Airlines, Close the Gates! Ebola is Coming!


EbolavirusIt’s becoming more and more obvious that The American Health System in general is not prepared to safely treat someone with Ebola. If there was a good supply of this mystery drug that cured the first Ebola patient allowed back in the United States it would be a different story but there isn’t and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) is apparently playing a guessing game when it comes to Ebola virus containment. There needs to be a lot more research done in that area. In the meantime we are all at risk!

More distressing than the Ebola patients that we know about are the ones we cannot identify. THAT will, eventually, unless serious and immediate changes are made, be the start of an epidemic that could easily ravage America and Americans.

Right now, according to news reports, about 150 people a day are being allowed into this country from areas of the world where there is NOW an Ebola epidemic, based only on their body temperature when they get on and/or off a plane. That could be stopped in a “New York Minute” by President Obama — if he wasn’t (in this citizen’s opinion) such an incompetent fool.

Since the President acts like he either doesn’t fully understand the risk or doesn’t care, the airline industry and the FAA need to step up to the plate.

The airline companies themseves can cancel all flights from Ebola epidemic areas, to not do so is criminally negligent. Major International airports can refuse to allow these flights to land. They are risking their employees lives and risking their reputations by ignoring an obvious autonomous action that, if ignored, could and will start an uncontrollable spread of the Ebola virus. They don’t have to wait until the president makes a statement or signs a paper. If the FAA tries to block that from happening they will be committing virtual agency suicide. A sixth grader could easily figure out that the safest course of action is stopping international flights (and cruises) from these countries, until the CDC has more correct answers and workable solutions, that is that safest course of action.

We as individuals can fight most of the problems caused by the Obama Administration, problems like crime caused by our shattered economy and by our lack of border security. For other problems they are causing the country we can go after the Administration legally (and also by voting many of Obama’s lap dogs out of office in three weeks) but the spread of a disease is almost completely out of our individual hands.

Remember, Election day is Tuesday, November 4!

President Obama is squealing like a stuck pig


Our president is making it painfully obvious that all he wants is a large government that can run roughshod over the people. The sequester means a reduced government, reduced in size and reduced in power (but only microscopically in relation to our budget deficit) and he can’t handle even that.

President Obama is doing everything in his power to extort tax hikes out of the Republican controlled Congress: he’s spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to use the media to over-dramatize the effects of the sequester and, as his latest tactic, he has directed his Homeland Security Director, the ‘least honorable’ Janet Napolitano, to release thousands of criminal aliens out of jails and into the public; a clear illustration of how little the president cares about public safety and how little Napolitano really cares about homeland security.

President Obama has the power to MANAGE budget cuts in the sense that every department with a reduced budget had the ability to prioritize and control what is cut and every department ultimately answers to the president. Our president, however, has apparently chosen to make every budget cut as obscene and painful as possible — that’s the kind of person you elected as president. A person who cares nothing about the debt that will choke us down the line, a person who cares so little about National Defense that he will cut our military and then never even consider reducing foreign aid ($250 million went to Egypt today) even to our sworn enemies.

As sad as it is to think of people getting their pay cut or losing their jobs altogether, the saddest thing is perhaps the fact that a prioritized reduction in the scope of activities of every government department, a reduction in pay for every Federal department head and his or her top two or three assistants, a 50% reduction in foreign aid across the board, a sell-off of government lands (there will be plenty of buyers) and there are certainly thousands other economy measures the government can take that would, in the end, be far less painful and save many jobs.

This will never happen, of course, because we have a president who want’s the power that an inflated government has given him for the past 5 years — President Obama will fight ‘tooth and nail’ against a reduction in the size of his “Kingdom.”

To understand how inflated and out of control our government has become since President Obama took office, American Media is a waste of time, if you want an objective look at our ‘forest of shame’ from outside that forest, suggested reading would be the news media from outside the U.S.; in particular, today’s edition of the “Canada Free Press” where you will find an explosive expose of the state and size of our government. The article is titled: Post-Constitutional America: The Trap is Closing. Before reading the article sit and think about that title: “Post-Constitutional America” and be afraid, be VERY afraid.

It’s not mere rhetoric!