Edward Snowden: Patriot or Villain



Is Edward J. Snowden a hero, as the sign says, or a treasonous villain who, possibly, as an operative for a foreign government, was under orders to pull the teeth out of an important government counter terrorism operation.

I would say he is probably a patriotic American who came across the information that our government was illegally accessing phone records and was so fed up with the insidious tactics of the Obama administration over the past 5-1/2 years, he felt that he had to do something . . . something rash, even if that would put him in danger.

If he was working as a foreign spy or even as an enemy of America, as many in the media (Left- as well as Right-leaning) have suggested, there would have been no reason for him to come forward last week and break his cover; the information was out there and he could have just ‘disappeared’. If he was anything but a martyr for the cause of government transparency, he would have not gone to Hong Kong and then revealed exactly where he was in that city, when he knew that Hong Kong and the United States had an extradition treaty; instead he would have simply boarded a Hong Kong ferry that would have taken him to mainland China where he could ask for, and probably receive, political asylum. (Granted, he also probably knew that extradition from Hong Kong is a very lengthy process, giving him time to argue his case.)

Today the ACLU filed suit against the Obama Administration, charging that their mass collection of phone records is illegal. I don’t often take sides with the ACLU, but this time I’m behind them. This time they are going up against a president who acts more like a Czar that an American president. A president who has made it clear through his actions and through the actions of his appointees that he believes that there is no law, civil liberty, tradition or precedent in the United States that is more important to him than his personal/political agenda.

I may be wrong about Snowden and his motives, time will tell on that one, but it’s been apparent (at least to me) from the very beginning of his administration that neither Barack Hussain Obama or his political appointees can be trusted or believed.


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