Introducing TED


I guess I’ve been in my cave too long because when I crawled out yesterday, looking for a movie to watch on NetFlix(r), I discovered TED — and TED, I find out, has been around since 1985.

In ’85 TED was in the form of a series of annual conferences but somewhere between then and now the TED Talks video site came into being and it is totally fascinating!

TED is an acronym that stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. That knowledge, in itself, tells you nothing about what goes on at TED. Right now TED Talks has over 1100 videos (and it’s growing every day); each video is a presentation by an expert in the subject field.

As you might know, if you’ve followed by writings here at My View from the Center you can guess that I eventually started exploring talk on the subjects of politics, religion and social issues — but that’s me!

If you’ve just crawled out of a cave near mine and know nothing about TED and want to learn something new, what you need to do is go to either the TED Talks video site or the TED Home Page, type virtually any topic of interest to you into the search box and see what comes up.

Alternately, if you are the type who will go to the Google Search Site and click on the button that says “I’m feeling Lucky” you may enjoy the similar feature at TED; go to the TED Home Page and find the “Surprise Me” button (about half-way down the page) which will allow you to watch a random selection of videos on various topics. You may agree or disagree with the speakers but, either way, you will most likely learn something new.

TED is a fascinating concept that has evolved into a series of websites that allow you to participate (if you choose) as well as just watch and listen.

I’m sure glad I came out of my intellectual hibernation yesterday morning.