and the worst thing any foreign power or any bunch or uncivilized terrorists can do is mess with us.

Do you have the guts to vote for Traditional Americans in November and vote out the quasi-Europeans who now hold power in Washington?

The Republicans ‘Broken Wheel’



Ben Stein, in his article Time for Michael Steele to Go suggests that the primary reason Michael Steele was named Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) was because he’s an African American — as was our new Democratic president and titular head of the Democratic Party. That’s the Republican version of playing the “race card.”

There is little doubt that Michael Steele has the basic credentials to qualify for the job of RNC Chairman but there seems to be much doubt (now that it’s nearly too late to bring credibility back to the RNC) that he was the best candidate for the job.

Forget about the latest “scandal” involving a Beverly Hills “bondage-fantasy” club; since his day-one, Steele has reportedly demanded a lavish lifestyle on the RNC’s dime, has made, and admitted to, many mistakes and let’s not forget the kind of decision making that led to Dede Scozzafava’s candidacy in New York’s 23rd Congressional District in 2009.

I’ll freely admit that I’m not a true Republican or even a true Conservative, I see many things very differently from either party line or either statement of political philosophy, but right now I am at the only place it makes sense to me to be, totally on the Republican/Conservative bandwagon. Granted, that bandwagon is not going in exactly the direction I would like and granted it has a “broken wheel” (the RNC) but I’ll just have to live with my misgivings and then get out and push until that broken wheel gets fixed. Judging from what we have seen come out of Washington since it’s total domination by Leftists; I feel much safer even on a broken bandwagon than I do with that particular Leftist majority leading the country.

So what’s wrong with Leftists? They have some good ideas and they certainly have ‘heart’ but economically they seem to have little common sense. Why else would they come into control of a country with serious unemployment problems and a too large national debt and, instead of taking non-viral measures to correct those problems, they spend their first year-plus creating a new, overly-expensive, complete overhaul of the healthcare system that encompasses new taxes, benefit cuts, mandates on individuals, and hundreds of new layers of bureaucracy; all things NOT conducive to solving the problems they faced a year ago.

Remember now, this is not just a blogger ‘blowing smoke’ slanted in the direction of a political party, this is a blogger trying to emulate Paul Revere: “The Leftists are here, The Leftists are here — and things are getting worse!”

News Link:

Ben Stein at ( Time for Michael Steele to Go

Washington Post: Republicans withhold confidence in Steele

2009: the Political Year That Was


2009 has been, if nothing else, newsworthy.

It is the year Barack Hussein Obama, became our president; began his destruction of our economy in the name of “leveling the playing field; named a wide variety of unqualified “friends” to important positions in government and the judiciary; broke virtually every campaign promise; repeatedly apologized to the world for U.S. “indiscretions”; signaled to the world that we are now a kinder, gentler nation and not as much of a threat to dictators or terrorists; won the Nobel Peace Prize based on . . . well no one really knows what it was based on . . . and began the government takeover of a large percentage of the free market.

It should therefore be no surprise that this is also the year that: our National Debt rose to historic levels; our unemployment rate rose to a level unseen in decades; bankruptcies rose to obscene levels; Muslim Terrorists felt free to resume their attacks on United States soil and most countries seriously considered basing their currency value on something other than the U.S. dollar.

All this was bad but, at least in my opinion, the most disturbing . . . most despicable and most surprising event of 2009 was the following statement made by General George William Casey Jr., the Chief of Staff of the United States Army, in reference to the terrorist attack at the Fort Hood Army base in Texas by an openly hostile Muslim Army Major, an attack that left 13 dead and 38 wounded:

“We have to be careful because we can’t jump to conclusions now based on little snippets of information that come out. And frankly, I am worried — not worried, but I’m concerned that this increased speculation could cause a backlash against some of our Muslim soldiers. And I’ve asked our Army leaders to be on the lookout for that. It would be a shame — as great a tragedy as this was, it would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well.”

Granted, General Casey didn’t have all the information about the shooter, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, but it’s obvious that his concern, his sympathy is not with the victims — it’s obvious that diversity is far more important.

The fact that this attitude of political correctness, this level of apeasement has infiltrated the highest levels of the military should scare the crap out of you!

A bunch of other things happened this year of course and you can review most of it HERE at The CNN version is, of course, more comprehensive and far less polarizing.

Will the Real President Obama Please Stand Up



There’s no way around this. Democrats in the White House and on Capitol Hill have just perpetrated the most criminal rip-off in the history of this country on the American people. And with its passage now a certainty, the only thing left to do is to start working on getting it repealed.

So writes Dan Calabrese* in an article in the North Star National — and he’s right!

With total disregard for public opinion and with a level of corruption, secrecy and deceit that can only be characterized as blatent and willfull, legislation that seems designed to assure the eventual government takeover of healthcare providers and insurers is all but signed. Fortunately, however, this does not have to be the final chapter in this Orwellian epic.

Mr. Calabrese, in his article, proposes specific actions that he feels will eventually lead to: first, the destruction of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives and the leveling of power in the Senate and then, he writes, the Republicans need to “put unbearable pressure on President Obama (and) create a political environment in which, if he resists popular reforms to his signature act of governance, he sets himself up for an electoral disaster in 2012.”

Calabrese’s proposal suggests that Obama may destroy his own creation just to retain power in 2012! Maybe but more likely not!

President Obama is, in a way, an enigma. The way I see it, Obama may not be just a stereotypical politician who’s primary interest is reelection; there is a very real possibility that he is a true believer in the tenent that lies beneath Statism, i.e., a society functions best and most fairly with economic controls and planning in the hands of a highly centralized government.

The evidence that Obama is a true believer in Statism is clear. Who but a ‘true believer’ would totally ignore: the destruction of his country’s currency on the world market and then continue to raise the debt limit; record high unemployment; the obvious devastating effect of the massive illegal alien population on employment and government services; and sensible fixes that would stabilize the health insurance market . . . and instead concentrate his efforts on: the creation of a larger government bureaucracy; the virtual dismantling of the health insurance industry; the potentially disasterous Cap and Trade regulations that will do nothing to curb the earth’s normal cooling and heating cycles but will reek financial havoc on business, industry and, to a large extent on the entire population; and support of a Card Check policy that will most likely lead to the eventual unionization of all business and industry.

No, I certainly don’t believe that President Obama is your stereotypical politician; I do however believe that he is a visionary . . . but his vision is of a United States that in no way resembles the United States envisioned by the founders, by his predecessors or by the majority of the American people.

I have proposed in e-mails, to anyone who will listen, that legislation like Healthcare, Cap and Trade and Card Check . . . legislation that will effect every American, should be, by law, put up for an up or down vote in a special national election after it is signed and at least 3 months before it is scheduled to take effect. A NO vote by the majority of the American people should be considered a veto . . . a veto that can only be overturned by another national election. Unfortunately it appears that no one is listening!

* Dan Calabrese is the Editor in Chief of The North Star National, the publication of the North Star Writers Group syndicate which has been serving newspapers with high-quality opinion pieces since 1985.