One China! Maybe not for long!



Since 1979, America has towed the line over China policy. Not one time in those 37 years has an American President made or taken a phone call to or from the then President of Taiwan. Correction: Not one time . . . until NOW!

The American news-media is busily manufacturing an international incident.

It was the news-media that turned a simple congratulatory phone call from Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen  (pictured above) to President-elect Trump, into an International incident and put the president-elect into a position where he had no choice but to fight back against the news-media’s hyperbole. Did they really expect Trump to say: “Hey! About all that stuff I said when I ran for president; I was only kidding?”

Make no mistake about it . . . the Liberal news media obviously did not want Donald J Trump to win his election and now after he did win, they will do everything they can to assure that he fails. That’s how stupid and egocentric Liberal journalists and commentators are! After a long 18 month lead-up to an election and after the American People have spoken up and elected Donald Trump, they still believe that their opinions and biases will make a difference to the American electorate. These people do not seem to understand that our newly elected president has millions of Americans rooting for him and wanting him to shake up the policies that have threatened the American economy and America’s very sovereignty.

Diplomats and politicians, Chinese as well as American, will eventually wake up to the fact that on January 20, 2017 there will begin a new era in American foreign relations. On that date when President-elect Trump becomes President Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the United States we will have a president who is proud to proclaim that he is an “America First” president. And it’s about damn time!

We may not be the richest country on earth (we’re #11, behind Hong Kong), but we are the most powerful, the most benevolent, absolutely the freest and, as far as most Americans are concerned, the very best!

Paul Ryan’s Conservative Arrogance


Here’s a Washington Post headline from this afternoon:

“Paul Ryan, House GOP leadership team split on supporting Trump”

That’s not really news, it’s been going on since the day after Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee.

Politicians are arrogant by their very nature and this is Conservative arrogance at its most potent!

Paul Ryan and the GOP elite are essentially telling America’s Republican Primary voters that they voted for the wrong man, that they wasted their vote. These “never Trumpers” certainly have a right to personally dislike the man who will be leading THEIR PARTY through the election cycle after the Convention, but one would think that responsible elected Republican leaders would at least appear to rally around the people’s choice for the nomination, for the sake of the party if for no other reason.

One would think that! But when the Speaker of The House Of Representatives goes on television and announces his personal opposition to Donald Trump and essentially tells the millions of people who voted for him that they have it all wrong, he’s committing a form of political treason by giving the presumptive Democratic nominee an advantage over his own party’s nominee.

If Rep.Paul Ryan continues making public pronouncements like this last one, one can only hope that the Republican voters in his home state of Wisconsin will remember his arrogant words and actions when he’s running for reelection.

Personally, I can see no path to victory for Hillary Clinton in November . . . but then I also bet against Obama’s second term. I was blind to how it could possibly happen. I guess I need to retake the ‘Prophet 101’ home-study course.

My Considered Choice: Ted Cruz


What the Republican Party needs, if it hopes to defeat the ‘Illogical Left’ in 2016 is a candidate who values (and espouses) a rational plan to return the United States to its positions of economic and military leadership in a world that appears to be lost and uncertain in the wake of a weak and floundering central government.

A Democratic victory in the U.S. Presidential Election in November of 2016 would be disastrous to the United States, to the few countries we can still count on as allies and to the world’s economy.

I firmly believe that what the Republican Party, The United States and ultimately the world needs is a safe and strong United States that stands un-intimidated in the face of dictators and in the face of the rabble who are attempting to destroy all the underpinnings of a civilized world in the name of the most brutal aspects of their religion. Anything less than a return to sanity in Washington, on ‘Main Street’ and on Wall Street and the rebuilding of a strong American military that reflects the traditional values of the United States will not be enough to save us from the uncertain future we face today.

Soft-spoken, intelligent Ben Carson is certainly capable of learning what he needs to know to run the country, but, relatively speaking, if elected, he would be like a first-year medical student doing brain surgery.

Donald Trump is undoubtedly a very successful entrepreneur who, as president, would most likely be able to understand and control our currently out of control economy, but it appears that, as our ‘really great president’, the United States Constitution would rapidly be replaced by a still unwritten tome titled ‘The World According To Donald Trump’; the problem is, that isn’t the way the world or the United States works.

So who is this leader that can restore America to greatness? My hopes are on Ted Cruz.

Originally, in this blog, I boosted Donald Trump and then Ben Carson. They are both good men who share my vision of a safe, strong, powerful United States. Why then this shift to Ted Cruz? Ted Cruz also shares my visions for America and, as a sitting United States Senator (TX) he has proven to oppose the business-as-usual, just-for-profit, anything to get reelected mentality of many (most?) members of Congress. Also, as a sitting member of Congress, he has valuable insights into how our government works now and, more importantly, what can be done to make it work better for the American citizen/taxpayer. This “insider” advantage, combined with his commonsense, anti-establishment, ‘politically incorrect’ positions on the important topics of National Defense, the economy and public welfare makes him preferable to Ben Carson or Donald Trump.

NOTE: Ted Cruz is currently also being touted as the ‘flavor-of-the-month’ for Evangelical voters. As long as his religious beliefs have a negligible effect on his important positions and he continues to quote from the Constitution and not from some religious text, I’m alright with that.

Recommended Reading:

All about Ted Cruz : Follow the links for his Bio, his philosophy, his positions and more.

W.P. Wonk Blog: The Washington Post publishes the “Wonk Blog” on a regular basis, a current post on that blog is “A guide to what Ted Cruz really believes” . While the Washington Post is not a big fan of Ted Cruz (or any Republican) their ‘Guide to Ted Cruz’ is an interesting and apparently fair look at Ted Cruz’ positions relative to Donald Trump and other Republicans.

Immigration, Inequity Is Thy Name


Following is a quote from Eric Hoffer: the “longshoreman philosopher” (1902 – 1983):

“The Jews are a peculiar people: Things permitted to other nations are forbidden to the Jews.

Other nations drive out thousands, even millions of people, and there is no refugee problem. Russia did it. Poland and Czechoslovakia did it. Turkey threw out a million Greeks and Algeria a million Frenchmen. Indonesia threw out heaven knows how many Chinese–and no one says a word about refugees.

But in the case of Israel, the displaced Arabs have become eternal refugees. Everyone insists that Israel must take back every single Arab. Arnold Toynbee calls the displacement of the Arabs an atrocity greater than any committed by the Nazis. Other nations when victorious on the battlefield dictate peace terms. But when Israel is victorious it must sue for peace.”

Ironic? Yes! Tragic? Yes! Beside the point of this post? Yes, I must admit it is not a quote that enhances the point of the text where it has been placed. It does, however, make a greater point that needs to be emphasized; ‘life is, and always will be, full of inequities.’

The Israeli and American situations are similar — but different in that, in the case of Israel the world is the unreasonable accuser and in the case of America it is a particular political class of Americans who are saying “Shame! Shame on you!” when the deportation of people here illegally is proposed.

One might say that America’s immigration problem is America’s own fault.The American ego,because of the success of Capitalism, led us to become the most charitable nation on earth; a state of mind that can only exist for a finite period of time before the eternal realities of supply and demand must kick in. Now we are at the point where more and more rational people (most Conservative Republicans, some Independents, some Libertarians and a spare handful of Liberal Democrats) have concluded that if we keep it up (“it” being our excessive spending and our reckless compassion) our economy will fail. That failure has already begun.

I know the term I used “reckless compassion” may seem cold and even “un-American” but that is exactly what it is when a country, or even an individual, opens up the checkbook and the wallet to those who appear genuinely needy without regard for it’s/their own essential legal and financial obligations.

Sometimes in the life of every individual, organization and government entity, ‘feel-good’ charitable behavior must be curtailed to meet obligations. In some cases, charitable behavior may be nothing more than the enabling of irresponsible or thoughtless behaviors but, granted, in most cases it is probably a valuable help to the recipient. That aside, in every case, real spending beyond genuine hard limits is irresponsible.

This does not even take into account the fact that with virtually uncontrolled immigration, the United States is losing its very sovereignty.

Presidential candidates in the Republican Party are pretty much unanimous in their realization that we have to do “something” but, as with most issues, the “what” proposed by each candidate is quite different from all the others. The ultimate solution, as proposed by Donald Trump, is so bold that it not being seriously considered by many Americans or by the other candidates. Mr.Trump is proposing that all 11.5 million illegal immigrants (probably more like 13 or 14 million) either be deported or, having been denied access to the generosity of the government and the community, they will leave with no incentive to stay.

In my view, with a single-minded determination at work, the Trump ‘endgame’ is the only solution to the problem; how we get there is another matter. With the strict denial of government handouts and the illegal immigrant’s inability to find work, we may not even need a very large wall on the border.


A Trump Too Far


There is no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump is very right about the problems that need to be solved to “Make America Great Again.”

Illegal immigration; our weak military, the reckless, un-enforceable, likely disasterous Iranian nuclear “deal” with Iran, our non-response to China’s underhanded currency manipulation and trade practices, our far-too-weak military,  and our shoddy treatment of our allies in Europe and the middle-east among probably a dozen other things; EVERY ONE of which can be directly laid on the desk of President Barak Hussain Obama; Donald Trump is right about that also!

Donald Trump is at the top of the polls because he speaks to the mind of the common American who is fed up with our inept president, the entire Democratic party, and the weak, mindless, lying leaders of the Republican party who seem to be as anxious as President Obama to see this country turned into a third-world nation. These “establishment” politicians who are running the show in our nation’s capitol are almost as dangerous as Iran’s Supreme Leader and as dangerous and unstable as that “supreme leader” may be President Obama may be worse because he is a smooth, lying, undercover-jihadist who has intentionally allowed all of the aforementioned problems to grow and fester with the ultimate goal of the destruction of our country and system of government. He is the Manchurian Candidate of the 21st Century.

That’s a lot of accusations and if I’m wrong about any of them, please show me where I am wrong.

I don’t believe I am wrong and I believe Donald Trump is absolutely right.

So why is this post (the 416th post on ‘My View From the Center’) titled “A Trump Too Far”? It took me a while to realize it, but Donald Trump is acting immature and, reckless and, unless he gets a personality transplant, he may kill his chance to lead.

Trump says, in effect, he can’t be silent while someone is mocking him or insulting him. He obviously never attended a public school and was never counseled on appropriate public behavior or given any anger management training.

Jorge Ramos of Univision, TV reporter Megyn Kelly, Lindsey Graham and most of his fellow candidates for the Republican nomination have been insulted and ridiculed and called names by Trump and this juvenile behavior will eventually take its toll on his popularity. People realize he is right on the issues facing the United States, but they will soon realize that his childlike behavior, if it is moved to the “world stage,” may cause serious problems for a country that (thanks to the Democratic party and Presidents Bush and Obama) is ill prepared to defend itself in an extended conflict.

Mr Trump, you could be the savior of this once strong, still a proud nation, but unless you stop your tantrums and tone down your personal attacks you may never have the chance to step into that role.

Stick with the issues and develop a ‘thicker skin!’

Kim Jong Trump


I think I’m beginning to “O.D.” on Donald Trump and it is more the fault of the news media in general, and specifically the fault of “NewsMax”, then it is the fault of Donald Trump or his campaign staff. I don’t know if Trump owns a large piece of NewsMax or not, but that periodical’s major obsession with his campaign makes it seem like he is either an owner or a ‘favorite son.’

And it’s not just NewsMax!

There are constant, tiring repetitions all over the media, in word and video, of Trump’s admittedly whiny behavior. (His whining about fair treatment frankly  made me think of that immature brat that runs North Korea, Kim Jong what-his-name). Trump thinks he has the Republican party over a barrel, and maybe he does! He’s apparently still the Republican electorate’s choice in the crowded field (and he’s still my choice) but if he has me wondering about his behavior (me, an early and avid backer and big fan of his straight talking no he might be committing ‘suicide by media’.

I love what Trump has to say about Iran, Mexico, China, Obama and the many other dumb-ass professional politicians in Washington. He makes sense and his utter disdain for political correctness is like a cool breeze in this hot Summer weather. He’s the angry, fed-up voice of many millions of voters but right now it seems as if he is getting too much press coverage.

Go Donald GO!


We finally have a presidential candidate who understands what the United States is becoming under the Obama administration and under Liberals in both parties and he’s declared war on the establishment!

The establishment that is allowing our country to be invaded by foreigners who ignore our immigration laws because they know that our leaders are soft and our president has no respect for our country, its laws, our borders or our national sovereignty. They know that our leaders are more interested in gaining the love and praise of the Liberal media than they are in maintaining the security and stability of our country’s borders.

The establishment that has our military nuetered and declawed for fear of making our enemies feel like endangered species; the endangered species they should be in a civilized world and the endangered species they will become if the American public has the intestinal fortitude to elect a president in 2016 who says “enough is enough” — a president like Donald Trump.

Yes, Trump has stepped on some toes and angered many candidates, but anger from Liberals and from Conservatives who are more Liberal than they are Conservative is to be expected when you speak the plain unvarnished truth as Trump is doing.

On John McCain: Trump was too brash and frankly wrong when he spoke out against John McCain, who certainly WAS a hero as is every other soldier who puts on a uniform and risks his or her life by fighting America’s enemies. That was not the John McCain Trump should have been going after; the John McCain, who, as a Senator and the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has NOT raised enough holy Hell about the treatment of our veterans to get the system changed is the McCain who deserves his and our wrath. The McCain who in his fifth term as Senator is so enmeshed in the Washington bureaucracy, he has become impotent.

America, now in its darkest hours because of a president who is far more anti-American than he is patriotic, needs a man like Donald Trump. Trump is not part of the Washington establishment and he speaks his mind — and, if you’ve been listening, you’ll realize that almost all of what he is saying not only makes sense, but it is a way to save our country after the last decade of its decay.