Obama’s Immigration Action: My View


I have to admit that I tend to oppose ANYTHING President Obama supports because Obama has been such a destructive force against a strong America, He has since coming into office reeked havoc on the American economy, on America’s military strength, on America’s security (which includes many aspects of immigration) and America’s position as a respected friend to our allies and a feared enemy of our country’s enemies. These past six years have created a new America, a weaker America, a more dangerous place to live. With a weak, anti-American values president in office we may just have to wait two more years to remedy that situation.

That said, I approached President Obama’s “executive action on “immigration reform” with a strong bias against whatever he might propose. I was surprised to find that, considering the immensity and complexity of the problem, his ideas made sense and did not foretell the “end of life as we know it” as I was told it would by the ultra-Conservative ‘talking heads.’ (Some day I’ll learn to ignore all opinions except my own.)

Setting aside the fact that, as a typical Liberal would, Obama stated twice that we are a nation of immigrants when the reality is we are rather a nation of LEGAL immigrants; that has been our tradition, it has worked well and made our country into the strongest, richest and most productive country on Earth. But right now we are faced with a huge problem, namely many millions of people who are here illegally. This did not all happen during the Obama administration; we have had many presidents in the past, Republican and Democrat, Conservative and Liberal icons who were aware of the problem illegal immigrants pose for our economy but either did nothing, were powerless to do anything or were too “soft” to halt or reverse the growing tide of these illegals.

If we are to take Obama at his word (first assuming [BIG assumption] his word is, at least this time, reliable) he says we will be selective about which illegals stay and which illegals get deported. Those who stay will not be the troublemakers and cheats, they will be the hard working illegals who are already rooted in our society (for over 5 years) and who share our values, and only after they come out of the shadows, register and agree to pay taxes. Under existing immigration laws he apparently DOES have the power to make decisions like that on a case-by-case basis.

The big question remains: can we believe this skilled trickster who happens to be our president?

The major problem of course is, in spite of Obama trying to “weasel word” it, we ARE rewarding people who broke our laws to get here. In an ideal situation, in an ideal world we would gather up all these law breakers and send them out of the country and then effectively seal up our borders so they can’t come back. This may be a great country but it is certainly not a perfect country so we have to deal with the mistakes and misjudgements of our elected leaders in the best way we can and, if this country is to work at all, we sometimes have to compromise our ideals so the least harm is done to the most people — that’s not only what life is all about, that’s what a democratic society is all about.

Obama’s plan may not be completely palatable to people like me but at least it’s a plan.

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