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The Enemy

We’ve heard a lot in the news lately about whether we are more or less safe as a Nation now than we were under the Bush Administration. The main bone of contention recently has been the release of memos relating to interrogation tactics used between 2001 and 2008 but as far as the Nation’s safety is concerned all that happened in the past is really a very minor issue.

The real threat to our country comes not from what we did in the past, it comes from the message we are sending the world now — and that message is: we are not going to be that aggressive any more, that we respect those who want to kill us and will treat them as if they were a legitimate army fighting under the flag of a legitimate country. That is not only a dangerously stupid stance, it’s a sure sign of our growing weakness. Those people who hate America, hate what we stand for and want us destroyed, those people who thrive on terror tactics will feed on their impression of our weakness and yearn to use it to their advantage; it makes their mouths water for another bite out of America.

Granted our country is not weak or afraid of our enemies but impressions are very important; sometimes more important than direct threats of actions.

On a personal level: if a violent person breaks into your home, confronts you and your family and gets the impression that you will hesitate before tearing his throat out (to use a violent metaphor) he will not hesitate to tear yours out immediately. I used that violent metaphor for a reason, because extreme violence is the only language that extremely violent people understand.

Its no different with America and the violent terrorist organizations that hate us. If they have the impression of weakness — if they have the impression that we will use only civilized methods to fight them they will attack with such ferocity and such confidence in their victory that they will not be able to imagine defeat. Its a dangerous man who thinks himself invulnerable.

So am I advocating the use of extreme measures against our enemy? Yes I am — as extreme as theirs! Am I advocating torture when we interrogate prisoners? Yes, if our field commanders think it justified and believe that it will yield vital, life-saving information.

Most of all I’m advocating an unrelentingly fierce public stance — a promise to the world that we will ignore all calls for civilized behavior when we are engaged with an enemy who uses uncivilized terror tactics against innocent noncombatants.

The bottom line is we have to scare our enemies — scare them so badly that their hate begins to be tempered by fear and respect for the savage nation that will not hesitate to use their own tactics against them.

This, however, will likely never happen — not until those who provide for our nations safety come to realize the truth in that age old adage: you must fight fire with fire. They no doubt WILL realize that some day but before they do, its a very real possibility that too much damage will be done to our country and far too many innocent lives will be lost.

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Speaking of Torture!


The torture debate goes on, and on and on. The New York Times yesterday (May 6th) published a story that basically asks: ‘where are the missing voices — the voices of those who were so brutally tortured by the agents of our reprehensible government?’ (Just a bit of a paraphrase). From that article:

“For two years, the A.C.L.U. has been seeking complete transcripts of the hearings at Guantánamo for 14 men who were previously in C.I.A. custody, including Abu Zubaydah, who has been described as an operative of Al Qaeda and was waterboarded at least 83 times. But the publicly released version of these transcripts deleted all detainee statements about their ordeals.”

That was probably a stupid move by the Bush White House to omit anything from the transcripts because it clearly indicates that they feel that the techniques they used on these “animals” were cruel and that they are embarrassed. Well they shouldn’t be embarrassed — they should be proud that they were able to get vital information out of them — information that saved many thousands of lives. But no! Bush, who did the right thing initially, had to turn squeamish and ashamed.

Speaking of shame! Barack Obama should be ashamed of himself for allowing this outrage to go on. He’s the President of the United States — his primary job is to protect us from our enemies at home and abroad. Obama should be heaping praise on George Bush for keeping this country safe from a repeat attack for his entire term in office after 9/11/2001. But instead our president, at a recent press conference said:

“I am absolutely convinced (banning waterboarding) was the right thing to do, not because there might not have been information that was yielded by these various detainees who were subjected to this treatment, but because we could have gotten this information in other ways, in ways that were consistent with our values, in ways that were consistent with who we are.”

In case you’ve forgotten “who we are” Mr. President, we are Americans and Americans have always fought, using whatever means that were necessary, to protect their country from its enemies.

Its so easy to forget that these people who are called “detainees” are sworn enemies of this country — enemies of you and me — and, I don’t know about you — but when someone declares himself my enemy and threatens to kill me, its no holds bared from then on. If it saves one more life I say go and get Abu Zubaydah, drag him somewhere and waterboard him 83 more times.

Are we turning into a nation of wimps? Or have we already turned that corner?

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