Sick of the Conservative B.S.


In the November 12th edition of The American Thinker Magazine, a hard-line Conservative publication, the very first line in the article titled It Is Not Too Early for Conservatives… reads:

“The Republican Party lost the 2012 election while conservatives watched from the sidelines.”

Essentially, that is a clear admission that Conservatives in the Republican party made the choice to give the country four more years of the socialist-leaning Liberal, Barack Obama, rather than vote for a candidate that they felt was not “Conservative enough”. Like spoiled grade schoolers, they took their “ball” and went home rather than allow their team to win.

Although Conservatives are now suggesting that the Republican Party is not really “their team” they should perhaps take their heads out of the sand and get a firm grip on the fact that a moderate Republican President would have been a whole lot better for America than the Liberal Democratic President is — or will be for the next four years. Now, however, it may be too late for Conservatives to start thinking about America’s future, rather than their own.

That’s it!

That’s all there is to say: You should blame the hard-line Conservatives, and especially the “Social Conservatives” (which is just a politically correct way of saying “Christian Conservatives”) for what is about to happen to you and all of us in 2013 and beyond! With a moderate Republican in the presidency it would still have been a “hard knock life” for sure but there would still have been a ray of hope for a bright future.

Dear Mr. Obama


This is an open letter to Mr. Obama (the title “President” is intentionally omitted). I did not write this letter, it was written by my brother as a way to vent his frustration with the rejection of America and the disregard for our security that was expressed by the majority of voters in the wake of four years of the Obama administration. I do, however, share the majority of his sentiments.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dear Mr. President,

Well you’ve done it! You are the president for 4 more years of what is, for now anyway, the most powerful nation on earth. I’ll bet you can’t believe it either. You know you were only elected on the basis of your appearance and personal affability. Regardless, insincere congratulations are in order: you have achieved your goal of dividing our nation by race and class.

Blacks, Hispanics and the unemployed are now officially titled the underclass; poverty, food stamps and unemployability are your endowments toward their future.

Obamacare can’t be stopped now so socialized medicine is here — those of us who work will pay for it all, as will as our children and grandchildren.

You get 4 more years of social decline: gay marriage, abortion, legalized drugs, marginalization of religions, bigger and more oppressive government a withered military and the Muslim Brotherhood everywhere.

How does the Muslim Brotherhood see you Mr. Obama? As a sympathizer? As an ally? Certainly not as an adversary.

You had better get busy trying to do something with our second amendment. America will never be spelled with a K.

Steve Grund

American citizen
U.S. Air Force Retired

This Isn’t your Grandfather’s America


In the wake of the 11/6/12 Federal elections, here are some of the realities that the Conservatives in the Republican party must deal with if they want the Republican party to survive as a viable alternative:

The majority of today’s voters have shown that they don’t understand or care about budget deficits or about how the economy works. They are like children who want what they want when they want it.

The majority of today’s voters have shown that they believe that most rich people are greedy, they got rich by stepping on poor people and they can’t be trusted. The majority of voters have lost the “American Dream” and don’t believe they can ever be successful on their own.

The majority of today’s voters have shown that they have no understanding of even the most rudimentary economic theories; they don’t believe that the government can ever run out of money (as long as they can print more).

The majority of today’s voters have shown that they feel that they are entitled to either free or dirt-cheap health care and also that they are entitled to a living wage (either from an employer or from the government, they don’t care which). During the past four years they have developed this entitlement mentality, they have accepted it as their lot in life and they are afraid to question it.

The majority of today’s voters clearly understand that that the two party system now consists of the Democratic party and the Religious/Conservative party (the Republican party died when the Moral Majority was born). The majority of today’s voters however have shown that they are not religious, that they don’t trust religion or anyone who brags about being religious and, since the Conservative movement in this country has chosen to so closely align itself with religious scripture, they don’t trust Conservatives either. They have seen evidence of what they believe is a conspiracy between Conservatives and the church to limit personal freedom and censor personal decisions based solely on Christian doctrine.

The majority of today’s voters feel that being gay is not a disqualifier for being equal and they have (as we all have) seen Conservatives treat the LGBT community like second class citizens, not for any Constitutional reasons but because gays don’t conform to Conservative religious beliefs.

The majority of today’s voters have also witnessed the Conservative’s hypocrisy! They have heard Conservatives loudly complain about how Obamacare allows the government to interfere in the doctor/patient relationship by taking away choices and then they see how eager and willing Conservatives are to interfere in the relationship between a pregnant woman and her doctor by limiting their choices.

In summary, Mitt Romney loss of yesterday’s election was a powerful lesson for the Republican party; it emphasized that in order to bring their message to the majority they need to present them with a candidate they can relate to — someone who can effectively speak about economics, freedom and personal responsibility on a novice’s level. That candidate should also view social diversity not as a the deterioration of society but as the evolution of society. The Republican message was the right one but the messengers failed.

The Republican party should have also learned the lesson that government should limit itself to the economy and national defense and govern by using the Constitution — not the Bible. The Republican party needs to return to it’s roots as the Grand Old Party by ridding itself of Social Conservative attitudes and religious harangues.

A Major Event is Just Over the Horizon


It’s true! George W. Bush deserves a lot of credit for our economic problems and that credit must be shared by a handful of Arab terrorists on 9/11/01.

President Obama, however, did nothing to improve the situation he inherited and, in the process of doing nothing, he did an amazing job creating an ‘entitlement-minded majority’ and creating a government that supports and nurtures it. America has re-elected President Obama, partially at least, because far too many Americans have surrendered to that mind set. Bill O’Reilly called it when he said:

“the voters, many of them, feel that the economic system is stacked against them and they want stuff. People feel that they are entitled to things and which candidate, between the two, is going to give them things?”

The Liberal candidate of course.

It’s going to take a major event to get people to understand that subsisting at the pleasure the United States Government (in reality, living off the charity of other citizens, aka: Progressivism) is a very short-term proposition and that that major event, whatever form it takes, is just over the horizon.

Unless President Obama takes a crash course in Economics and suddenly understands that the Federal Government was intended to be a last-resort support system for our economy and unless he comes to grips with the reality that a strong free-market system with minimum regulation is the only entity that can create the wealth the U.S. needs to sustain our economy, our economy will crash within his next four years. Crash with wide-ranging and devastating effects to every one of us.

This eventuality has been more than obvious for the past two years.

The bad news is: it’s too late to do anything about it now!

The question every American should have been asking for the past few years is: Does President Obama know what he’s doing? Personally I have my doubts. His constant mantra, even before becoming president, was “level the playing field.” That alone should have been a wake-up call; someone with that mentality could have never become president if people had realized the implications of what he was suggesting. Then, once he became president, that mentality guaranteed the continued economic failure we’ve experienced for the past four years.

The United States was not created on a level playing field. It took risks by people with foresight and guts to create the strongest economy the world has ever known. Nor has the United States ever operated on a level playing field; entrapenuers risked their capital to create businesses, create jobs and create wealth for their employees and investors. There were never any guarantees of success and the “playing field” has never been level; if you contributed to a business you profited from that business. Obama’s “level playing field” implies that everyone owes a piece of their personal, hard-earned wealth to everyone else. That’s not America, that’s Communism.

I really and honestly believe that if you voted for a second term for President Obama you’ve screwed yourself in the long-run and, in the process, you’ve screwed the rest of us.


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From “Big Bird” to “Binders” to “Not Optimal”


Are campaign advisors really all 12-year olds, as the Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker suggests or do they really believe that we’re that stupid?

Today we have Republicans supposedly “outraged” because President Obama joked with Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” that the deaths of four Americans at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, as responses to terrorist attacks go, was “not optimal.” Will all you outraged Republican’s please take a break, unclench and get a grip. This was the Daily Show where light and less than reverent responses are the norm. Jon Stewart led the president into the “not optimal” response by noting that the administration’s response to the attack had seemed “confused” and not “as optimal” as it could have been. This is coming from Jon Stewart who’s last truly serious moment occurred so long ago, no one remembers it, so naturally the president picked up on Stewart’s ironically understated “not as optimal” response and used it.

Just before that day (actually up to THIS day) the Democrats were pounding Mitt Romney and calling him insensitive to women because, in the last debate, he defended his attempts to get more women on his staff by noting that he had “binders full of women” to choose from. Of course he could have said that a professional recruiting firm was hired and supplied him with binders full of resumes of qualified candidates. Any reasonable person, Republican or Democrat understood right away that that was exactly what he was talking about but the again the 12-year old mentality of the political ‘spin doctor’ spun it their way. Worse yet, these juvenile minds expected us to believe them.

Has it occurred to either party that we, out here in the real world, are for the most part intelligent enough to put remarks like “not optimal” and “binders full of women” in the proper context ourselves? We all understand that these men (Obama and Romney) are imperfect human beings like the rest of us and they will say some things imperfectly from time to time so don’t insult our intelligence by trying to twist what a candidate “meant” when the actual meaning is obvious.

D.O.M.A. Unconstitutional!: A Victory for Common Decency . . .


Today, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with a lower court that the abomination known as D.O.M.A (Defense of Marriage Act) is unconstitutional because it denies federal benefits to legally married same-sex couples.

Just on the surface, it’s clear that this law ignores the fact that lesbians and gays are protected minorities under all federal non-discrimination laws.

Just beneath the surface, however, it gets scary! D.O.M.A.s existence is a monument to the fact that the Republican legislators who have been fighting in the courts to keep D.O.M.A. alive have been convinced (by Christian institutions and Christian lobbyists) that the clause in the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment that prohibits “impeding the free exercise of religion” implies that religious freedom overrides the rights of citizens who choose not to recognize the church as the dominant power in this country. They need to be thoroughly disabused of that notion.

This clearly immoral law will next be ruled on by the Supreme Court — and who will again be in the front lines trying to keep it alive? The bigots in the Republican party who have categorized gay people as second-class citizens to be punished under Federal law, solely because of the sexual orientation they were born with.

. . . But Wait! There are Much “Bigger Fish” to Fry!

In this election year, as important as gay rights and reproductive rights are, the party of choice for people who love America and want to see the last four years erased from memory must be the Republican party.

As much as the Republican ‘social agenda’ chaps my a**, I know that their economic agenda and their “peace through strength” initiatives are absolutely vital to our continued existence as a free, vital and powerful country. As I see it, we have no choice but to ‘dethrone’ Barack Obama and send him back to Hawaii.

Leveling the playing field, the heart of the Barack Obama philosophy of life, sounds nice — but if it means bringing our economy down to the state of the Greek economy or allowing the United Nations to tax our citizens or allowing continuing unanswered challenges to American strength and sovereignty by the likes of rag-tag terrorist groups that wants us all dead, it doesn’t sound ‘nice’ any longer.

The stupidity and intolerance the Christian Right displays in the areas of gay rights and a woman’s freedom to control her own body, while a vitally important fight to fight, must not override concerns that effect every U.S. citizen; especially in this election year when the Democratic party has the country on the brink of economic collapse and in this era of increasing threats to our national defense. Any successful person will tell you that one of the most important rules in life to follow is to “choose your battles wisely.”