Who are the Racists in Furguson?


As we all waited for the Ferguson Grand Jury decision last night and watched the news networks trying to fill time by playing old “statements” by Michael Brown’s parents and the parent’s lawyer the thought came to me that Ferguson Missouri may as well be in a 100 year old alternate universe.

First of all, Michael Brown’s parents are complaining that they are “NOT being treated as victims”; hard to understand why they think they should be when their son unquestionably committed two crimes, petty theft followed by assaulting a police officer. The police officer was the victim. Excuse me if I’m messing with the mother’s comfortable victim mentality but that’s just not a healthy or acceptable attitude. The Brown’s lawyer is calling for “justice” for Michael Brown; well it looks like he got the justice that would be due to anyone of any race who physically assaulted a police officer and then charged at him like a raging bull. Last night’s verdict was a no-bill for Officer Wilson and a clear indictment of Michael Brown.

It appears that Michael Brown’s parents are happily ignoring their son’s criminal behavior and ignoring the facts that he was violent and hyped up as well on marijuana, and are only focusing only on the fact that a white police officer killed their son. I guess the “Gentle Giant’s” parents feel that being white while enforcing the law in Ferguson is a crime in itself.

Take this to the bank: If a 6’5″, 300 pound white kid was shot dead on the streets of Ferguson, Mo. under identical circumstances by a police officer, regardless of the officer’s race, you can be sure that the town of Ferguson would still be intact and the use of tear gas and National Guard troops would have been unnecessary. If that was the case, that the kid was white, you would also have heard nothing from the White House and would have not seen Eric Holder or, of course Rev. Al Sharpton, anywhere near the city of Ferguson. That may seem like a terribly “racist” thing for me to say but whoever you are reading this post, you know I’m right.

The incident that ended with the death of Michael Brown had nothing to do with a systemic problem of white racism, as some people in the news media are alleging; the charge of systemic racism belongs to the black community of Ferguson; and if anyone is responsible for destroying a good part of the Ferguson business community and causing other damage last night it is the criminal element from Ferguson, the out-of-towners who took advantage of an opportunity to “crap in someone else’s yard” by breaking, looting and setting fires and Michael Brown’s own step-father who stood on a platform and yelled “Burn it down! Burn it all down.”; not the prosecutor, the Grand Jury or Darren Wilson.

All this because Officer Darren Wilson committed the “crimes” of being born white and using his legal right to deadly force when needed!

Yes there are some white people who are racists, who see black people as inferior to them and treat black people like second-class citizens. No denying that, but they all pretty much stay in the shadows because that kind of behavior is unacceptable in American society! It seems evident that there are far far more blacks who do not trust or will not believe any white person solely because they are not black — and that is the very definition of a ‘racist.’

The Reality of Racism in America


MLKAs we, once again, approach MLK Day here in the U.S. you expect to see headlines like this January 17th Tweet Header from the PEWResearch Center in Washington DC: “On MLK Day, racial equality found wanting.” Yet, in 2014, there is less racism  in the U.S. than there ever was. You’d never realize that from reading the “main stream media” but I believe every American knows, in their heart, this is true!

Following is some common sense from Ben Kinchlow, published in World News Daily in an article titled: “Is there real racism in America?” Ben Kinchlow is a self described former “black revolutionary devotee of Malcolm X” who  feels, in his words: “eminently qualified to throw some facts on the table, facts demonstrated by real life:”

FACT: Leftist media and race baiters rhetoric to the contrary, all whites are not racists and all blacks are not victims.

FACT: Generally speaking, all Americans are too busy earning a living, negotiating government red tape, avoiding being taxed into poverty, or rooting for their favorite (totally integrated) sports team to spend hours absorbed in racial drama.

FACT: Most whites are tired of being blamed for slavery and most blacks are not spending every waking hour looking for some white person to blame.”

That said, there are and always will be some Americans who ARE racist and who DO “spend hours absorbed in racial drama” and there are and always will be some blacks who feel that white people ARE to blame for everything wrong in their lives.

Another fact is: We, blacks and whites alike, live in a free country  where we are free to think anything we want, even if it is total illusion. There are, of course, legal limits to actions based on our illusions.

In the beginning, Martin Luther King’s “Dream” was just wishful thinking and if he were aware of the United States in 2014 he would certainly be joyful about the progress we have made as a society and as individuals toward making his dream a reality.

Every day in modern America whites and blacks coexist peacefully, work side by side, share rides to and from work, sit down together for dinner and drinks after work, date and even fall in love and marry without worrying about the VERY FEW racists who will attempt to make their lives a living hell for offending their illusionary sensibilities.

Don’t forget that racial tensions sell newspapers and earn race baiters speakers fees. In those same years where we have made progress in racial harmony and equality, vestiges of racial inequality have gone from being a sad reality to becoming an industry. Those who profit from that industry by lying and/or exaggerating should not be believed but should be recognized as enemies of American society.

Racism in the Tea Party Movement?


The Cap Allegations of racism at the heart of the Tea Party Movement have been in the news lately: On Thursday of this week, the Kansas City Star posted a front-page article titled: Tea party rejects racist label, but concerns remain”. On the following day an opinion piece appeared in the New York Times asking the questions: “Are Tea Parties Racist? Is Al Qaeda?” These are just two of over 2000 hits you can find on a search of Google News.

On the surface, the rationale behind this speculation of Tea Party racism seems to be the fact (and it IS a fact) that some overtly racist people keep attending Tea Party rallys and they carry signs and wear t-shirts that are blatantly racist. The fact of the matter is, you will find that in the midst (or at least at the fringes) of ANY lawful assembly of hundreds of people there will be racists as well as other radicals and almost any other classification of individuals you might think of. Does that mean that the overriding purpose of the gathering is tainted or less than worthy? Of course not! It just means that we are a free society, social dynamics are at work amd the strength and purpose of the movement is greater than any one issue.

It’s also been suggested by some numbskulls that, since the tea party movement is almost automatically opposed to everything President Obama says or does and since the president is black, the Tea Party must be opposing him BECAUSE he’s black. That is, of course, even more ridiculous. Any American president, regardless of his race, who is as overtly Socialist as President Obama would be in for the same ridicule from the Tea Party Movement.

President Obama is so Liberal, so far out of the American mainstream, he is easily opposed by patriotic Americans who believe in the Constitution and in the principal of a “government BY the people.” The Tea Party Movement represents those people who believe that unless something is done to take away his power, Barack Obama will have done irreparable damage to the United States by 2012. The fact that some of those people are admittedly racist does nothing to change that overriding motivation or that scenario.

Jena, Louisiana: Perpetuating Racism


It’s a damn shame that there are places like Jena, LA where racial prejudice not only lives but thrives! Places where a black kid can get beat up by white kids because he choose to sit under the wrong tree, places where children have been brought up to hate based on the color of a person’s skin and where these children are taught that the hangman’s noose is a symbol of “white justice,” places where racism has infiltrated and corrupted the judicial system to the point where the prosecutors file (or refuse to file) criminal charges based primarily on race rather than on the circumstances surrounding the act.

Then again its just as much of a damn shame that there are racists on the other side, racists like Rev. Jessie Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton, who care nothing about justice — unless its justice for blacks. I may be wrong, but I doubt if Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton have ever stood up for a white man, woman or child falsely or overly charged with a crime where the victim (or supposed victim) was black. Men like these are as much of a scourge on our civilization as are cities like Jena, LA.

This week, thousands of protesters came to Jena to rally against, to quote the Associated Press: “what they see as a double standard of justice for blacks and whites.” That by itself is a good thing because it seems apparent, according to almost all media accounts, that there is indeed a double standard in Jena — that was all but proven by the fact that five black teens were charged with attempted second-degree murder (because the sixth perpetrator is a juvenile, charges against him were never publicized) because they ganged up on a white teen and beat him into unconsciousness. That’s a brutally violent act but it apparently was a charge trumped up due to prejudice on the part of the white prosecutor and because of the public outcry those charges were reduced to aggravated second-degree battery — before the kids had their days in court.

What is perverse about the situation is that now that the charges have been lowered to a reasonable level, by all appearances, the protests have changed from outrage over injustice to support for six kids who clearly committed a criminal act. These kids should be considered outcasts — they are every bit as ignorant and evil as any member of the Klu Klux Klan. There was nothing noble or worthy of public support in what they did, regardless of why they think they did it. They should have justice applied as it should be applied to everyone else regardless of their race. If the protests in Jena accomplish that, they will have accomplished something notable — and perhaps, after this incident has ‘died down’ and after the protests end, the officials in the justice system in Jena will be a little more introspective about their prejudices and a lot more interested in justice, before creating another unwelcomed situation for the city.

As for the citizenry of Jena, it’s very likely the black citizens of Jena will listen and take to heart the negative messages spread by the likes of Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton, as the reverends stir their pot full of resentment. That’s what they do, everywhere they go and they always have lots of willing ears. What the citizens of Jena (both white and black) should be listening to, instead of race baiters on either side, are messages that make them aware that the only reason this situation started and is being perpetuated is because many of them have raised their children, as they were raised, to be ignorant brutes rather than thoughtful individuals.

It may be a damn shame but there will always be racists, black ones and white ones, who look at you and see nothing but the color of your skin. Racism is motivated by fear and a lack of understanding of a different culture and is complicated by the fact that it is a ‘learned’ attitude. Kids in kindergarten look around at kids of a different race and ignore the differences — what’s important to them is which kids are fun to play with. Wouldn’t it be a much better world if we didn’t teach those kids to hate and disrespect based on appearance?

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