Do you want Daddy Warbucks for President?


Mitt Romney has the lack of scruples, the burning desire, the money, and therefore the organization to buy the presidency and there may be no way to stop him.

But for his money, wisely used to saturate the media with masterful attack ads that feature gossip, innuendo and outright lies about his competitors, Mitt Romney would be an also ran.

He has a plastic personality highlighted by a completely insincere smile and, outside of the worlds of high-finance and Wall Street, Mitt no record of achievement. Mitt’s political experience as Governor of Massachusetts was, in the final analysis, lackluster and, in some areas a total failure. In the area of foreign policy — well, there is nothing there.

No doubt that Mitt Romney is a good family man and a kind and generous man and, did I mention, a rich man. Those are his qualifications for President of the United States.

Is that what this country needs, Daddy Warbucks as President?

Or does this country need someone who is a fighter, someone who is a visionary, someone who knows how Washington works, someone who is unpredictable enough to keep our nation’s enemies off balance?

I know who I would choose!