On This Particular Super Tuesday . . . The Word is Change!


The “Go Along/Get Along” GOP Elite are wetting their pants at the thought of Donald Trump winning the GOP nomination for president.

They are spreading rumors that Trump will lose to Clinton in November but they know that will not happen. What they are really worried about is that 1) a President Trump will change the face of the Republican Party when he wins the presidency and 2) that a President Trump will change the meaning of “Conservative” when he wins the presidency.

Donald Trump represents change and that’s the one thing the “Conservative” Republicans don’t want and it’s the one thing the “Social Conservative” Republicans are loosing sleep over.

More than change, Donald Trump represents rebellion against that “Go Along/Get Along” mindset of the GOP elders.

We the voters need to fight back against that GOP Elite and their dirty tricks and lies.

We the voters need to give Donald Trump a big win in the Super Tuesday states . . . including here in Texas.

Trumps main competition on Super Tuesday, Ted Cruz and Mario Rubio are digging deep, trying to find something. . . anything that will kill off the Trump candidacy and they are resorting to dirty tricks, exaggerations, rumors, and misdirection.

Ask yourself: Are desperate, dirty tricksters Cruz and Rubio the kind of people you want leading this country?

The GOP Debate/Brawl from Houston


I watched the GOP Debate from Houston last night; actually it was more of a hands-off bar brawl than a debate.

What is accomplished when three people are talking loudly all at once? Well, it makes them all seem more like three kids arguing over an umpire’s call in their little league game than three educated, talented adults who are contending for the nomination as president of the most powerful country in the world.

The Washington Post was quick to coronate Marco Rubio as the winner in their online article this morning ; of course! They are now, and have been, the biggest supporters of establishment politicians and, while Rubio is not exactly who they wanted as their establishment candidate, he’s all they have since Jeb dropped out of the race.

The Post’s headline reads: “Rubio won the Republican debate by putting Trump on the defensive.” Were they even watching the same debate? Yes! They were referring to the same debate as I was watching, but their spin on Rubio’s performance was simply wishful thinking. Trump stood tall next to Rubio and refuted every attack (and there was a seemingly never ending barrage of attacks). In fact, the biggest laugh line of the evening was at Rubio’s expense; when Marco was badgering Trump about some Polish workers he had hired (and he apparently got into some legal trouble for hiring them) and then accused Trump of hiring illegal aliens, Trumps rejoinder was priceless: “I’m the only one on this stage that’s hired people. I’ve hired tens of thousands of people. You haven’t hired one person in your life!”

The Post article also implied that Cruz’s performance was too weak, which is a short-sighted analysis,. Cruz was smiling and enjoying the Rubio/Trump battle, no doubt hoping that they completely destroy each other, giving him a broader highway to the nomination. I do have to say that Cruz had nothing new to offer last night, and that probably hurt him.

Other great Trump rejoinders of the evening:

To Ted Cruz: “I get along with everybody, you get along with nobody. You don’t have the endorsement of one Republican senator and you work with these people!” (good point!)

To the audience: “These are desperate politicians who are being told to say these things.” (True!)

To Rubio and Cruz: “Keep fighting. Keep swinging for the fences”.

Governor Kasich was impressive last night; he would be a good, strong president (at least as good as the other main players) but it appears that he has a very weak following; almost as weak as Dr. Ben Carson.

Speaking of Ben Carson, I’ve joked to a few friends that electing Ben Carson as president would be like putting an intern in as lead physician during a brain surgery. The intern MIGHT be able to complete the surgery successfully, but it would put the patient in jeopardy. In the worlds of Domestic and International politics, Carson MIGHT be able to save the patient (that’s us) but it’s a hell of a chance to take.

The results of Super Tuesday will be fascinating! For my part, I voted on the first day of early voting . . . and almost immediately started having second thoughts.


As I was about to publish this post, Chris Christie endorsed Trump for president. He says he has no intention of running for any other elective office until he is finished as governor of New Jersey in 2017. Realistically, I think a nod as a vice presidential candidate under the presumed Republican GOP Candidate (Trump) would make him give that a second thought.


The Wisdom of the Deal


Back in December, on this blog , I came out strongly for Ted Cruz as my choice for the next resident at 1600 Pensylvania Ave. I’m not backing away from that position, but there are now new revelations that about his management style and his professional relationships that may be making many voters question the effectiveness of his presidency, should he be nominated and then elected.

No, I’m not buying anything negative that the mainstream media has to say about Ted Cruz nor do I believe most things that Donald Trump now has to say about Ted Cruz, especially his judgement that Cruz is “a nasty person.” Trump may, in fact, think he’s making a valid point when he implies that a politician, especially a president, has to make deals and you have to get along with those you work with. In fact, Trump is illustrating the difference between operating as a business man responsible for the bottom line of a company and operating as the nation’s chief-executive who has a direct responsibility for the physical, mental and financial well-being of the many millions of Americans who are his constituents and, at the same time, a responsibility to uphold his oath of office:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

If that is your sworn oath, there is not a lot of room for making deals and there is a great need to be very vigilant about who you are dealing with and what results a deal may bring about; there is also an absolute requirement that any deal made will preserve the United States Constitution.

Back in Kindergarten you get graded on your ability to “play well with others” (at least I was, way back then). Whoever created that learning milestone had an amazing amount of foresight into what makes a successfully “socialized” child who may grow up to be a successfully socialized adult. In that wonderful lesson, however, lies a fallacy. As an adult you also have a responsibility to make judgements about your actions and not assume that everyone in your “school yard” has a benevolent objective to their actions.

In the case of Ted Cruz,it appears that he is one of the “adults” in Congress and, as a discriminating adult, he is right not to “play well” with politicians who hold positions that go against his firmly-held beliefs or well-considered judgements. The question is: will the majority of American’s see Ted Cruz’  unwillingness to embrace the political establishment as the asset it is or will they just believe what they read in the newspapers.