Beck: Only hookers need Planned Parenthood


The quote in the title is the headline (title) of a Huffington Post article paraphrasing Glenn Beck as he made fun of Lawrence O’Donnell for his tearful plea for Planned Parenthood.

OK! These guys hate each other and when they are trading insults there is sure to be lots of bloviation (hat tip to Bill O’Reilly) and overstatement. In other words, ignore the pompas asses until they can put some logic behind their rants in place of their emotions and personal preferences.

Beck’s implied statement that only hookers need Planned Parenthood is a gross exaggeration and he knows it but then that’s his job: to exaggerate the truth and make his listeners happy. Thousands of women, men, couples and teens (teens who have a disinterested, distant or non-existent family structure) use planned parenthood for advise, testing and other services.

The fact is, people like Beck, Palin and many others who spout their anti-abortion rhetoric are religious extremists who live somewhere other than with the common, ordinary people who have to deal with issues like unwanted pregnancies and contraception. Moralists are very bad neighbors and are even worse when they have access to the media.

If there is anything “bad” about Planned Parenthood it is that (according to their 2010 Annual Report) 1/3 of their funding is provided by our Federal tax dollars, and some taxpayers don’t want their money going to Planned Parenthood.

Well folks, lets get real! There are thousands of ongoing projects across the U.S. that WE are paying for and I would bet that if given a list of these projets you could find hundreds that you don’t wish to pay for. So what’s different about Planned Parenthood?

They directly and indirectly provide abortions.

It’s good to remember that in-spite of the very vocal anti-abortionists who wish they could inject their morality directly into the bloodstream of America, abortion is legal and if there is any justice left in the three branches of the United States government, it will remain legal.

The tragedy would be allowing the government to interdict the free will of a pregnant woman.