Beyond The Outer Limits of Tolerance


During the 3-day “White House summit on countering terrorism,” President Obama stated that he wants America to “remain true to our values as a diverse and tolerant society even when we’re threatened, especially when we’re threatened.” He actually said these words!

The questions then are: 1) How can a supposedly highly educated man who is the President of the United States and the Commander and Chief of our armed forces, ask us to remain “tolerant” in the face of the brutal, barbaric actions of the Islamic State (IS)? 2) How can Americans accept this barbarism as a form of diversity; especially when the IS is specifically and vocally dedicated to the eradication of all non-Muslims and when the IS has specifically targeted the United States as “the Great Satan”?

The only answer I can come up with is either Barack Obama is totally obtuse or he himself shares the passions and goals of the Islamic State, It’s not too hard, after 6 years of his foreign policy, to believe the latter.

During this 3-day conference Preident Obama went on to say that he “refuses to recognize terrorists as Muslim extremists, or even consider terrorism a basically Islamic phenomenon”; he said doing this runs contrary to American values and would only give extremists a cloak of legitimacy.”

Granted, all Muslims are not terrorists nor do they desire to become ‘martyrs for Allah’ — then why even bring up the non-violent Muslims at a “summit on countering terrorism?”

The only reason I can see is because he wants to change the subject, he want’s to blur the issue. ‘No, don’t think about the blood thirsty Islamic terrorists that are salivating at the thought of killing as many non-Muslims as possible and getting to “Paradise” instead think about the Muslims who means you no harm and if you think about the harmless Muslims long enough you will not notice the Islamic Terrorist who is sneaking up on you with his knife still dripping with the blood from the neck of the last person who was distracted by talk of tolerance, diversity and acceptance.

I can’t rid my mind of the terrifying thought that President Barack Hussein Obama, born and bred in the world of Islam, is intentionally trying to lead America into a fantasy world where: Muslim terrorists are not really Muslims; where all Muslims love America and are as guileless as the 11-year-old fifth-grader named Sabrina who sent him a Valentnes Day card expressing her fear of being hated because she is Muslim; and where Muslims are only joining ISIS because they have been discriminated against and are without economic opportunities. [Currently 5.7% of Americans (approx. 16 million) are out of work but looking and trying to find jobs and, according to some activists, every minority person in America (over 50 million) is being discriminated against. In spite of these statistics, the number of beheadings, stonings and bombings in America is alarmingly low. Could that be because Muslims are under-represented in our population?]

Perhaps President Obama really believes that fictional crap he spouts or perhaps he just want’s us to believe it so we don’t pay attention to that bloody knife in the hand of the terrorist behind us.


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