Huckabee and the Law


Huffington Post Headline: “Mike Huckabee On Kim Davis: Obey The Law Only ‘If It’s Right'”
(The GOP presidential hopeful wants citizens to disobey the Supreme Court ruling.)

Mike (God is my Vice President) Huckabee, already out of the running for president, except in the eyes of the most other-worldly Evangelicals), has now effectively trashed his credibility as a presidential candidate.

“Only if it’s right,” Huck? In whose eyes?

There are many thousands of American’s who still think that, in spite of existing laws, openly selling highly-addictive drugs to all who want them is ‘right.’ Should they just go ahead and do their thing? Go ahead and break the law because they don’t think it’s ‘RIGHT?’

Of course not; and I know Huck would agree with me on that because that could not, even in a Disney movie, be depicted as a victimless crime. But neither is the crime that Huck is so readily encouraging his minions to commit, a victimless crime; the crime of taking away the legal rights of tens-of-thousands of gay Americans because HE and his church disagree with their lifestyle.

For everyone, except those with their eyes firmly closed, it’s obvious that the “Free Exercise Clause” of the First Amendment was being misinterpreted as permission to mess with the lives and Constitutional rights of those who fall outside of “accepted religious belief and ritual.”

When Justice Kennedy’s majority opinion was written into law, the Supreme Court was recognizing and responding to the fact that the clear majority of states (37 out of 50) had already legalized gay marriage; but it’s pure folly to hope that the religious far Right will ever agree with the clear (and growing) majority on the subject of religion.

Speaking of the Religious Far Right: Justice Scalia, in the meantime, is bouncing off the walls. Scalia’s dissenting opinion is a scathing attack; surprisingly not attacking the majority opinion itself, but attacking the right of the Supreme Court to write that or any opinion into law.

Following is an excerpt from “The Big Think”┬átitled: “Scalia’s Dissent in the Gay Marriage Ruling is a Dangerous Attack on American Democracy Itself:”

“(Scalia) is rejecting the very right of the Supreme Court on which he sits to adjudicate disputes where the answer requires interpretation of the Constitution, (which is of course precisely what the court did when it interpreted the Second Amendment to enshrine the personal right to own guns, an opinion Scalia wrote), a role that has proven to be a corner stone of American democracy. Because he is upset by this ruling (legalizing gay marriage), Justice Scalia directly rejects the authority of the court itself.”

This is the equivalent of a judicial nervous breakdown, as is illustrated by this excerpt directly from Scalia’s minority opinion:

“… the Federal Judiciary, which consists of only nine men and women, all of them successful lawyers, is hardly a cross-section of America. Take, for example, this court, which consist of only nine men and women, successful lawyers who studied at Harvard or Yale law school. Four of the nine are natives of New York City. Eight of them grew up in east- and west-coast States. Only one hails from the vast expanse in-between. Not a single Southwesterner or even, to tell the truth, a genuine Westerner. (California does not count.) Not a single Evangelical Christian (a group that comprises about one quarter of Americans) or even a Protestant of any denomination. … To allow the policy question of same-sex marriage to be considered and resolved by a select, patrician, highly unrepresentative panel of nine is to violate a principle even more fundamental than no taxation without representation: no social transformation without representation.”

How about that as an example of allowing personal opinion to trash the rights of others and even the right of the Supreme Court to exist.

That said, I can’t help but agree with his unstated accusations that 1)┬áThe concept of Supreme Court Justice For LIFE is one that needs a closer look and 2) The Supreme Court inserting itself into the question of marriage is ludicrous.

Huckabee in La-La-Land


Mike Huckabee has threatened to “Leave the Republican Party” if the GOP does not actively, openly and loudly oppose gay marriage.

It wouldn’t be a big loss for the GOP if Huckabee leaves and takes his few thousand homophobic followers with him. In fact it would be a plus for the GOP to be rid of someone who is so blind to America’s problems that he is willing to desert the party that is America’s best hope over a non-issue like Gay Marriage.

Hey Mike, how about pushing the GOP to take meaningful positions on stuff like the threat of radical Islam, American terrorists, the potential Ebola crisis, the disgraceful National debt, America’s ever weakening military might, the growing distrust of our allies (if we have any left after 6 years of Obama), the government’s rejection of the Free Market (the very system that once made us the most powerful nation on earth), the massive influx of illegal aliens that is being ignored by this administration when it is not being encouraged by this administration, or the government’s refusal to take advantage of our natural oil and gas resources to free us from dependence on foreign energy, Or maybe you could urge the GOP to do something simpler like getting Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi freed from the Ciudad, Mexico jail where he’s been rotting away for the past four months for no real reason.

No Mike, gay marriage will not destroy America but people like you will unless you get your heads out of the sand and focus on real problems.

The social issues and religious mandates you push don’t belong on any national agenda. All the Christian values like worship, respect, humility, honesty, morality, generosity, forgiveness, and all the other Christ-like virtues are absolutely wonderful for personal and spiritual growth and personal relationships but our country is dealing with brutal enemies, deadly disease and poor leadership; things that we can’t pray away. You are a politician, you should know better.

Economic Stimulus Checks: Do They Help?


On Saturday morning’s Fox and Friends show (11/8/08), former Governor Mike Huckabee made the statement that an economic stimulus package doesn’t help the American economy — he gave an example of the last round of $600.00 checks that were sent out and stated that ‘the only economy that was stimulated was China’s’. He’s partially right but, in a large part wrong.

True that we essentially borrowed the money from China to finance the stimulus and true we’ll be paying it back with interest but his assertion that our (consumer) use of the money only benefited China was pretty far off.

Money Not Spent Wisely Is Still Money Spent

What should have happened when taxpayers received their money was quite different from what did happen.

People had planned to use their money wisely: to pay off past-due bills, catch up with their rent, save some, get ahead on car or mortgage payments, buy some things they needed (or just wanted) that they couldn’t afford before, tuck a few bucks away in savings accounts as a reserve toward emergencies, help out friends or family members who needed it, donate some to charities, and the list goes on.

What actually happened was a bit different: People went on a consumer binge; they bought new “toys,” i.e., computers and appliances that weren’t really needed but wanted, money was spent on restaurant meals, movies, cosmetics, new clothes, jewelry, books and actual ‘toys’ for their kids, and etc.

The point is, money not spent wisely is still money spent; money spent in department stores, electronics stores, book stores, movie theatres, toy stores and restaurants did exactly what it was supposed to do, it stimulated local economies. But it did more than that, it made people happy and even optimistic.

Benefit to China?

Getting back to my original contention: it is the American taxpayer and American business who benefited. Lets say that half of the money spent by consumers from those stimulus checks went to purchase items made in China — those items were long since paid for by American businesses and were marked up for a profit to American businesses — there was no real stimulus for China when they were purchased and a great stimulus for American business.

A Minority of One?

I am admittedly in the minority! If you search the news or the blogs (starting with the links at the end of this post) for “stimulus checks” you will see a lot of negativity. This is, however, my POV and it makes sense to me.

Americans Can Be Pretty Gullible

The issue of how money is spent goes far beyond economic stimulus checks. Americans are continually assaulted by “no money down” offers, get rich quick schemes, no payment until whenever offers, and, well, you know what’s out there. More than schemes to just get your money these are things that take advantage of your hopes and dreams.

Sure, we’d all love to live in a big house with the most modern appliances and fanciest electronics and drive our dream cars — and we can! . . . but the problem is, the bill will eventually come due and you had better be in a position to pay that bill when it comes due or your dreams will come crashing down all around you. Many people, as we see in this current “mortgage crisis,” fell for the sales pitches made by unscrupulous mortgage lenders, real-estate agents and salesmen who didn’t give a damn about the ability of the customer to meet his or her obligations as long as they could turn in the paper work that showed that they “made a sale.” There ought’a be a law that puts these people in jail long enough for them to realize the errors of their ways.

Then there are the offers to “make thousands of dollars a month” over the Internet, even on a part time basis, with no special training, etc., etc.. How many millions of dollars have been wasted by gullible consumers getting in on “the ground floor” of these schemes only to realize that, in many cases, the only business is to find new suckers who are willing to pay for this fantastic opportunity. It’s an old saying and has been used to the point of becoming trite but there is no truer axiom than: “If It Looks Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is!”

Me Too!

Hey! I’m not putting anyone down for being gullible any more than I’m putting myself down. I’ve fallen for more stupid schemes in my life than I can count — or care to remember. We all want to get rich, we all hope for that big Lottery win or that chance to get “discovered” or to somehow “fall into a pot of money”. But until we actually have the ‘new’ money in our pockets, we have to take real good care of the money we DO have!

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