I often tell myself that President Trump should stop picking meaningless fights, like his feud with the Democratic party’s new ‘Indian Princess’, and focus on bigger issues . . . but that self-dialogue is always abruptly halted by my deeply-held belief that Donald Trump always knows what he’s doing. His rants against his political foes, while they may seem petty and unimportant to me, are plays to attract votes from the voters who prefer political confrontation to polite dialogue. Trump appreciates those people because he is one of them and they are the majority of Americans who keep this country real and keep it free from ‘overgovernment.’

My Considered Choice: Ted Cruz


What the Republican Party needs, if it hopes to defeat the ‘Illogical Left’ in 2016 is a candidate who values (and espouses) a rational plan to return the United States to its positions of economic and military leadership in a world that appears to be lost and uncertain in the wake of a weak and floundering central government.

A Democratic victory in the U.S. Presidential Election in November of 2016 would be disastrous to the United States, to the few countries we can still count on as allies and to the world’s economy.

I firmly believe that what the Republican Party, The United States and ultimately the world needs is a safe and strong United States that stands un-intimidated in the face of dictators and in the face of the rabble who are attempting to destroy all the underpinnings of a civilized world in the name of the most brutal aspects of their religion. Anything less than a return to sanity in Washington, on ‘Main Street’ and on Wall Street and the rebuilding of a strong American military that reflects the traditional values of the United States will not be enough to save us from the uncertain future we face today.

Soft-spoken, intelligent Ben Carson is certainly capable of learning what he needs to know to run the country, but, relatively speaking, if elected, he would be like a first-year medical student doing brain surgery.

Donald Trump is undoubtedly a very successful entrepreneur who, as president, would most likely be able to understand and control our currently out of control economy, but it appears that, as our ‘really great president’, the United States Constitution would rapidly be replaced by a still unwritten tome titled ‘The World According To Donald Trump’; the problem is, that isn’t the way the world or the United States works.

So who is this leader that can restore America to greatness? My hopes are on Ted Cruz.

Originally, in this blog, I boosted Donald Trump and then Ben Carson. They are both good men who share my vision of a safe, strong, powerful United States. Why then this shift to Ted Cruz? Ted Cruz also shares my visions for America and, as a sitting United States Senator (TX) he has proven to oppose the business-as-usual, just-for-profit, anything to get reelected mentality of many (most?) members of Congress. Also, as a sitting member of Congress, he has valuable insights into how our government works now and, more importantly, what can be done to make it work better for the American citizen/taxpayer. This “insider” advantage, combined with his commonsense, anti-establishment, ‘politically incorrect’ positions on the important topics of National Defense, the economy and public welfare makes him preferable to Ben Carson or Donald Trump.

NOTE: Ted Cruz is currently also being touted as the ‘flavor-of-the-month’ for Evangelical voters. As long as his religious beliefs have a negligible effect on his important positions and he continues to quote from the Constitution and not from some religious text, I’m alright with that.

Recommended Reading:

All about Ted Cruz : Follow the links for his Bio, his philosophy, his positions and more.

W.P. Wonk Blog: The Washington Post publishes the “Wonk Blog” on a regular basis, a current post on that blog is “A guide to what Ted Cruz really believes” . While the Washington Post is not a big fan of Ted Cruz (or any Republican) their ‘Guide to Ted Cruz’ is an interesting and apparently fair look at Ted Cruz’ positions relative to Donald Trump and other Republicans.

Immigration, Inequity Is Thy Name


Following is a quote from Eric Hoffer: the “longshoreman philosopher” (1902 – 1983):

“The Jews are a peculiar people: Things permitted to other nations are forbidden to the Jews.

Other nations drive out thousands, even millions of people, and there is no refugee problem. Russia did it. Poland and Czechoslovakia did it. Turkey threw out a million Greeks and Algeria a million Frenchmen. Indonesia threw out heaven knows how many Chinese–and no one says a word about refugees.

But in the case of Israel, the displaced Arabs have become eternal refugees. Everyone insists that Israel must take back every single Arab. Arnold Toynbee calls the displacement of the Arabs an atrocity greater than any committed by the Nazis. Other nations when victorious on the battlefield dictate peace terms. But when Israel is victorious it must sue for peace.”

Ironic? Yes! Tragic? Yes! Beside the point of this post? Yes, I must admit it is not a quote that enhances the point of the text where it has been placed. It does, however, make a greater point that needs to be emphasized; ‘life is, and always will be, full of inequities.’

The Israeli and American situations are similar — but different in that, in the case of Israel the world is the unreasonable accuser and in the case of America it is a particular political class of Americans who are saying “Shame! Shame on you!” when the deportation of people here illegally is proposed.

One might say that America’s immigration problem is America’s own fault.The American ego,because of the success of Capitalism, led us to become the most charitable nation on earth; a state of mind that can only exist for a finite period of time before the eternal realities of supply and demand must kick in. Now we are at the point where more and more rational people (most Conservative Republicans, some Independents, some Libertarians and a spare handful of Liberal Democrats) have concluded that if we keep it up (“it” being our excessive spending and our reckless compassion) our economy will fail. That failure has already begun.

I know the term I used “reckless compassion” may seem cold and even “un-American” but that is exactly what it is when a country, or even an individual, opens up the checkbook and the wallet to those who appear genuinely needy without regard for it’s/their own essential legal and financial obligations.

Sometimes in the life of every individual, organization and government entity, ‘feel-good’ charitable behavior must be curtailed to meet obligations. In some cases, charitable behavior may be nothing more than the enabling of irresponsible or thoughtless behaviors but, granted, in most cases it is probably a valuable help to the recipient. That aside, in every case, real spending beyond genuine hard limits is irresponsible.

This does not even take into account the fact that with virtually uncontrolled immigration, the United States is losing its very sovereignty.

Presidential candidates in the Republican Party are pretty much unanimous in their realization that we have to do “something” but, as with most issues, the “what” proposed by each candidate is quite different from all the others. The ultimate solution, as proposed by Donald Trump, is so bold that it not being seriously considered by many Americans or by the other candidates. Mr.Trump is proposing that all 11.5 million illegal immigrants (probably more like 13 or 14 million) either be deported or, having been denied access to the generosity of the government and the community, they will leave with no incentive to stay.

In my view, with a single-minded determination at work, the Trump ‘endgame’ is the only solution to the problem; how we get there is another matter. With the strict denial of government handouts and the illegal immigrant’s inability to find work, we may not even need a very large wall on the border.


A Trump Too Far


There is no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump is very right about the problems that need to be solved to “Make America Great Again.”

Illegal immigration; our weak military, the reckless, un-enforceable, likely disasterous Iranian nuclear “deal” with Iran, our non-response to China’s underhanded currency manipulation and trade practices, our far-too-weak military,  and our shoddy treatment of our allies in Europe and the middle-east among probably a dozen other things; EVERY ONE of which can be directly laid on the desk of President Barak Hussain Obama; Donald Trump is right about that also!

Donald Trump is at the top of the polls because he speaks to the mind of the common American who is fed up with our inept president, the entire Democratic party, and the weak, mindless, lying leaders of the Republican party who seem to be as anxious as President Obama to see this country turned into a third-world nation. These “establishment” politicians who are running the show in our nation’s capitol are almost as dangerous as Iran’s Supreme Leader and as dangerous and unstable as that “supreme leader” may be President Obama may be worse because he is a smooth, lying, undercover-jihadist who has intentionally allowed all of the aforementioned problems to grow and fester with the ultimate goal of the destruction of our country and system of government. He is the Manchurian Candidate of the 21st Century.

That’s a lot of accusations and if I’m wrong about any of them, please show me where I am wrong.

I don’t believe I am wrong and I believe Donald Trump is absolutely right.

So why is this post (the 416th post on ‘My View From the Center’) titled “A Trump Too Far”? It took me a while to realize it, but Donald Trump is acting immature and, reckless and, unless he gets a personality transplant, he may kill his chance to lead.

Trump says, in effect, he can’t be silent while someone is mocking him or insulting him. He obviously never attended a public school and was never counseled on appropriate public behavior or given any anger management training.

Jorge Ramos of Univision, TV reporter Megyn Kelly, Lindsey Graham and most of his fellow candidates for the Republican nomination have been insulted and ridiculed and called names by Trump and this juvenile behavior will eventually take its toll on his popularity. People realize he is right on the issues facing the United States, but they will soon realize that his childlike behavior, if it is moved to the “world stage,” may cause serious problems for a country that (thanks to the Democratic party and Presidents Bush and Obama) is ill prepared to defend itself in an extended conflict.

Mr Trump, you could be the savior of this once strong, still a proud nation, but unless you stop your tantrums and tone down your personal attacks you may never have the chance to step into that role.

Stick with the issues and develop a ‘thicker skin!’

Go Donald GO!


We finally have a presidential candidate who understands what the United States is becoming under the Obama administration and under Liberals in both parties and he’s declared war on the establishment!

The establishment that is allowing our country to be invaded by foreigners who ignore our immigration laws because they know that our leaders are soft and our president has no respect for our country, its laws, our borders or our national sovereignty. They know that our leaders are more interested in gaining the love and praise of the Liberal media than they are in maintaining the security and stability of our country’s borders.

The establishment that has our military nuetered and declawed for fear of making our enemies feel like endangered species; the endangered species they should be in a civilized world and the endangered species they will become if the American public has the intestinal fortitude to elect a president in 2016 who says “enough is enough” — a president like Donald Trump.

Yes, Trump has stepped on some toes and angered many candidates, but anger from Liberals and from Conservatives who are more Liberal than they are Conservative is to be expected when you speak the plain unvarnished truth as Trump is doing.

On John McCain: Trump was too brash and frankly wrong when he spoke out against John McCain, who certainly WAS a hero as is every other soldier who puts on a uniform and risks his or her life by fighting America’s enemies. That was not the John McCain Trump should have been going after; the John McCain, who, as a Senator and the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has NOT raised enough holy Hell about the treatment of our veterans to get the system changed is the McCain who deserves his and our wrath. The McCain who in his fifth term as Senator is so enmeshed in the Washington bureaucracy, he has become impotent.

America, now in its darkest hours because of a president who is far more anti-American than he is patriotic, needs a man like Donald Trump. Trump is not part of the Washington establishment and he speaks his mind — and, if you’ve been listening, you’ll realize that almost all of what he is saying not only makes sense, but it is a way to save our country after the last decade of its decay.

Wikimedia Lawsuit Endangers American Rights


From NEWSMAX.com, the headline reads: “Wikipedia to File Lawsuit Challenging Mass Surveillance by NSA”

The Newsmax story begins:

—BEGIN QUOTE—————————————————————————
“Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization that runs free online encyclopedia Wikipedia, will file a lawsuit against the National Security Agency and the U.S. Department of Justice, challenging the government’s mass surveillance program.

“The lawsuit, to be filed on Tuesday, alleges that the NSA’s mass surveillance of Internet traffic in the United States – often called Upstream surveillance – violates the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment, which protects freedom of speech and association, and the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable search and seizure.

“The NSA’s Upstream surveillance program captures communications with “non-U.S. persons” in order to acquire foreign intelligence information.”
—END QUOTE—————————————————————————-

Based on that last sentence, I disagree with “Wikimedia’s” whining and hope our court system understands the potential danger of this lawsuit, should it pass, to the First and Fourth Amendments.

There seems to be, in this case as in many others, an over-generous attitude about the U.S. Constitution. The assumption, in this case, that Constitutional protections should automatically be extended to “non-us persons” simply because American Citizens are involved seems very dangerous; it blurs the line between Constitutional protections specifically extended to American Citizens by the Constitution and those generously “granted” to other world citizens under special circumstances. And, of course, it clearly presents a challenge to the NSA’s ability to protect American Citizens from foreign threats.

The line was, not long ago seriously crossed when our government first brought a non-citizen terrorist combatant to New York, granted him a trial and gave this self-declared enemy of America all the rights of an American Citizen and all the protections of U.S. Criminal law and the U.S Constitution.  Since then, the U.S. Constitution has been stretched and stretched, in different circumstances and in different parts of the world, until it is now in danger of it’s original intent being completely undermined.

Americans are generous people by nature, that comes from the complacency of freedom, but in the case of this Wikimedia lawsuit, suing the NSA and the Justice Department because “non-US persons” are actually being treated like the non-citizens they are and not being allowed protection by the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (which they are NOT entitled to), threatens to stretch our generosity and complacency to a dangerous breaking point.

We are making “baby-steps” toward a One-World Government; Americans need to wake up and stop denying the obvious.

Just to be clear: I’m suggesting that, for the sake of National Security, in the case of correspondence between American Citizens and foreign governments or foreign nationals.it is not unreasonable to expect  American Citizens to forfeit some of their privacy rights. This is especially true and critical in this age of  terrorism, recruitment and solicitation. We have, tragically reached the stage where American citizens cannot be automatically assumed to be “loyal” American citizens. That is the cost of many decades of American complacency and “generosity.”

I know that’s a bitter pill to swallow but if we want America to survive we really DO need to  ‘wake up and stop denying the obvious.’



Newsmax: NSA Sued by Wikimedia, Rights Groups over Mass Surveillance

Striking ISIS! It’s a GOOD Thing!


ISIS, Hammas, AlQueda, the Islamic Brotherhood: All of these and all of the other drooling, irrational forces that constitute the evil known as radical Islam need to be removed from civilized society; indeed they need to be removed from the world and allowed to travel to their lusted after “Paradise.”

These humanitarian acts of violence needs to be carried out before the insanely evil imams and clerics can convince even one more person that murdering innocent people in the name of a jealous, blood-thirsty, possibly insane prophet will make this, in any way, a better world or enrich their life.

Note: If you want to know more about the Prophet Mohammed, start with the: “PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE OF MUHAMMAD”  written by Dr. Hafsa ‘bint Sharif, Ph.D. http://www.allaboutmuhammad.co

Meanwhile here in the United States:

“No more boots on the ground” is the pathetic call of those who are willing to allow these radical Islamic animals in the Muslim world to continue running roughshod over common sense, common decency and civilized behavior. “No more boots” is the call of those who have given up on the hope that the United States will ever again become a strong leader and a strong force for good in this chaotic world. Pacifists, i.e., those Americans who believe that the United States is not worth saving and who would allow the United States to be conquered without another “shot being fired,” cannot be allowed to direct our national dialogue or our long-term destiny out of their fear.

You are certainly aware that radical Islam is at war, right NOW, with the United States as well as with every nation that does not bow down to Islamic principles. They fired, if not the first shot in the war on September 11, 2001, the most damning. You also must realize that this and every great nation was founded amid the violence of war, with the blood of patriots and enemies fertilizing the ground at the end of every battle. The United States has never been and I’m confident will never be a nation of cowards without principles. Certain American political forces however are attempting to push us in the direction of unprincipled, cowardly behavior and it would be wise to remember, if they are allowed to succeed, this nation will be conquered from within as effectively as we would be at the hands of a superior fighting force. In the words of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, This is a danger that I’ve been pointing to. It’s not a spin.  It’s not a whim. It is a clinical diagnosis of a pathological movement that is sweeping our area but will soon come to a theater near you.” The Prime minister was speaking to you and me in an exclusive interview with Fox News. Take that to the bank: Radical Islam is spreading and right now, thanks to he fear and lack of foresight by the United States the only one effectively trying to stand in the way of this plague is Israel. Hopefully that will change before radical Islam does indeed come to a “theater near us”.

Big Questions:

The biggest questions in the Middle East are: Do all Muslims, in their hearts, believe that the way to heaven is to kill all non-Muslims? I’m sure ALL Muslims do not believe this but if they don’t, where are their voices? Why are all but a very few Muslim clerics and organizations so quietly accepting of their radical brothers behavior? Are they dead inside, do they not have consciences? Or are they just afraid to speak out because they know that the governments of most Islamic-majority countries either support the murderous ways of radical Islam or are so cowardly they will not protect moderates from the radical elements within their religion?


Yesterday President Obama surprised me and I imagine the majority of Americans, by allowing airstrikes against the religious zombies who call themselves ISIS; I would have never thought that he had the guts to actually call for a strike against ANY radical Islamic force. Up until now I was actually convinced that, in his heart at least, President Obama was one of ‘them’ not one off ‘us’. Why would I think any differently? Since President Obama took office he seemed to be setting us up for a new form of government, one that is ruled by chaos if by nothing else and he has been a master at turning a blind-eye toward the pure, pustulent evil of radical Islam.

But now this!

From the LA Times : “In a statement issued Friday morning, the Pentagon said two F/A-18 Hornets dropped laser-guided bombs on artillery that had fired on Kurdish forces near Irbil, the Kurdish regional capital. The attack occurred only hours after President Obama announced he had authorized airstrikes to protect about 100 U.S. military advisors in Irbil and to halt the advance of the Islamist militants.”

It’s sad to say that President Obama’s actions against an obvious evil have surprised me. This fully justified act of force by the Air force of the leader of the free world should have been expected not surprising. I have to wonder if President Obama would have authorized such a bold act as targeting ISIS artillery if we did not have U.S. assets and people right in the path of ISIS. I believe, however, he might have — and I base that only on the fact that President Obama is a politician before he is a president. Showing some aggression against the obvious evil of radical Islam; while it is apparently against President Obama’s nature, is the politically savvy thing to do.

In fact, just a stray thought, during President Obama’s last two years in office he just might actually start thinking more about his legacy, his reputation. If he does, he might start acting like the president of all the people, not just the president of the people on the political far Left. He might actually start acting like the president of the most powerful, most benevolent nation on earth.

Happy Thought of the Day!

If the 2014 elections go the way I am hoping they will go, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will become minor historical figures who can no longer protect the president from making the hard decisions. They will no longer be there to stop legislation from getting to the president — Harry Reid’s desk may suddenly become as empty as . . . well you know what I was about to say.

In Defense of Children in Peril


An article in the National Journal (http://www.nationaljournal.com/domesticpolicy/why-90-000-children-flooding-our-border-is-not-an-immigration-story-20140616) titled “Why 90,000 Children (per year) Flooding Our Border Is Not an Immigration Story”, provides a detailed look at the facts and background of the story you see almost nightly on the news.

My very first reaction to this scenario where all of these thousands of refugees are being snagged and then bussed to Arizona was that we should have secured the borders long ago, when it was being called for and when we were starting to understand what illegal immigration was doing to our country. But after reading this National Journal article I realized (as the Journal article’s title implies) that this is not a matter of illegal immigration, this is more correctly looked at as a refugee problem with a twist. These refugees are not adults looking for work, these are children, UNACCOMPINED children who were in danger in their home coutries. I’m inagining the heartbreak of the mother or father who realized that to save the son’s or daughter’s life they would have to send them away, to a different country, and perhaps never see them again. Most of these parents may not live long enough to see their children again. That’s an act of desperation AND an act of love.

The reason that this is happening is well beyond our direct control. These are impoverished Central American countries where the criminals and drug lords have taken over. It may be a terrible imposition on the generous nature of Americans to have to feed and clothe and medicate all of these childrens but it is what it is.

Had these refugees been adults I would opt for sending them all back to where they came from and encouraging them to learn to fight to defend themselves their families and their neighbors. There are no doubt more of them than there are criminals and they should have no qualms about killing the criminals before the criminals kill them. Hopefully it will come to that in ElSalvador, Guateala and Honduras, hopefully the people will rise up and take back their lives and neighborhoods.

The children, however, are another story. Frankly I applaud the common sense and courage of the parents or relatives of these children for sending them out of harm’s way. This is America and we will find a way to do what we have to for these kids, keep them well and keep them safe and make them feel like someone cares about what happens to them.


‘What is this you’re saying,’ you ask! ‘Your an atheist, a godless personification of evil works and evil intentions.’

‘Don’t believe everything you read or hear,’ I answer. ‘Every non-Christian has a heart (“if you prick us, do we not bleed” (Merchant of Venice, Act 3, Scene 1, Shylock speaking); and this atheist will never harm a child or knowingly send a child into harm’s way.

Four Wishes at the Top of My Wish List


Wishing is a futile attempt to change what is, was or will be . . . futile as it may be, sometimes it’s all we have! The
following four wishes have long resided at the top of my wish list.

1) Every medical professional knows the phrase: “Primum non nocere“; it’s a Latin phrase that means “first, do no harm“. The
application of this phrase to medicine is clarified in Wikipedia: “given an existing problem, it may be better NOT to do
something, or even to do nothing, than to risk causing more harm than good.” It reminds the health care provider that they
must consider the possible harm that any intervention might do.”

I WISH: the American legal system worked more like that! For the legal system the Latin phrase for the definition of a ‘crime’
might be: “ad nullum nocumentum proximo patriae” which loosely means: “do no harm to your country or to your fellow man.” If
you condense all of the law books in all of the law libraries this maxim is all that ‘should be’ left. That and
sensible definitions of “harm” is all that is needed! That phrase virtually defines all crime and, in fact, represents the antithesis of
crime. The perfect modern day example of a case where the application of this maxim, before the fact, would have spared hundreds of
lives is Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department’s “Mexican gun running scandal.”

2) I WISH: Barack Hussain Obama had never been even considered as a candidate for the office of President of the United
States. My wish has nothing to do with race (I can think of many minority men and women who are well qualified to sit in the
Oval Office) or even because he is a closet socialist (even though that is a BIG strike against him) but because the personality,
wit and oratory skills that got him elected in the first place have fallen way short of making him competent to do the job of
president. No one of any race or gender who was as inexperienced as Obama should have even been allowed (by the Democratic
Party in this case) to even campaign for the presidency much less, to the discredit of the American public, wind up winning and
doing virtually anything HE wishes to American citizens, to the government and to the Constitution.

3) I WISH: “Conservative” politicians, judges and media ‘stars’ would stop preaching to us and understand that the rights
given to us by the Constitution are NOT subject to dilution by “Conservative” preferences or religious beliefs. Every American
citizen should be allowed to control his or her personal life without any level of government (or church) interference as long
as they are acting within the law (i.e., they are doing no harm to the country or to their fellow citizens) and paying
their FAIR share of taxes. Government intrusion into any citizen’s life on any other basis is simply an intolerable government

4) I WISH religious and social ‘thugs’: i.e., homophobes, bullies, racists and blowhard lecturers, along with some preachers,
would stop trying to divide our society into ‘competitive teams’: the ‘gays vs. the straights,’ the whites vs. the non-whites,
the religionists vs. the non-believer, etc., etc.  America is not the place for that kind of separatism! Worst of all, the
fundamentalists of religion and race continue to indoctrinate their children with their twisted views and obsessive fears.
That will never make our world a better place.

We are, and always will be, individuals who look different, act different, think different and react different from each other.
That is the essence of human nature! All the hate, disrespect and intolerance in the world will not change human nature, it
will only create gorges where there should be bridges. That, and it will waste our precious, limited time on this earth; time that
could be used to build and reinforce those conceptual bridges.

What will, however, make the world a better place is the simple “maxim” that was illustrated through, logical action
long before it was put into words by ancient philosophers: it is the “Golden Rule” (ref: “Golden Rule Chronology” at
http://www.harryhiker.com/chronology.htm). The Golden Rule has, through the many centuries, been acted on and stated in
different ways and it is often misrepresented as a Chistian pronciple but it’s concept as well as it’s practice predates Christianity
by approximately one million years.

A word to the devoutly religious: It may seem that I am, in some ways, insulting religion and religious people; that is not my
intention. People have every right to believe whatever they wish and apply those beliefs to their own lives as they wish — my
point is that America is a Republic based on democratic principles; it is not the Theocracy that Conservatives seem to wish for.
America is a place where EQUALITY is the very basis of public life. America is a place where a citizen can have any personal,
political or religious beliefs they choose; but it is also, by it’s very design, a place where a citizen or group or government
official CAN NOT reinterpret the Constitution to suit their personal beliefs. Believe what you choose but only DO what is
right, e.g., “ad nullum nocumentum proximo patriae”.

A Question of Patriotism


It seems that the Obama Administration has a stranglehold on the entire Democratic party.

Before Obama came into office, Democrats were enemies of anything that Republicans saw as as a good idea — that’s normal and expected and Republicans were, of course, equally opposed to Democratic ideas. That’s politics! Each party has a different view of what’s best for America. Both parties, however, were filled with patriots.

The patriotism of an American political party is something that should never have to be questioned and, in the days before Obama, the proposition that a Senator or Congressperson was unpatriotic was never seriously presented outside of emotionally heated debate. Unfortunately, that proposition needs a second look on this day.

On Monday of this week, according to the Wall Street Journal, a vote to ratify the United Nation’s Law Of The Sea Treaty was narrowly defeated by Senate Republicans. This treaty, completed in 1982, has the effect of denying it’s signatories the right of sovereignty over many aspects their coastal waters and subjects the signatories of this treaty to international arbitration of disputes and the possibility that an international body could impose binding rulings on them. The United States is NOT and hopefully never will be a signatory.

The United States is and, since declaring our independence, has been a sovereign nation. In my opinion: anyone who holds an elected office in the USA, who supports a proposition to weaken or otherwise tamper with that sovereignty, is acting as an enemy of the United States.

We know from his actions and statements that President Barack Obama is not an American patriot. American sovereignty is an impediment to his plans to bring America into the “world community” as an equal. The concept of American exceptionalism; the theory that ‘the United States is different from other countries in that it has a specific world mission to spread liberty and democracy’ or is in any other way exceptional, is foreign to President Obama’s demonstrated view of a perfect world where no country is better than any other.