Will the Real President Obama Please Stand Up



There’s no way around this. Democrats in the White House and on Capitol Hill have just perpetrated the most criminal rip-off in the history of this country on the American people. And with its passage now a certainty, the only thing left to do is to start working on getting it repealed.

So writes Dan Calabrese* in an article in the North Star National — and he’s right!

With total disregard for public opinion and with a level of corruption, secrecy and deceit that can only be characterized as blatent and willfull, legislation that seems designed to assure the eventual government takeover of healthcare providers and insurers is all but signed. Fortunately, however, this does not have to be the final chapter in this Orwellian epic.

Mr. Calabrese, in his article, proposes specific actions that he feels will eventually lead to: first, the destruction of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives and the leveling of power in the Senate and then, he writes, the Republicans need to “put unbearable pressure on President Obama (and) create a political environment in which, if he resists popular reforms to his signature act of governance, he sets himself up for an electoral disaster in 2012.”

Calabrese’s proposal suggests that Obama may destroy his own creation just to retain power in 2012! Maybe but more likely not!

President Obama is, in a way, an enigma. The way I see it, Obama may not be just a stereotypical politician who’s primary interest is reelection; there is a very real possibility that he is a true believer in the tenent that lies beneath Statism, i.e., a society functions best and most fairly with economic controls and planning in the hands of a highly centralized government.

The evidence that Obama is a true believer in Statism is clear. Who but a ‘true believer’ would totally ignore: the destruction of his country’s currency on the world market and then continue to raise the debt limit; record high unemployment; the obvious devastating effect of the massive illegal alien population on employment and government services; and sensible fixes that would stabilize the health insurance market . . . and instead concentrate his efforts on: the creation of a larger government bureaucracy; the virtual dismantling of the health insurance industry; the potentially disasterous Cap and Trade regulations that will do nothing to curb the earth’s normal cooling and heating cycles but will reek financial havoc on business, industry and, to a large extent on the entire population; and support of a Card Check policy that will most likely lead to the eventual unionization of all business and industry.

No, I certainly don’t believe that President Obama is your stereotypical politician; I do however believe that he is a visionary . . . but his vision is of a United States that in no way resembles the United States envisioned by the founders, by his predecessors or by the majority of the American people.

I have proposed in e-mails, to anyone who will listen, that legislation like Healthcare, Cap and Trade and Card Check . . . legislation that will effect every American, should be, by law, put up for an up or down vote in a special national election after it is signed and at least 3 months before it is scheduled to take effect. A NO vote by the majority of the American people should be considered a veto . . . a veto that can only be overturned by another national election. Unfortunately it appears that no one is listening!

* Dan Calabrese is the Editor in Chief of The North Star National, the publication of the North Star Writers Group syndicate which has been serving newspapers with high-quality opinion pieces since 1985.

Barack Obama: The Man vs. The President


ALT TITLE The uproar over President Obama’s proposed “Welcome Back To School” broadcast, is really telling and I hope its telling him something: i.e., ‘People don’t trust me!’

These excerpts from an article in the The Detroit Free Press indicates, there is a lot of concern from parents and the schools over what Obama might say:

“When President Barack Obama gives a televised address to students in schools across the country on Tuesday, some metro Detroit school districts won’t be broadcasting it.

Districts throughout the suburbs have been hit with complaints from parents who are worried about their children hearing a message from Obama that they won’t have a chance to preview.

. . . . .

“Mike Reno, a member of the Rochester Board of Education, said the idea behind the message is noble, but the timing is bad because of the politically charged climate.”

Its a shame really but he did get himself into this “politically charged” situation with all of his flim-flam tactics on healthcare and his ‘economy-destroying-in-the-name-of-Green’ Cap and Trade proposal. How can you trust someone who shows absolutely no regard for American traditions, American institutions, the core of hard-working American taxpayers or the free enterprise system that made this country the riches country on earth.

If our last Democratic president, President Bill Clinton, would have proposed an opening day message to students, there would have been very little fuss by Conservative politicians or Conservative parents. Clinton may have had some different political views from these Conservatives but he was not a radical and no one would even hint at any radical ideas coming from his mouth in a broadcast to school children. President Obama, however, is a different story.

I imagine that Barack Obama, the man, is a very nice person who means well. He seems funny and caring which are great personal attributes but in his current position he is not Barack Obama the man, he is President Barack Obama, a president who only seems to care about the small minority of Americans who have trouble getting through life. Nothing wrong with caring about that minority but it is very wrong to care ONLY about them at a considerable expense to those who are not troubled, those who provide the ‘fuel’ for the ‘engine’ that drives our economy.

Barack Obama the man also cares a great deal about the environment and has become a deciple of Al Gore who believes, like Chicken Little, that the sky is falling (possibly tomorrow). Again, nothing wrong with Barack Obama the man wanting to keep air pollution at a minimum! President Barack Obama, however, needs to exercise some common sense judgement and not try to save the environment all at once and virtually shut down all industry while doing it. He is the president of an industrial society and he needs to understand that any industrial society will do some damage to the environment just by existing. Any problems that manufacturing and industry are causing to the environment, however, are very small and can be adequately addressed over the long term. And that is a big part of President Obama’s problem, he, like some little kid, wants everything NOW! More to the point — he wants credit for everything NOW.

For those who care about America’s “image” in the world, its wonderful having a black man as president — it shows the world just how diverse and open minded our society is; how will it look, however, when this black American president drives our economy into the ground?

Out-of-Focus Healthcare


ALT TITLE You hear many bad things about Socialized Medicine (aka, Government-run healthcare), such as this article from the Heritage Foundation and, on the other hand, you hear many good things, such as this article in the Las Vegas Sun newspaper; so who do you believe?

You can believe this: everyone will always try to sell you their “bill of goods” and will always malign the competition. You can also believe that many true “horror stories” have arisen from the current U.S. healthcare system, just as they have from the Canadian, British, German, etc. systems of socialized medicine. But the important thing to remember is that all of the above is, in the end, unimportant because it distracts us from the one important issue: freedom to choose! Under any government-run healthcare plan (even if it begins as just an “option”) we will loose our freedom to choose.

Up until now, our healthcare has been a matter of individual choice. If you want health insurance you can have it — if you don’t you can opt out. If you like HMOs or public clinics or private doctors or faith healers or any other type of healthcare provider, its your choice.

With a government controlled healthcare system your choices will, no doubt, be limited, you MAY be forced into purchasing health insurance even if you don’t want it, you MAY be funding abortions, you MAY be paying for healthcare for millions of people who are in this country illegally, you MAY see what the Obama Administration calls the “Public Option” be the ONLY option when, in the end, health insurance providers can’t compete with a government system that doesn’t require a profit or even balanced account books.

Why all the MAYs in the above paragraph? Limbaugh, Hannity, and all the other Conservative pundits always tell you “it’s in the plan” but they’re selling their own bill of goods. It’s NOT in the plan because there IS NO PLAN! Everything up until now has been proposed and it’ll stay proposed until a piece of legislation has passed the House, has been modified and agreed to by the Senate and the House and reaches the president’s desk.


That must NOT happen while we have people in powerful positions in the Legislature who drool over the prospect of turning the United States into a model European country. That must NOT happen while we have a president who is so out-of-focus he has forgotten everything he must have learned about American history, American traditions and the free-market economic systems that made the United States into the richest, most powerful country in the world.

“Leveling the playing field” and “Economic Justice” are two phrases President Obama used when he was running for president (he also threw in a comment about the Supreme Court’s inability to address “redistribution of wealth”) and these are the phrases that made it crystal clear what direction he wanted to take this country; I said that during his campaign in this post and every proposal he has come up with has proven me right.

Yes the current system of healthcare has some major problems that are driving up the costs to healthcare consumers and, with the Federal government’s help those problems could be fixed — but not right now! With President Barack Obama in office, a fix MAY not be possible until he learns to focus and remember that he is the president of the United States and in the United States it is the people who are free to choose and who have the right to choose well or choose poorly; in the United States, it is the government’s responsibility to protect that right.

Healthcare: It’s Time To Question The Premise!



To begin: An excerpt from a discussion about National Health Care that frames my argument.

“Beyond the political and economic considerations in the debate regarding national health care are questions of whether citizens in the United States possess the right to such care. Few people question that Congress has the power, both under the Commerce Clause and Spending Clause of the Constitution, to enact national healthcare legislation, but some maintain that health is one of the basic Human Rights that the Constitution impliedly protects. Other commentators disagree strongly, noting that no citizen has the inherent right to health care and that health care providers deserve to be paid the market value for their services. Other critics add that the intervention required of the government in a national health-care system would make citizens too dependent upon the state, which could lead the government to take excessive control over its citizens’ lives.”

The cost of the proposals made by the Obama administrations for their healthcare solutions are so high they are almost beyond the comprehension of the average citizen, and “We The People” have gotten so involved in these numbers that we seem to have lost sight of the big picture — the Real Problem.

We have a President of the United States with a goal! He genuinely worries about certain aspects of life in the United States — one of which is healthcare — and he will do virtually anything to correct things that he feels need to be corrected.

What can a president of the United States do?

Many things! This president, however, apparently believes that the only answer to America’s problems is expanding the scope and power of the government; i.e., smothering perceived problems in a layer of bureaucratic control!

Consider the ramifications of that and then ask yourself: is that what YOU want? Do you want the U.S. Government to be able to dictate to individuals and private companies how they run their lives and businesses? Does that, in the context of the United States, even sound right?

Well, in the case of proposed healthcare legislation, that’s exactly what our government is attempting to do to citizens and to insurance companies (and what they are attempting to do to virtually every other business and industry with the proposed Cap and Trade legislation); and it looks like they will get away with it unless they are challenged.

Yes the people are starting to rise up at Town-Hall meetings all over the country; they are starting to ask questions and are getting very angry when all they get in return are scripted responses. There are, however, two types of people at these meetings: There are those who have accepted the premise and are only angry over the details (i.e., the what are you going to do for me mentality) and there are growing numbers who are angry about a president, a legislature and an administration that has displayed this much arrogance and this much contempt for its citizens and for private industry; these are the people who understand the Real Problem in the healthcare debate.

The Real Problem is not that Obama is willing to weaken our economy even more by adding billions per year to our already large debt (yesterday he spoke of the money as if it were ONLY $ ten billion per year) — that is a symptom or a possible result of the proposed solutions but that is not the Real Problem.

The Real Problem is threefold:

1) President Obama has a name for it: “crisis!” This is not just a debating trick this is the real Barack Obama — the community organizer from the Saul Alinski school of community organizing. Words are important and as a “crisis,” the healthcare situation appears to move up several notches in urgency and this gives the Obama administration an excuse to use the power of government to correct it. Obama is ‘selling’ this concept of healthcare being in a crisis mode and many Americans are ‘buying it.’

2) President Obama, and Liberal thinkers in general, as I said before, see more government as the ONLY solution to this (or any) problem;

3) President Obama does not seem to understand, on any level, that a primary cause of America’s healthcare problem (and many other social problems in this country) is TOO MUCH government — not too little. (A perfect example of this: One of the key factors that started our current economic recession was government ‘encouraging’ banks to make sub-prime home loans.)

Its time — way past time — for us to stop focusing on the details and the cost of the Obama administrations proposals and start challenging the very premise! The premise that government should be allowed to run roughshod over individuals and over the free-market.

The legislature has the power to make laws that give the government much more power than the Constitution allows and, if those laws go unchallenged, “We The People” becomes a meaningless phrase — a relic of what this country used to be because “We The People” will have lost our country to an ever expanding government.


American Thinker: Why the Mortgage Crisis Happened

The Legal Dictionary: National Health Care

Wikipedia: Saul Alinski

A Tax, By Any Other Name, Still Stinks



When candidate Obama promised, over and over again, not to raise taxes on the “middle class” it was a clear warning sign to business and industry; a sign that was totally ignored by millions, that he was about to wage a personal war against the free enterprise system. At the same time as Obama was preparing for this war he displaying his total ignorance of how the government and the economy work.

Every new tax and every new regulation that is imposed on business represents a cost that will eventually be paid for by the taxpayers (including the ‘middle class’) through the increased costs of goods and services.

Every dollar that goes to some senator’s or congressman’s pet project (and there have been trillions spent in that way) is a cost to the government that will be paid for by taxpayers — ALL the taxpayers.

Every day, some number of companies in every industry, reach the point where they are about to close their doors due to mismanagement, inadequate response to changes in the marketplace or government over regulation in the name of a “greener tomorrow”. Every company that is ‘bailed out’ of this eminent collapse is a huge cost to government and, since the government has no money except ours, it is a huge cost to taxpayers — yes, including those in the “middle class.” Yes! Attack the crooks, the frauds and phonies who steal peoples money to line their own pockets but leave the rest of business and industry alone. Just as in the jungle, in business the strongest will survive, the weakest will surrender and die. That’s one ‘natural selection’ process that can’t even be debated.

The Obama administration inherited a weak economy and a huge deficit, no argument there! George Bush’s administration was strong on National Defense but failed terribly on economic matters. Be that as it may, it is a total mystery to me (and many others), why the government decided to attack this problem by massively increasing that deficit or by making it harder for business and industry — the very engines of our economy — to do what they do best.

Perhaps I shouldn’t imply that it is a “total mystery” to me why this is happening. President Obama is a firm and strong believer in large government and total control. It is imperitive that everyone understand what Obama believes and where that belief system will lead the United States.

A Bit Of Good News

Obama’s plan for healthcare Reform is also a plan that will cost middle class Americans, although it has not been framed like that by the Obama administration but here’s some good news: A Charles Krauthammer article, reprinted in the Kansas City Star (linked below) predicts that Obama’s plans for a massive overhaul (upheavel) in the healthcare system may be all but dead; here’s an excerpt from the article:

By year’s end, President Barack Obama will emerge with something he can call health care reform. The Democrats in Congress will pass it because they must. Otherwise, they’ll have slain their own savior in his first year in office.

But that bill will look nothing like the massive reform Obama originally intended. The beginning of the retreat was signaled by Obama’s reference — made five times — to “health-insurance reform” in his July 22 news conference.

Reforming the health care system is dead. Cause of death? Blunt trauma administered by the green eyeshades at the Congressional Budget Office.


CNNMoney.com: Obama’s tax promise: Too tall an order

OneNewsNow: Obama’s tax increase hammers middle-income Americans

Kansas City Star: Obamacare developing into insurance changes

Petition: Stopping Obamacare



So far, nearly three-quarters of a million people have signed an online petition designed to let our congress know that they (we) don’t want a government controlled/government run healthcare system.

We have seen what happens to EVERY government social program (e.g., social security): they go broke because the congress has no idea what the words “trust fund” mean. We have seen and heard the horror stories created by the National Healthcare systems in Canada and Britain we don’t need to emulate systems like that; but now our legislators are proposing a system that will do just that; it will force insurance (THEIR insurance) down our throats, increase everyone’s financial burden, put thousands of people in hospice-care situations and, in general, take away control of our own healthcare decisions.

Our current healthcare system IS NOT BROKE and doesn’t need to be trashed and replaced. The current system has some problems — no doubt about that — but most of the problems have either been caused by the U.S. government’s meddling and/or could easily be fixed with some sensible legislation.

The online petition is at http://freeourhealthcarenow.com/. It specifies some basics for any healthcare legislation:

  • Choice: The right of individuals to choose their own doctor and health insurance provider based on their own individual and family needs.
  • Access: Patient-centered, not government-centered healthcare.
  • Fairness: Fair taxation (and tax breaks) for individuals who buy their own insurance.
  • Responsibility: Individual control over healthcare decisions and portability of insurance.

This petition, admittedly, does not say everything we as individuals want to say but it sends a sure signal to Congress that we don’t want Canadian or British healthcare — we want healthcare that is controlled by a patient and his or her physician.

If we can get congress to (1) trash that abominable, bureaucratic mess that is working its way through the legislature, (2) start listening to their constituents instead of the Obama-controlled robots that are in charge, and (3) understand that the government is the real problem, we might get some intelligent healthcare reform.

Please sign the petition! Go to: http://freeourhealthcarenow.com/.