Individual Free-Will Racism


If it wasn’t for the extreme anti-Conservative bias of the Media clouding the minds of many Americans, they would be able to clearly focus on the causes of the current social unrest and violence.

One of the primary causes of social unrest, in the summer of 2017, is the absolutely false belief that “institutional racism” still exists.

Right now there are American citizens who are so confused and who hold so much irrational anger that they are attacking statues and monuments, erected to honor people who long ago died for what they truly believed were noble causes. Anger can bring about positive change when it is properly directed but irrational anger changes nothing and is offensive to everyone but the actors.

Today’s confused citizens who are smashing and defacing historical symbols can’t possibly be deranged enough to think that they can change history. The majority of these vandals don’t even understand American history. The War Between the States happened! Slavery happened! Slavery, however, was not limited to the Southern States, nor was it their invention, nor was it the sole cause of the War Between the States.

The Southern States had their own established government, had their own flag and they held those things sacred. The newly organized government in the North was viewed as a threat to their independence and to the very existence of the Confederacy.  The South also had a profitable agricultural economy that was dependent on having workers to plant, tend and harvest crops. The South was fighting to keep it’s economy going, and yes, that economy was dependent on slave labor, but it was also fighting against a government in the North that threatened its very existence; which is the same thing the Northern States would have done if the South had been powerful enough to threaten it’s existence.

Today, there is no doubt that racism still exists and individual groups of racists are still actively trying to make us believe that they are somehow relevant . . . but they are not! Institutional racism, the racism that can be controlled by laws and government edicts, has been all but eliminated; but ‘individual/free will racism’ is still alive. This is the racism that has been passed down by generations; a racism born of fear and ignorance that has morphed into modern society one individual at a time; It is fear and hatred based on tradition, not fact . . . but tradition has a longer memory than fact.

Who are the Racists in Furguson?


As we all waited for the Ferguson Grand Jury decision last night and watched the news networks trying to fill time by playing old “statements” by Michael Brown’s parents and the parent’s lawyer the thought came to me that Ferguson Missouri may as well be in a 100 year old alternate universe.

First of all, Michael Brown’s parents are complaining that they are “NOT being treated as victims”; hard to understand why they think they should be when their son unquestionably committed two crimes, petty theft followed by assaulting a police officer. The police officer was the victim. Excuse me if I’m messing with the mother’s comfortable victim mentality but that’s just not a healthy or acceptable attitude. The Brown’s lawyer is calling for “justice” for Michael Brown; well it looks like he got the justice that would be due to anyone of any race who physically assaulted a police officer and then charged at him like a raging bull. Last night’s verdict was a no-bill for Officer Wilson and a clear indictment of Michael Brown.

It appears that Michael Brown’s parents are happily ignoring their son’s criminal behavior and ignoring the facts that he was violent and hyped up as well on marijuana, and are only focusing only on the fact that a white police officer killed their son. I guess the “Gentle Giant’s” parents feel that being white while enforcing the law in Ferguson is a crime in itself.

Take this to the bank: If a 6’5″, 300 pound white kid was shot dead on the streets of Ferguson, Mo. under identical circumstances by a police officer, regardless of the officer’s race, you can be sure that the town of Ferguson would still be intact and the use of tear gas and National Guard troops would have been unnecessary. If that was the case, that the kid was white, you would also have heard nothing from the White House and would have not seen Eric Holder or, of course Rev. Al Sharpton, anywhere near the city of Ferguson. That may seem like a terribly “racist” thing for me to say but whoever you are reading this post, you know I’m right.

The incident that ended with the death of Michael Brown had nothing to do with a systemic problem of white racism, as some people in the news media are alleging; the charge of systemic racism belongs to the black community of Ferguson; and if anyone is responsible for destroying a good part of the Ferguson business community and causing other damage last night it is the criminal element from Ferguson, the out-of-towners who took advantage of an opportunity to “crap in someone else’s yard” by breaking, looting and setting fires and Michael Brown’s own step-father who stood on a platform and yelled “Burn it down! Burn it all down.”; not the prosecutor, the Grand Jury or Darren Wilson.

All this because Officer Darren Wilson committed the “crimes” of being born white and using his legal right to deadly force when needed!

Yes there are some white people who are racists, who see black people as inferior to them and treat black people like second-class citizens. No denying that, but they all pretty much stay in the shadows because that kind of behavior is unacceptable in American society! It seems evident that there are far far more blacks who do not trust or will not believe any white person solely because they are not black — and that is the very definition of a ‘racist.’

The Curse of Being White


Alton Nolen Colleen Hufford“Black Muslim convert (Alton Nolen) beheads White woman (Colleen Hufford)”

That’s a trumped up headline we have not seen, probably will not see and, indeed, SHOULD NOT see!

Why? Because factually, at least at this point, it’s a FALSE CHARGE intended to raise the specter of racism when racism probably had nothing to do with it! (I said “probably” because, like the news media, I have been guilty of being too fast to rush to judgment.) Who knows what tomorrow’ headlines will bring?

Why then, did only a few media sources question it when the tables were turned in Missouri and a large black man was shot and killed by a white police officer in the line of duty. The news media rapidly JUMPED on the racism angle. While most did not emphasize it, virtually every story mentioned that a “white” police officer shot a “black” man” and then left it up to the reader’s imagination. Take this August 16th sub head in the Daily Mail next to a picture of Darren Wilson: “Darren Wilson, the white cop who shot dead unarmed black man” (That’s a direct quote and also the worst case from what may be the most irresponsible newspaper in the civilized world.). It seems that white on black violence is still (all these years after racial tensions were actual headline-worthy news) looked at, regardless of the circumstances, as the ‘evil that white people do’, while black on white violence is often looked at as “understandable” if not “justified” due to the sins of our white ancestors.

Oh those “sins” were very real and white people, no matter how decent they act toward ‘people of color’ will, in many minds, always carry the brand of racist.

Why is that so? Well I’ll leave that up to you’re imagination.

The Reality of Racism in America


MLKAs we, once again, approach MLK Day here in the U.S. you expect to see headlines like this January 17th Tweet Header from the PEWResearch Center in Washington DC: “On MLK Day, racial equality found wanting.” Yet, in 2014, there is less racism  in the U.S. than there ever was. You’d never realize that from reading the “main stream media” but I believe every American knows, in their heart, this is true!

Following is some common sense from Ben Kinchlow, published in World News Daily in an article titled: “Is there real racism in America?” Ben Kinchlow is a self described former “black revolutionary devotee of Malcolm X” who  feels, in his words: “eminently qualified to throw some facts on the table, facts demonstrated by real life:”

FACT: Leftist media and race baiters rhetoric to the contrary, all whites are not racists and all blacks are not victims.

FACT: Generally speaking, all Americans are too busy earning a living, negotiating government red tape, avoiding being taxed into poverty, or rooting for their favorite (totally integrated) sports team to spend hours absorbed in racial drama.

FACT: Most whites are tired of being blamed for slavery and most blacks are not spending every waking hour looking for some white person to blame.”

That said, there are and always will be some Americans who ARE racist and who DO “spend hours absorbed in racial drama” and there are and always will be some blacks who feel that white people ARE to blame for everything wrong in their lives.

Another fact is: We, blacks and whites alike, live in a free country  where we are free to think anything we want, even if it is total illusion. There are, of course, legal limits to actions based on our illusions.

In the beginning, Martin Luther King’s “Dream” was just wishful thinking and if he were aware of the United States in 2014 he would certainly be joyful about the progress we have made as a society and as individuals toward making his dream a reality.

Every day in modern America whites and blacks coexist peacefully, work side by side, share rides to and from work, sit down together for dinner and drinks after work, date and even fall in love and marry without worrying about the VERY FEW racists who will attempt to make their lives a living hell for offending their illusionary sensibilities.

Don’t forget that racial tensions sell newspapers and earn race baiters speakers fees. In those same years where we have made progress in racial harmony and equality, vestiges of racial inequality have gone from being a sad reality to becoming an industry. Those who profit from that industry by lying and/or exaggerating should not be believed but should be recognized as enemies of American society.

It’s America In 2013, Not 1963!


MLKThere’s lots of talk at about this time every year of racism because this is the time every year when every media organization, every black organization (NAACP, Urban League, CORE, the Congressional Black Caucus. etc., etc.) and every Liberal agitator in and out of the public spotlight drags out a copy of Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech.

Martin Luther King was indeed a great leader for black Americans and was a brilliant orator who stated the problem eloquently. The problem is, that is a 50 year old speech that addresses a different problem than the black community has today.

Today, yes there is still racism, but the great percentage of racism is harbored by the black community because the general perception of American white racism is dated and inaccurate and is promoted by race baiters, like those in the black organizations who are supposed to help the black community of Americans “move forward” and improve their situation. Regurgitating an aging speech every year that talks about the trials and tribulations of black Americans in the year 1963 is not only unproductive but it is counter productive and it ignites the fear and hatred that fuels more racism. Listening to your community leaders who speak of those 1963 problems without emphasizing how far America has come from those days will poison your soul and keep you “down”. Is that what many black “public figures” want? Do they want to keep the black community “down” so they can keep themselves in the public spotlight as crusaders against a racism that long ago diminished to the point of ineffectiveness?

Martin Luther King was dreaming of freedom and opportunity and that dream has been realized. If black Americans in 2013 do not feel free it is because they are being encouraged to believe that 2013 is just a carbon copy of 1963 and nothing can be farther from the truth. There are abundant opportunities for every young black American to get a superior education . . . if they prepare themselves for higher education . . . and get a great job . . . if they complete their education. Unfortunately, preparing yourself to succeed when the black leaders you look up to are telling you that you are oppressed is a daunting task.

Young black American needs to stop listening to the depressing pessimism that is promoted by those people who make their living by keeping up the lie of rampant racism. Every young black American needs to realize that the reason black unemployment is twice that of white unemployment is NOT white racism, the reason is lack of education and the reason for that lack of education is, in most cases, a lack of motivation. The more that black leaders promote a feeling of hopelessness in the black community the more school-aged children will pick up on that. Consciously or unconsciously they will ask themselves: “What’s the point of studying hard if I’ll never be given an opportunity to succeed?”

Yes there are and there always will be racists because there will always be stupid, backward looking people who see another person’s color and see stereotypes rather than seeing them as individuals.

The good news:

The laws and the attitudes in 2013 are very far different than they were in 1963.

There are far, far fewer of those ignorant racists in business, politics and industry than there were in 1963.

The high school/college dropout rate for both whites and blacks is lower than it has ever been.

The ultimate proofs that this is no longer a white-racist society are our twice-elected black president and the fact that some of the richest people in America are black.

As MLK himself said: “You have to keep moving forward” if he had envisioned the stumbling blocks placed in the path of black Americans by their leaders, he might have added that ‘you must remain optimistic.’


Free Republic: March on Washington 2013 More Liberal Distortion

John McCain the “Kumbaya” Senator


Jon McCain, the voice of deteriorating American values from Arizona, apparently agrees with President Obama that self defense (stand your ground) is far too ‘rude’ of a tactic, especially when used in a racially charged situation.

Before “stand your ground” the law basically required that you run away from trouble; you had a legal “duty to retreat” unless you had no way to avoid the confrontation. The exception to that was the “Castle Doctrine” that provided that everyone has the right to defend their person and property, including the reasonable use of deadly force, in their own home.

In states where Stand Your Ground Laws are in effect, everyone now has the legal right to use “reasonable’ force to defend themselves and they are not required to evade or retreat from dangerous situations. This law has nothing to do with guns, except the obvious; if you are carrying a weapon you must be in legal possession of the gun and in a place where you are legally allowed to have it in your possession and not committing a crime.

It is also very important to note and remember that, while Florida does have a stand your ground law, it was never used as a legal defense of George Zimmerman’s actions — it did not apply since Zimmerman was attacked and pinned to the ground and could not retreat even if he had wanted to. Also note that race was not a factor in the trial; in that situation the race of the combatants did not matter. Zimmerman’s initial call to the police did not mention the race of the suspect — it’s doubtful, considering the time of day, the poor visibility in the rain and the fact that Trayvon had his hood up that Zimmerman knew Trayvon was black. The race hustlers however, want you to believe that the only reason Trayvon is dead is because he is black. Of course these are the same people who insist that Trayvon was the innocent party; their only “proof” of that is that he’s black and Zimmerman is not!

Even though the Stand Your Ground law was not a bone of contention during the trial, that law is still part of Florida law and the Zimmerman jury found, in the words of the law, that a person in Zimmerman’s situation on that rainy February night has “no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm.”

Rather that agreeing with the liars and race hustlers, John McCain should be confronting them, starting with President Obama, who has, time after time, disgracefully, put himself forward as a “black” president rather than an American president. McCain needs to point out to them and to every American that “stand your ground” was a basic American value in EVERY community in America long before it was codified in some states. Generally, American’s not backing down in the face of danger has been an American principle since before George Washington was made president.

One regrets whatever happened to John McCain to make him a compromiser rather than a man with principles that will not be compromised. It’s not too much of a surprise however; John McCain, like many other Legislators, are reluctant to confront the Al Sharptons’, Jessie Jacksons’ and the other race hustlers. They are afraid to be called a racist for standing up for principles rather than playing their race games. The result is, they are compromising commonsense principles for votes. Sticks, stones and thugs like Trayvon Martin may brake your bones guys (and girls) but the name racist, coming from professional racists like Sharpton, Jackson and the NAACP will never hurt you.

I’ll never criticize an individual for choosing to avoid violent confrontations and the pain that may come with them but I certainly can’t agree with the “duty to retreat” laws that, if Stand Your Ground was not there, would make it a criminal offense to use necessary force if you choose to defend yourself rather that “retreat.”


NBC Politics: McCain joins Obama in calling for review of ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws

CNN Opinion: How ‘duty to retreat’ became ‘stand your ground’

Wikipedia: Stand-your-ground law

Race Hustlers Unite!


Today, one week after the end of the Zimmerman trial, in almost every major city, the race hustlers of the NAACP, Urban League and other organizations will rally to keep their lies alive. The lies: that the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin altercation last year was a case of racial profiling and that Trayvon is dead only because he was black will be trotted out as facts by the most erudite racists in the country. After all, if the lies die, many of the race baitors are left with the sad facts that George Zimmerman had a right to suspect that Trayvon Martin was ‘up to no good’ on that rainy, February night and that Trayvon died because he acted stupidly: attacking a man with a gun — a man who had every right to defend himself.

Today’s rallys are the brainchild of one of the country’s premier race hustlers, Rev. Al Sharpton. It seems that Rev. Sharpton’s only purpose in life for the past many years has been stirring up racial discontent by perpetuating the myth that every non-black who has the audacity to defend him of herself against a black person only does that because he or she is a black-hating racist.

Apparently Rev. Sharpton believes what he is ‘preaching’ and he is obviously very convincing to the many thousands of people who have the need to feel that they are victims or potential victims of “hate crimes.”

Victimhood is the tool the NAACP and the Race Hustlers use to keep the black community under control. The following excerpts from a study published by the Gatestone Institute titled The Politics of Race: “Perpetual Victimhood” exposes this tool for what it is and provides facts that bust the race hustler’s myths:

“African Americans are urgently in need of helpful solutions rather than having their leaders exploiting their plight for votes. So to keep the black vote, the party [Democrat] and its supporters use racism as a tool to portray Republicans and other opponents of Democrats, such as the tea-party movement, as racists. This is not what the civil rights movement was about.”

“Al Sharpton et al ignore a tragic reality among African Americans who are in urgent need of helpful solutions rather than having their leaders exploiting their plight for American votes. This reality was revealed in a 2007 special report by the Bureau of Justice statistics. It showed that between eight and nine thousand African Americans are murdered every year in America — and not by whites and not due to racism. 93% of these murders were perpetrated by other African Americans.”

Racism has become a Western populist conflagration, propelled by the political left. An article, “Why the Left Needs Racism”, published in the Wall Street Journal, points out that although the political left claims to love racial diversity, it is really a disingenuous cover to play politics. According to statistics, blacks, since 1964, have overwhelmingly voted Democratic. In 2008, when Obama won the presidency, thanks to the black vote, the voter endorsement for Democrats showed the best presidential year since 1964; so to keep the black vote, the party and its supporters use racism as a tool to portray Republicans and opponents of Democrats, such as the tea-party movement, as racists.

The unemotional facts show that Trayvon Martin acted like a thug on that rainy night and the calls for “Justice for Trayvon” are unnecessary because Trayvon received the ‘color-blind’ justice that every thug, regardless of race, deserves.

The Zimmerman Case


NAACP Race Card
Q: Why was this case “Racially Charged”?

A: Five Letters: NAACP

There were two problems in Seminole County Florida: First, the district attorney who was worried more about publicity than justice and secondly, the DA was more concerned about appeasing the NAACP and the black community than about proper practice of the law. I can think of no other reason for the DA to bring 2nd degree murder charges in a case where they seem to be, according to published interviews with dozens of legal experts, totally inappropriate.

The legal experts, according to a jury, were apparently correct.

That second problem, appeasing the NAACP as a tactic to either score political “points” with them or because of the fear of ‘increased racial tension’ (code phrase for fear of race riots) seems to me to be a much more serious problem than a DA misjudging the evidence. We’ve seen it over and over again: where the legal system is held hostage to a political agenda; and that is especially serious when the agenda in question belongs to an organization that acts as if the only criterion for right and wrong is the color of your skin. That’s what I call a racist organization. Appearances matter and racist is exactly what the NAACP appears to be.

If the DA’s office had been doing it’s job instead of reacting to the guilt trip that Liberals and the NAACP are so adept at laying on government officials, George Zimmerman would probably be in jail today, after being found guilty of the ‘appropriate degree’ of manslaughter.

Zimmerman DID act inappropriately and those actions DID contribute to the death of Travon Martin and he WAS carrying a firearm while doing it. That’s a textbook case of manslaughter.

Had the DA’s office done it’s job, these headlines that appeared on the day following the verdict would not have been necessary:

“Outraged NAACP Wants Feds to Prosecute George Zimmerman.

“The NAACP was “outraged” over the not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial and called on the Department of Justice to pursue Civil Rights charges.”

“NAACP Is ‘Outraged And Heartbroken,’ And Will Pursue ‘Civil Rights charges.” (“Heartbroken?” Really?)

“Civil rights leaders seek new charges against Zimmerman.”

“NAACP president: We want a civil rights case!”

I guess it’s easy to understand the ‘rage’ generated by this case in the black community and the outrage as a result of the “innocent of all charges” verdict. It should NOT, however, be easy to understand! Organizations like the NAACP should have been working in the black community to enforce the fact that they are not African-Americans as much as they are just Americans. Americans like their white and brown counterparts; Americans who are many ugly years removed from the days when blacks were underprivileged by design and discriminated against by law. But instead the NAACP stirs up discntent and liberally uses it’s primary weapon: fear!

The Zimmerman case is over, it will NOT go on to a Federal court — not after the FBI publicly exonerated George Zimmerman of any racial motives or past behaviors; but that will not stop the race-baters on the Left until they either get at least one bloody race riot out of this case or get George Zimmerman killed by an angry mob.

I am here to say that I am also a hater! I hate racists; the white ones, the black ones and the brown ones. I hate the fact that there is an UNJUST Federal “Hate crimes” law which was created and passed into law just to appease minorities and soothe the consciences of white Liberals. This is a nation of laws, not an Orwellian society wher “improper” thoughts should land you in jail.

George Zimmerman might be an intelligent man (I don’t know) but he acted stupidly and recklessly on that rainy February night last year when he saw a kid in a “hoodie” walking not on the sidewalk but behind the homes. He was right to be suspicious but the job of the Community Watch is to report and not confront or threaten. The 911 operator reminded him of that, but he ignored it and apparently got into Travon’s comfort zone. Travon Martin may have been a brilliant student and a wonderful person (I don’t know) but he acted just as stupidly by getting into a physical confrontation with this “weird guy” who he knew was armed and following him. Two wrongs, we all know, never make a right; nor can two competing rash, thoughtless actions bring about anything but a bad ending.


Wikipedia: The Trial of George Zimmerman (a good wrap-up of the facts): All Da King’s Men

Affirmative Action: Court Sanctioned Discrimination?


Affirmative Action
In yesterday’s Supreme Court 7 to 1 non-decision regarding Affirmative Action at the University of Texas, the court basically decided that the University could do whatever it wants . . . as long as there is racial diversity on campus. So, basically, UT can NOT do whatever UT wants, such as setting an academic standard for admission into the university, other things must be considered, things apparently more important than academic standards; things such as the color or ethnicity of the student. I guess that kind of blind ignorance can be expected from a court filled with people who seem to be more concerned about being politically correct and “fair”, than they are about the reason for their being: making things Constitutional, which does not necessarily mean “fair.”

Rather than making an unpopular decision, the Supreme Court sent the case back to the lower court.

Ask anyone who has not led a life of privilege and they will tell you, life is not fair. To achieve a position anywhere above the basic subsistence level, you must “work your butt off” and make the most of your opportunities; and in this 21st Century there are opportunities for every United States citizen (at least those that are left after accommodating the millions of illegal immigrants).

Affirmative Action, while useful in the past to give educational opportunities to those who do not have the educational background to pass an academic standards test, has never been “fair.” It was never intended to be fair. It was intended to be discriminatory against white students who CAN meet the academic standards test. Imagine that! Racial discrimination has been sanctioned (and ordered by) the Supreme Court of the United States, based on some kind of decades old “guilt trip.”

So what has been the result of that “guilt trip”?

A positive result is that some minority students have benefited. Many, who had not previously displayed exceptional academic abilities have been given the opportunity to earn a college degree. If we assume that grades were not affected by affirmative action, there have certainly been some successes. Successes NOT due to affirmative action but due to the ability of those students to work hard at learning and understanding complex concepts and the ability of their educators to present those concepts. There have certainly also been some failures, again these were not due to affirmative action but either due to students inability to grasp the material they were presented with or the inability of some individual students to ignore the distractions of college life.

To be fair, students of all races have to pay a sometimes very high tuition; necessitating finding a job, which may shift a students focus away from study time.

The negative effect of Affirmative Action has been to deny acceptance to many excellent students, based solely on their race, the opportunity of attending the college or university of their choice.

An article in yesterday’s “LA Times, Nation Now” section titled “Texas students have strong opinions on affirmative action ruling” shares two of those opinions from black students.

A block, 21 y/o female student at UT Austin, Delanecia Holley, feels that Affirmative Action is not working and that the University is not trying hard enough. She gives the example of being the only black female in her business class and is also “quoted” (without quotation marks) as saying that she had ‘a recent run-in with a white professor who implied she and other black students hadn’t earned their place at the university.’

That attitude, by that unnamed professor, if he truly said that, IS completely the fault of Affirmative Action. It’s a natural reaction to the reverse discrimination that was created by Affirmative Action.

The LA Times article also mentions that Ms. Holley is the president of Texas Gospel Fellowship, a black student Bible study group with about 100 members. (I can understand her interest in the Bible, but why would a student so interested in racial diversity, choose to lead a presumably black-only bible study group?)
(Maybe white Christians have also become a minority group.)

The Times also interviewed a 35 y/o black male student, Eric Hall, who is studying Constitutional Law at UT Austin. Hall feels that Affirmative Action is “redundant and claims that it undermines “his legitimacy on campus.”

Unknowingly, Ms. Delanecia Holley provided some substantial proof of Mr. Hall’s claim by quoting her professor as saying that he feels that ‘black students haven’t earned their place at the university.’

Mr. Hall, who leads the Young Conservatives of Texas chapter at UT Dallas, told the Times that he feels that Affirmative Action is ‘just constitutionally wrong’ but he apparently feels that it is working, he described UT Austin as “one of the most diverse campuses” he’s seen.

Hall also stated that Affirmative Action “can kind of have a stigma and make you feel like you didn’t work as hard as your white counterparts.”

Whatever side of the argument you are on, it’s clear that Affirmative Action IS discrimination but it has had some successes. The thought occurs to me that, since there have been numerous successes at UT for students who initially didn’t get a good enough score on pre-admission exams, but were given a chance; the standards might be a bit too rigid and/or colleges might need to reexamine their criteria. Certainly more students of all races would benefit by a redesign of the tests so it reflects the abilities of the Affirmative Action success stories; and one-on-one interviews, on campus, by experienced educators with every test taker certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Racism in the Tea Party Movement?


The Cap Allegations of racism at the heart of the Tea Party Movement have been in the news lately: On Thursday of this week, the Kansas City Star posted a front-page article titled: Tea party rejects racist label, but concerns remain”. On the following day an opinion piece appeared in the New York Times asking the questions: “Are Tea Parties Racist? Is Al Qaeda?” These are just two of over 2000 hits you can find on a search of Google News.

On the surface, the rationale behind this speculation of Tea Party racism seems to be the fact (and it IS a fact) that some overtly racist people keep attending Tea Party rallys and they carry signs and wear t-shirts that are blatantly racist. The fact of the matter is, you will find that in the midst (or at least at the fringes) of ANY lawful assembly of hundreds of people there will be racists as well as other radicals and almost any other classification of individuals you might think of. Does that mean that the overriding purpose of the gathering is tainted or less than worthy? Of course not! It just means that we are a free society, social dynamics are at work amd the strength and purpose of the movement is greater than any one issue.

It’s also been suggested by some numbskulls that, since the tea party movement is almost automatically opposed to everything President Obama says or does and since the president is black, the Tea Party must be opposing him BECAUSE he’s black. That is, of course, even more ridiculous. Any American president, regardless of his race, who is as overtly Socialist as President Obama would be in for the same ridicule from the Tea Party Movement.

President Obama is so Liberal, so far out of the American mainstream, he is easily opposed by patriotic Americans who believe in the Constitution and in the principal of a “government BY the people.” The Tea Party Movement represents those people who believe that unless something is done to take away his power, Barack Obama will have done irreparable damage to the United States by 2012. The fact that some of those people are admittedly racist does nothing to change that overriding motivation or that scenario.